Ch 10 clicker quiz

Specialty agencies specialize in a specific type of service or a specific stakeholder clientele.
T or F?
The first sport management and marketing agencies were formed primarily to represent athletes in contract negotiations and to seek endorsements and other revenue streams for these athletes.
T or F?
According to chapter 10, more than 3,500 agencies identify themselves as sport management and marketing agencies.
A full-service agency performs strategic planning, sponsorship solicitation, and event management tasks.
Which of the following have grown as corporate sport sponsorship continues to grow in popularity?
Rights Fees, Negotiation Fees
A psychology degree is preferable for those entering careers in sport management and marketing agencies.
_______________ can occur when an agency represents a free-agent basketball player as well as several NBA teams.
A conflict of interest
Solicitation involves becoming a smaller organization by reducing personnel or departments.
Which of the following functions involves tournament operations, hospitality and entertainment, sponsorship and ticket sales, and public relations?
Event management and marketing
Which of the following sport management and marketing agency functions is undertaken for all four main client groups (i.e., talent, properties, corporate brands, media companies)?
Strategic planning

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