Caring for People with Additional Needs Essay Example
Caring for People with Additional Needs Essay Example

Caring for People with Additional Needs Essay Example

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  • Published: August 31, 2017
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In my AO1 ‘caring for people with extra needs’ portfolio I am traveling to supply and clearly show in great item information and apprehension of three causes of extra demands. I will make this by researching a scope of beginnings to acquire in dept information. Then I will supply an account with great content of the effects on people who are in demand of these services due to their extra demands. Finally. I intend to enter in deepness and demo apprehension of each phase of the attention direction procedure and measure how it is used to entree. program. implement. proctor and reexamine single attention programs.

Definition of disablement
“A physical or mental damage. which has a significant and long-run inauspicious consequence on a person’s ability to transport out normal daily activities. ”( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. equalityni. org



What is a physical disablement?

Peoples with physical disablements. besides known as handicapped people or physically handicapped people. have a physical damage which has a significant and long term consequence on their ability to transport our daily activities. Person with a moderate physical disablement would hold mobility jobs. e. g. unable to pull off stepss. and need AIDSs or aid to walk. Person with a terrible physical disablement would be unable to walk and dependent on a carer for mobility. Depending on their single demands. handicapped people may necessitate an accessible place. with or without AIDSs and versions. Occupational healers will measure an single person’s demands for these. and refer the individual on to the appropriate bureau to hold versions carried out. Care & A ; Repair Services aid disabled proprietor residents and private renters to hold versions carried out

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( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. firststopcareadvice. org. United Kingdom )

What is a centripetal disablement?

A centripetal disablement is when one of your senses ; sight. hearing. odor. touch. gustatory sensation or spacial consciousness. is no longer normal. For illustration. if you wear spectacless you have a little damage. If you find it difficult to hear so you have a hearing damage. You don’t have to hold wholly lost a sense to be centripetal impaired. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. staffordshirecares. info )

What is a Learning disablement?

A learning disablement affects the manner a individual learns new things in any country of life. non merely at school. Find out how a learning disablement can impact person. and who can offer support. It affects the manner they understand information and how they communicate. This means they can hold trouble:

• Understanding new or complex information
• Learning new accomplishments. and
• Coping independently

“In practical footings. ” says Lesley Campbell from the larning disablement charity Mencap. “a larning disablement means that it’s harder for your kid to larn. understand and communicate than it is for other kids. ” A learning disablement is non the same as larning trouble or mental unwellness. “People get confused if they start utilizing the term ‘learning difficulty’ . In instruction this means things like dyslexia. which is non a learning disablement. ” says Campbell. “Our definition of larning disablements focuses on people who have trouble larning across more than one country of their life. It’s non merely to make with reading or authorship. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. New Hampshire. United Kingdom )

The three conditions I have chosen to concentrate on are Down’s syndrome that is caused

by a chromosomal upset. intellectual paralysis that is caused by harm before and after birth and diabetes that is caused by a disease and medical status.

First I am traveling to research Downs’s syndrome. which is caused by a chromosomal upset.

Down’s syndrome is a familial upset that was named after John Langdon Down. the physician who foremost recognised it as a distinguishable status in 1866. Down’s syndrome affects a baby’s normal physical development and causes moderate to severe larning troubles. It is a womb-to-tomb status that develops when a babe is still in the uterus ( uterus ) . Children who are born with Down’s syndrome besides have a higher opportunity of developing other conditions. some of which are life endangering. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. New Hampshire. United Kingdom )

Down’s syndrome ( DS ) . besides called Trisomy 21. is a status in which excess familial stuff causes delays in the manner a kid develops. both mentally and physically. The physical characteristics and medical jobs associated with Down’s syndrome can change widely from kid to child. While some kids with Down’s syndrome need a batch of medical attending. others lead healthy lives. Though Down’s syndrome can’t be prevented. it can be detected before a kid is born. The wellness jobs that may travel along with Down’s syndrome can be treated. and many resources are available to assist kids and their households who are populating with the status. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //kidshealth. org )

Downs syndrome is a familial upset that occurs in about 1 of 800 unrecorded births. It is uncommon in the UK. for illustration. from 2007 to 2008. 1. 843 instances of Down’s

syndrome were diagnosed during gestation. and 743 babes were born with the status. Down’s syndrome affects about 1 in every 1. 000 unrecorded births. Down’s syndrome affects all cultural groups every bit. Male childs are somewhat more likely ( around 15 % ) to be born with Down’s syndrome than misss. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. New Hampshire. United Kingdom )

The likeliness of holding a babe born with Down’s syndrome additions with the mother’s age:

What are the symptoms?

There are estimated to be over 100 features of Down’s syndrome. Common features of Down syndrome can include:
• A level seventh cranial nerve profile
• An upward angle to the oculus
• A short cervix
• Abnormally shaped ears
• White musca volitanss on the flag of the oculus ( called Brushfield musca volitanss ) • A individual. deep transverse fold on the thenar of the manus
• Smaller than mean size
• Exaggerated infinite between the first and 2nd toe
• Poor musculus tone ( called hypotonus )
• Joint diarrhea
• Broad pess with short toes
• Learning disablements. ( http: //down-syndrome. emedtv. com )

The diagnosing

Prenatal showing is a manner of measuring whether the unborn babe could develop. or has developed. an abnormalcy during the gestation. Prenatal showing can non name conditions such as Down’s syndrome. but it can find the likeliness of the babe developing the syndrome. If the hazard of Down’s syndrome ( or any other status ) is shown to be high. further proving can be arranged to corroborate whether or non the babe has the status. The trial that is used for Down’s syndrome is a combined blood trial and an ultrasound scan. which is known as the ‘combined test’ . During

a blood trial. a sample of your blood will be taken and tested to look into the degrees of certain proteins and endocrines. If the blood contains unnatural degrees of these substances. one may hold an increased hazard of holding a babe with Down’s syndrome. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. New Hampshire. United Kingdom )

The intervention

Down’s syndrome is non a status that can be cured. However. there are interventions and therapies for the physical. medical and cognitive jobs associated with Down syndrome.

  • Medicines can be used to handle certain conditions that occur in people with Down’s syndrome. For illustration. if a individual with Down syndrome has a ictus upset. they would profit from taking anti-seizure medicines.
  • The baby’s baby doctor will be the chief individual pull offing the infant’s wellness issues. Most baby doctors have experience covering with the common medical issues seen in kids with Down’s syndrome.
  • Children with Down syndrome are about ever referred to early intercession plans shortly after birth. Early intercession is a plan of therapies. exercisings and activities designed to specifically assist kids with Down syndrome or other disablements.
  • Physical therapy focuses on motor development. Since most kids with Down’s syndrome have hypotonia or low musculus tone. the end of physical therapy is to learn the kids with Down’s syndrome to travel their organic structures in appropriate ways. and to better their musculus tone.
  • Speech therapy is a really of import intervention for kids with Down’s syndrome. Because kids with Down’s syndrome frequently have little oral cavities and somewhat enlarged linguas. they can hold articulation jobs. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //downsyndrome. about. com )

There’s no remedy but intervention of any

attach toing wellness jobs and support for larning troubles allows many people with the syndrome to take comparatively normal and semi-independent lives. Others nevertheless. necessitate full-time attention. Many people with the status live good into maturity. with an mean life anticipation of around 60 old ages.

Physiotherapy address therapy and particular educational programmes have an of import function to play. while specific medical conditions associated with the syndrome are treated as appropriate. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bbc. co. United Kingdom )

What are the short term and long-run effects on person with downs syndrome physically. intellectually. emotionally and socially?

Long term effects- physically

Common Down’s syndrome physical effects can include thyroid jobs. hearing jobs. inborn bosom disease. oculus jobs. articulation and musculus jobs. Seizure. bone. Leukaemia and other malignant neoplastic diseases. Immune system jobs. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //down-syndrome. emedtv. com )

Child with Down syndrome have a widely recognised characteristic visual aspect. Their caput may be smaller than normal and abnormally shaped. Other outstanding features of Down syndrome are: a planate olfactory organ. stick outing lingua. upward slanting eyes. short custodies and fingers. and a individual fold in the thenar. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mamashealth. com )

Short term effects- physically

Child with Down syndrome have decreased opposition to infections and are more prone to dental disease. Some people with Down’s syndrome may hold to have on spectacless or oculus spots.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wellness. province. manganese. us )

Long term effects- intellectually

Down’s syndrome affects a child’s ability to larn in different ways. but most have mild to chair rational damage. Children with Down’s syndrome can and make learn. and are capable of developing accomplishments throughout their lives. They

merely reach ends at a different gait. There is frequently a misconception that persons with Down’s syndrome have a “static” or predetermined ability to larn. This merely is non true. It is now known that persons with Down’s syndrome develop over the class of their life-time and should be treated consequently.

  • The larning potency of an person with Down’s syndrome can be maximised through early intercession good instruction higher outlooks and encouragement. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //downsyndrome. about. com )
  • Some may non be able to get by up with complex thought that is required in the survey of certain topics.
  • Some may accomplish the complex idea procedure much later. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. buzzle. com )

Short term effects-intellectually

As about all kids with Down’s syndrome have some grade of rational disablement. we expect them to hold more trouble developing speech than normal kids do. If the kid with Down’s syndrome does non hold a hearing loss we expect the child’s ability to develop address to be slightly dependent on the degree of rational ability.

Therefore if the kid has merely a mild rational disablement ( and no hearing loss ) he or she normally develops a great trade of address and can hold a simple conversation with household or friends. If the kid has a really terrible grade of rational disablement we expect the Down syndrome kid to hold a great trade of trouble developing spoken linguistic communication. and we may utilize marks and/or images ( augmentative communicating ) to assist us pass on with that kid. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. sch. edu. gold )

Long term effects-emotionally

Around 1 in 5 people with Down’s syndrome

will develop a psychological or behavioral status. Child: Attention shortage hyperactivity upset ( ADHD ) – a behavioral status that is characterised by a short attending span and impulsiveness Autistic spectrum upset – a developmental upset than can do jobs with linguistic communication. behavior and societal interaction Adolescents and grownups:

Depression – a status that causes relentless feelings of utmost unhappiness Obsessive compulsive upset – a wellness status that is normally associated with both obsessional ideas and compulsive behavior. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. New Hampshire. United Kingdom )

Short term effects – emotionally

Because of the communicating jobs discussed supra. people with Down’s syndrome may hold trouble speaking about things that make them sad or angry. Major life alterations such as loss or separation may motivate lessenings in appropriate behavior at school or work. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ds-health. com )

Long term effects – socially

They are recognisably inarticulate in their linguistic communication and communicating accomplishments. Their emotional and rational growing is frequently retarded. Children with Down’s syndrome deficiency in societal abilities. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. buzzle. com )

Short term effects – socially

Socially people with Down’s syndrome are affected. they may experience that it is hard to blend with people independently. although farther into their lives they may develop more assurance to be able to socialize more easy. That’s non to state that people with Down’s syndrome are diffident or unsociable. but merely may hold less assurance in certain old ages of their lives. Some people with Down’s syndrome may hold to be supervised because of their status. go forthing them less surpassing and experiencing uncomfortable holding an grownup observation over them.

My 2nd cause of extra

demand that I now intend to discourse is intellectual paralysis

Cerebral paralysis is a general term covering a figure of neurological conditions that affect a child’s motion and coordination. Neurological conditions affect the encephalon and nervous system. Cerebral paralysis is caused by harm to the encephalon. which usually occurs before. during or shortly after birth. Known possible causes of intellectual paralysiss include:

• Infection in early gestation
• A hard or premature birth
• Bleeding in the baby’s encephalon
• Abnormal encephalon development in the babe ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. New Hampshire. United Kingdom ) At some point really early in life. either while a babe is still turning in the uterus. during birth or shortly after. something happens to interfere with the normal development of the encephalon or to wound the encephalon tissues. This unnatural development or hurt disrupts the nervus signals between the encephalon and the musculuss. taking to jobs with motion. position and coordination as the kid grows up. This is called intellectual paralysis. While some people are badly affected. others have merely minor break. depending on which parts of the encephalon are non working decently. It’s estimated that every bit many as 1 in every 400 kids may hold intellectual paralysis. which means about 2. 000 babes. from all societal backgrounds and cultural groups. are diagnosed every twelvemonth. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bbc. co. United Kingdom )

Approximately 1 in 500 babes born in the UK have intellectual paralysis. The figure of instances per twelvemonth ( the incidence ) has non changed much over the period of 50 old ages or so. The wellness and attention of female parents have improved in this clip and

some causes of intellectual paralysiss have decreased. However. more babes are being born prematurely and lasting. A proportion of these will hold intellectual paralysis. This ( together with the cause in most instances non being known ) is likely why the figure of instances has non changed much over the period of 50 old ages or so. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. patient. co. United Kingdom )

What are the symptoms?

Cerebral paralysis is frequently classified into different types depending on the type of symptoms. which in bend likely reflect which parts of the encephalon are non working as they should. These include:

  • Spastic cerebral paralysis ( about 70 per cent of all instances ) – some of the musculuss in the organic structure are tight. stiff and weak. pulling the limbs in and doing control of motion hard.
  • Athetoid ( dyskinetic ) intellectual paralysis ( 10 per cent of instances ) – control of musculuss is disrupted by self-generated and unwanted irregular writhing motions. These may be the consequence of musculuss altering really quickly from being loose and floppy to really tight and tense. The musculuss used for address may besides be affected. interfering with communicating. Control of position is besides disrupted.
  • Ataxic intellectual paralysis – jobs include trouble with balance. rickety motions of custodies or pess. and trouble with address.
  • Assorted intellectual paralysis – a combination of two or more of the above. In coordination of the musculuss of the oral cavity may do feeding jobs such as slow eating. gagging and emesis. There may be delayed motor mileposts. such as creep and walking. failing or palsy of the limbs. an unnatural pace and awkwardness

in developing address and societal accomplishments. Equally many as one in three kids and striplings with intellectual paralysis besides has epilepsy ( or ictuss ) .

Other common jobs include:

• Difficulty with walking. composing. eating. speaking. dressing • Problems with balance and coordination
• Difficulty commanding and keeping position ( they may necessitate aid to sit unsloped ) • Ocular troubles
• Hearing jobs ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bbc. co. United Kingdom )

The symptoms of intellectual paralysis usually become evident during the first three old ages of your child’s life. Your kid may be slower in accomplishing of import developmental ends. such as larning to creep. walk or speak. Children with intellectual paralysis besides tend to hold jobs with their musculus tone ( the unconscious ability to contract or relax musculuss as needed ) .

Your kid may hold:

  • Hypertonia: increased musculus tone. which can do them look stiff or stiff
  • Hypotonia: reduced musculus tone. which makes them look floppy ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. New Hampshire. United Kingdom )

The diagnosing

The baby doctor will inquire about a child’s history and their form of development. They will besides analyze a child’s physiological reaction. position. motor accomplishments and musculus tone. Depending on the child’s age. they may besides be referred to an educational psychologist so the child’s rational development can be assessed. Further trials may be recommended to govern out other conditions. which cause similar symptoms to intellectual paralysis. such as a tumor or muscular dystrophy ( a familial status impacting the development of the musculuss ) . In some instances. farther testing will besides be able to corroborate a diagnosing of intellectual paralysis. This is because the status can

do alterations to the construction of the encephalon. which can be detected by the trials. Tests a kid may necessitate include:

  •  Blood trials
  •  Cranial ultrasound which uses sound moving ridges to construct up a image of the child’s encephalon tissue
  • MRI scan. which uses wireless and magnetic moving ridges to analyze the encephalon in more item
  • CT scan which uses a series of X raies that are so assembled by a computing machine to make a elaborate 3-D theoretical account of a child’s encephalon

While a confident diagnosing of intellectual paralysiss can normally be made when s kid is two or three old ages old. the type and badness of a child’s intellectual paralysis may non be determined until they reach four or five old ages of age. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. New Hampshire. United Kingdom )


There’s no remedy for intellectual paralysis. However. there are plentifulness of interventions and therapies that can cut down the impact of the status by easing symptoms such as spasticity bettering communicating accomplishments and happening other ways to make things. Physiotherapy occupational therapy and address therapy can all play an of import portion.

Children with intellectual paralysiss do best when they get particular aid from an early age. Because the encephalon changes a batch during the first few old ages of life. it can be hard to measure the extent of intellectual paralysis at first. but most experts suggest babes should be foremost assessed at approximately 9 to 12 months. Many kids with intellectual paralysiss benefit from an attack known as conductive instruction. which helps them to get the better of motion jobs and derive some control through particular instruction and


Adults can acquire a batch from it excessively. Speech and linguistic communication therapy helps with address development and besides with feeding. imbibing. and get downing. Surgery is sometimes needed to rectify any malformations that develop as a consequence of unnatural musculus development or map. Medicine can cut down musculus hyperactivity and spasticity. but physical therapy is the bedrock of intellectual paralysis direction and can assist with position and motion. It besides tries to forestall patterned advance of disablement.

Occupational therapy helps kids overcome troubles executing mundane undertakings. promoting them to take independent lives. With aid. most people with intellectual paralysiss are able to populate much the same kind of lives as everyone else. They may hold to work a spot harder to get the better of practical jobs. but most things are possible. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bbc. co. United Kingdom )

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