Cancer Risk Factors

Flashcard maker : Cindy Krause
Genetic Factors: Oncogenes that regulate all growth
Breast Cancer: high family incidence
Retinoblastoma: inherited
Leukemia: chromosomal abnormalities
Viruses: Oncogenic viruses alter host cell DNA
Hepatic Cancer: hepatitis virus
Cervical Cancer: papilloma virus (HPV) or herpes simplex II
Kaposi’s Sarcoma: HIV
Radiation: Ultraviolet rays (sun), x-rays, gamma rays, and radioactive chemicals cause cumulative chromosomal damage in cells
Skin Cancer: sun exposure
Leukemia: radiation exposure
Chemicals: exposure to both natural and synthetic products in excess may be hazardous, the effects of carcinogenic agents depend on the amount and duration of exposure
Lung Cancer: asbestos, nickel
Leukemia: solvents (benzene)
Bladder Cancer: aniline dyes and rubber
Biologic Factors: chronic irritation and inflammation with increased mitosis
Colon Cancer: ulcerative colitis
Oral Cancer: leukoplakia
Age: Increasing
Many cancers are more common in older persons
Diet: natural substances, additives, or processing methods
Colon Cancer: high-fat diet
Gastric Cancer: smoked foods
Endometrial Cancer: estrogen

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