Ch 1 – 3

health information technology (HIT)
electronic management (software) of medical information & secure exchange
practice management program (PM)
programs (software) used for administrative & financial functions
electronic health record (EHR)
computerized lifelong health care record, data from all sources
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996
1.protects private health info 2.ensure health care coverage when change / loose jobs 3.uncovers fraud
EHR intents:
to replace paper records, capability beyond paper equivalent
electronic prescribing
transmit prescripts electronically to pharm
meaningful use
use EHR to improve quality, efficiency,& safety in health care system. providers are eligible for financial incentives
electronic medical record (EMR)
electronic record of one physician’s encounter with patient, over time
ASC X12 Version 5010
updated version; electronic data standards for transmitting HIPAA documents
National Provider Identifier (NPI)
10-digits, HIPAA system of identifying health care providers; (9-numbers & a check digit)
threats to info security
power outages, natural disasters, probs with computer system, malware, identity theft, bad employees & contractors, hackers
Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program
HIPAA created ; uncover & prosecute fraud & abuse; find misuse of funds
HIPAA Security Rule
requires entities to conduct 4 types of audits
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
electronic data interchange on a national level, organization that sets standards
HIPAA Privacy Rule
regulates use and disclosure of patients’ PHI – law
HIPAA Security Rule
establish safeguard – law that requires covered entities; administrative, physical, technical; & protects confidentiality, integrity, availability of health info
organizing a patient health record in chronological order; systematic, logical
Rx / Medications folder
orders for new medications or renewals of existing prescriptions are entered into
Transaction Entry Dialog Box
patient payments are entered
Policy Tabs
contains information about the patient’s health plan coverage
Patient / Guarantor dialog box
demographic information, which is accessed via the List menu
New Patient button
Basic Info, assigned provider; enter preregistration information about a new patient
scheduling and billing
computers were first used for:
Main window in Medisoft Network Professional
contains Title Bar, Menu Bar, Toolbar
Medisoft Network Professional
is the Practice Management component, used for accounting
Medisoft Clinical Patients Records (MCPR)
electronic health record applications within Medisoft Clinical
Medisoft Network Professional (MNP)
practice management application within Medisoft Clinical
audit function
used to track changes made in program & who made em
Patient / Guarantor dialog box
Name, address; other info; payment plan
user can leave a workstation for a brief time
Auto Log Off
after period of inactivity
a collection of related bits of information
access level
who can view what
back up menu
is in file menu
disaster recovery plan
resume normal ops after a disaster
Revenue Management feature
claims are transmitted to health plans
real-time eligibility requirement feature
policy tabs contain a button that is used to make this type of inquiry about a patient
assigned provider feature
after clicking the New Patient button and basic demographic info is entered in
a panel in Medisoft Clincial patient Records that offers providers a convenient view of important information
transaction entry dialog box
patient payments are entered in this dialog box
claim management dialog box
this dialog box list current claims
this info is entered in the patient / guarantor dialog box (accessed via the list menu) during preregistration
Lab Review area
this section on the dashboard shows lab results that the current provider needs to review
login / password management
this dialog box assists in the management of passwords and log-in attempts
Rx medications folder
where orders for new medications or renewals of existing prescripts are entered
is where the medical assistant can enter and electronic message for the provider
Activities menu
claim functions are located on this menu
Problem List
where the chief complaint / reason for visit is recorded
reports menu
to create a collections letter
Medisoft Network Professional (MNP)
physician practices use this app to complete various tasks, scheduling, charges, create statements
patient chart
practices can customize this to include the folders that are relevant to their particular practice
enter Deposits/Payments
select on the Activities menu to enter health plan payments
Policy tabs
contains info about the patients health plan coverage
Office Hour
the scheduling program the is included in Medisoft
process of retrieving data from a backup storage device
quick balances
are located in Office Hours
appointment; to make
1. provider, 2. date, 3. time, 4. click
to print
activities, transactions, print reciept
appointment; info needed
provider to be seen & basic information
MNP is used for patient accounting
schedule apt, register patients, enter charges,
create ins claims, post payments, create statements, follow up on accounts, create reports
dashboard main areas
Schedule, Messages, Lab review, Note review
documentation for HIPAA
documentation is a primary requirement for demonstrating HIPAA compliance
billing rules
risks of fraud and abuse liability, all rules followed by all staff members
compliance plan
according to Office of Inspector General, OIG, should contain 7 elements . . . . . .
formal review
intentional deception for financial gain
improperly use another person’s resources
protected health information (PHI)
health info transmitted or maintained by electronic media or any other form
Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH)
provisions in ARRA that reinforce HIPAA
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
economic stimulus to create HITECH, to mandate electronic health records
electronic date interchange (EDI)
computer to computer routine business exchange, sharing info
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
fed agency in Dept of Health and Human Services that runs Medicare, Medicaid, labs, and other govt stuff
Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices
covered entities make patients sign it

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