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70-642 Ch 7-9

Printer The software interface which a computer communicates with a print device. Printer Pool A single print server to multiple print devices. Everyone Special identity group assigned to all printers by default that enables users to access the printer and manage thier own documents. Manage Printers permission to manipulate queued documents and reconfigure the printer […]

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3.01 terms on the back of paper Collecting patient data

patient interview demographic data, financial data, privacy data, release of information, medical history assessment determination of normal versus abnormal values based on patient results auscultation listening to sounds produced by the body as the organs perform their functions objective perceptible to the external senses; results that are measurable observation using the sense of sight to […]

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Physical and Chemical Change. Examples Burning Gasoline

salt dissolves in water physical hydrochloric acid reacts with magnesium to produce hydrogen gas chemical a piece of copper is cut in half physical a sugar cube is ground up physical water is heated and changed to steam physical iron rusts chemical ethyl alcohol evaporates physical ice melts physical milk sours (goes bad) chemical sugar […]

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IBA Word Chapter 2

When using the MLA style, position in-text parenthetical references either at the _ bottom of the page as footnotes or at the end of the paper as endnotes On the works cited page, list works by each author’s last name, or, if the author’s name is not available, by the _ title of the source […]

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220-801 A+ part 3

B Which of the following 802.11 standards has the MAXIMUM throughput of 11 Mbps? IR Which of the following communication standards requires line-of-site with no obstacles in order to operate properly? MAC filtering Which of the following needs to be configured on a wireless router to allow specific client machines to connect? 802.11n Which of […]

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BUS 360 Test Two: Chapters 5-9

aspects of the external environment that affect a company’s business, such as the culture, demographics, social trends, technological advances, economic situation, and political/regulatory environment, or CDSTEP macroenvironmental factors the shared meanings, beliefs, morals, values, and customs of a group of people culture entails easy-to-spot visible nuances of a country’s culture, such as artifacts, behavior, dress, […]

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Windows Explorer-Key Terms

Address Bar Navigate to a different folder or library, or go back to a previous one Alignment The placement of a paragraph text relative to the left and right margins All Programs An area of the start menu that displays all the available programs on your computer system Application A set of instructions used by […]

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HIT 200 – Ch 8 Q&A

The system in which the health record number is assigned at the first encounter and then used for all subsequent healthcare encounters is the: Unit Numbering system. The primary guide to locating a record in numerical filing system the: Master patient Index All forms should contain: A unique identifier. The health record number is typically […]

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ACCT 3302

When the equipment is sold. Volt Electronics sells equipment that includes a three-year warranty. Repairs under the warranty are performed by an independent service company under contract with Volt. Based on prior experience, warranty costs are estimated to be $25 per item sold. Volt should recognize these warranty costs: When the related product is sold. […]

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HIT Final

Which of the following is a prefix? hyper Which of the following is a word root nephr The term for above the kidney suprarenal Macro is a .. prefix in ‘thermmometer \”meter\” is suffix which word part provides the general meaning of the word? word root toward the head or above the structure superior In […]

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Chap.4: Measuring GDP & Economic Growth — Chap.5: Monitoring Jobs & Inflation

During a year, a firm’s net investment is $4,800 and depreciation is $1,200. The firm’s gross investment is ______. $6,000 (net investment + depreciation = gross investment) Gross domestic product and gross investment are measured: BEFORE the depreciation of capital Net domestic product and net investment are measured: AFTER the depreciation of capital. T or […]

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Economics – Ch15 and Ch16

fiscal year 12-month period that can begin on any date fiscal policy the use of gov’t spending and revenue to influence the economy federal budget a plan for the federal gov’t’s revenues for the coming year Office of Management and Budget (OMB) gov’t office that manages the federal budget appropriations bill a bill that sets […]

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Which of the following was General Augusto Pinochet responsible for?

(5 points) the many sanctions imposed on Bolivia the short Falkland War with Great Britain the disappearance of thousands of people in Chile the harsh suppression of a revolution in Algeria Answer: the disappearance of thousands of people in Chile

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Which of the following is a type of savings vehicle?

• Certificate of Deposit • Money Market Account • Checking Account • Both A &B Answer: Both A &B

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Which of the following functions can a port scanner provide?

Answer: Determine which ports are open on a firewall. Discover unadvertised servers.

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The Friar helps people when he can make money doing it.

Answer: What does the narrator mean in the Prologue when he says the following about the Friar?

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To break out of the reputation of an inexperienced newcomer, you should

Answer: ask your boss for ideas about improving your professional reputation. Recource BCOMM Exam 1

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Sociology differs from the older discipline of philosophy by focusing on

a. what the ideal society should be. b. human nature. c. the place of God in shaping human events. d. how society actually operates. Answer: D

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A nursing student is preparing a prenatal class on the process of fetal circulation.

The nursing instructor asks the student specifically to describe the process through the umbilical cord. Which of the following statements from the student is correct? 1. “The one artery carries freshly oxygenated blood and nutrient-rick blood back from the placenta to the fetus.” 2. “The two arteries carry freshly oxygenated blood back from the placenta […]

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