Ch. 16 Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
the coordination of promotion and other marketing efforts for maximum informational and persuasive impact
____ is increasingly accepted
consistent message to customers
IMC is increasingly accepted because of its ____
which of the following best describes the careful coordination of all promotional messages?
public relations
information about customers
effective management of IMC is based upon ___
a sharing of meaning throughout the transmission of information
a person, group, or organization with a meaning it trues to share with a receiver or an audience
the individual, group, or organization that decodes a coded message
coding process (encoding)
converting meaning into a series of signs or symbols
communication channel
the medium of transmission that carries coded message from the source to the receiver
decoding process
converting signs and symbols into concepts and ideas
anything that reduces communication’s clarity and accuracy
receiver’s response to a decoded message
channel capacity
the limit on the value of information a channel can handle effectively
a medium for communication is called ____
a promotions goal
______ is to stimulate product demand and build customer relationships
communication that builds and maintains favorable relationships by informing and persuading one or more audiences to view an organization positively and to accept its products
the 8 objectives of promotion
1. Create awareness
2. Stimulate demand
3. Encourage product trial
4. Identify prospects
5. Retail loyal customers
6. Facilitate reseller support
7. Combat competitive promotional efforts
8. Reduce sales fluctuations
___ is crucial to initiating the product adoption process for new products
primary demand
demand for product category rather than a specific brand
primary promotion
a way to stimulate primary demand: promotion that informs consumers about a new product
selective demand
demand for a specific brand
free samples and coupons
trial techniques include ___
direct response information and toll free number
techniques used to identify prospects include ___
maintain long term customer relationships
the primary goal of marketing is
frequent user programs and special offers for existing customers
techniques used to retain loyal customers include ___
sustainable competitive advantage
strong relationships with resellers are important to an organization’s ability to maintain ____
true or false: a business cannot operate at peak efficiency when sales fluctuate widely
(holidays and seasonally)
promotional activities
_____ are often designed to stimulate sales during slumps
advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion
the 4 elements of promotion mix (APPS)
a paid non-personal communication about an organization and its products transmitted to a target through mass media
____ is highly flexible, changes as mass media consumption habits are changing, and large or small audiences
personal selling
a paid personal communication that seeks to inform customers and persuade them to purchase products in an exchange situation
kinesic, proxemic, tactile
3 types of interpersonal communication
kinesic communication
body language, communicating through the movements of head, eyes, arms, torso
proxemic communication
communicating by varying the physical distance between two parties in face-to-face interactions
tactile communication
communication through touching
public relations
a broad set of communication efforts used to create/maintain favorable relationships between organizations and stakeholders
a non-personal communication in a news-story form about an organization, its products, or both
sales promotion
activities or materials that act as a direct inducement, offering added value or incentive for the product to resellers, salespeople, or customers
sweepstakes, contests, coupons
examples of sales promotions include ___
any form of paid non personal communication that identifies the sponsor company is called ____
promotional resources, and a company’s objectives and policies
what 2 elements make a marketer’s promotion mix vary?
size, geographic distribution, and demographic characteristics
characteristics of the target market
convenience goods =
personal selling
durable and expensive products =
public relations
convenience goods + durable and expensive goods =
product price
______ is an important factor
push policy
promoting a product to the next institution down the marketing channel
pull policy
promoting the product directly to consumers with the intention to develop strong consumer demand for products
word of mouth communication
personal, informal exchanges of communication that customers share with one another about products, brands, and companies
example of electric word of mouth (WOM)
is promotion deceptive?
laws, government regulations, and industry self-regulation
who has helped decrease deceptive promotion?
primary demand
___ refers to demand for a product category rather than for a specific brand of product
tactile communication
“an executive shakes hands with his counterpart from the client company to seal a deal between the companies” is an example of

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