Chapter 1 BITM 330

Warby Parker is successful because of its customized approach to selecting eyewear, using virtual technology to allow customers to see how they look in a particular pair of glasses (T/F)
An information system is more concerned with the output of the system than with the tools used to create the system (T/F)
Career Opportunities are strong in IS and are projected to remain strong for the next 10 years (T/F)
Over the years, the MIS function has changed to a partnership between the MIS department and the end users (T/F)
Today’s college students use information technology for:
-Communicating and collaborating with other people
-Share pictures with friends and family
-Applying for jobs
Every employee should make a contribution toward managing the IS function (T/F)
Which of the following represents a traditional function of the MIS department as opposed to a new, consultative function?
-Managing systems development and systems project management.
-Managing system integration including the Internet, intranets, and extranets.
-Managing outsourcing.
-Using business and technical knowledge to come up with innovative ideas about IT.
Managing systems development and systems project management.
In some organizations the MIS functional area is referred to as the information systems department, the information services department, or the information technology department (T/F)
Information technology (IT) relates to any computer-based tools that people use to work with information and to support the information and information-processing needs of an organization (T/F)
A list of things or transactions that has been organized to have meaning and value and is then combined with a user’s experience and accumulated learning is:
A list of items, like activities and transactions that have been organized so that they have meaning and value is:
TPS stands for Transfer Processing Systems
An App (Application) is a computer program designed to support a specific task (T/F)
An organization can use only one type of information system throughout (T/F)
A Network is a connecting system that can only be wireless (T/F)
How does IT impact organizations?
It decreases the number of middle managers required
While information systems, such as transaction processing systems, generate more information for managers to process, other information systems, such as ___, help them analyze this information to make better-informed decisions.
Business intelligence applications
IT impacts society in which of the following ways?
Surgeons can perform surgery at a remote location using robotics.

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