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Who became superpowers after WWII and created a military alliance made up of countries it protected, aided or occupied?
Who included the US & Western European countries
NATO( North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
What did the Warsaw Pact include?
Russia and Eastern European countries
What was the nickname given to the border that separated NATO and Soviet dominated countries?
The Iron Curtain
What was W Germany called?
Federal Republic of Germany or FRG
What was E Germany called?
German Democratic Republic(GDR)
W.Germany economy was?
Capitalist and prospered
Who was split into 4 zones after WWII?
Communist economy and government was controlled by
The Berlin Wall was built in?
E Berliners made daring escapes into W Berlin
Resistance to Soviet Domination in USSR countries/within the Iron Curtain in?
E. Germany, Poland ,Hungary, Czechoslavakia.
Against mass arrests of noncommunist leaders governments seizure of?
Private property
USSR responded with?
Violence(invasions, tanks)
What began after WWII between US & USSR?
Arms race
Both ( US&USSR)had nuclear weapons by?
US &USSR both had developed more dangerous hydrogen bombs by
Britain, France, and China had developed nuclear weapons by
Late 1960’s
Many nations signed the NPT ( nuclear non proliferation treaty) agreed to not develop nuclear weapons
SALT( strategic arms limitation talks) to limit number of nuclear weapons held by each side
SALT AND NPT signed in?
1972 & 1979
START( strategic arms reduction treaty was signed on
Era of Détente( relaxation of tensions)
Ended in 1979 when USSR invaded Afghanistan
After WWII, Soviets were aiding communist forces in china & korea
US and allies formed the
SEATO( SE Asia Treaty Organization) and the CENTO(Central Treaty Organization) hint for cento: BTIP
US also established army, navy, air force bases across Europe, Asia N America, Pacific Islands were encircled by US
Soviet Union also formed alliances with goverments in?
Africa and Asia
USSR relations with china lasted from?
USSR and allies were known as?
The soviet bloc
Superpowers(US &USSR) provided weapons, training, other aid to:
Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia
Vietnamese invaded and ended Khmer Rouge genocide, implemented authorization government in
Cuba gained independence from Spain in
Fulgenico Batista pulled a military coup & obtained power in
Rebels led by F. Castro attacked Moncada Barracks
July 26, 1953
Castro arrested and set free due to political connections, went to Mexico, planned revolution, bought\”Granma\”
July 26, 1953
Fidel Castro called his movement the
El movimiento 26 de julio
Batista left Cuba on
December 31, 1958
Castro brothers entered Havana in triumph, prompt elections were never held, Fidel Castor became leader of Cuba
January 1, 1959
Fidel Castro began nationalizing homes, businessess, land; restricted political freedom, many cubans left
Bay of Pigs invasion to bring down communist regime originally supported by Dwight Eisenhower was not supportive, CIA went ahead with plan, but JFK did not send backup, many Cuban exiles were killed
US trade embargo imposed on Cuba
US had missiles in
USSR placed missiles in Cuba, US planes flying over Cuba spotted missiles on
JFK imposed naval blockade & demanded that Nikita Krushchev remove missiles from Cuba in
October 1962
After a tense 13 days in October, US agrees to dismantle missiles in turkey and never to invade Cuba, which was not made public until
Became leader in 1953 when Stalin died, he criticized Stalin and reversed some of his policies
Nikita Krushchev
Krushchev was removed from power in
Leonid Brezhnev held power from?
Mid 1960s to 1982
The soviet network of prison/ labor camps for dissidents is called
Scientist who spoke out
Andrei Sakharov
Awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1975
Andrei Sakharov
Arrested in 1980 when he criticized Soviet invasion of Afghanistan/ exiled to Gorky
Andrei Sakharov
Hunger strikes in
Was allowed to return to Moscow in 1986 by Mikhail Gorbachov
Andrei Sakharov
Died of a heart attack in 1989
Andrei Sakharov
Soldier during WWII p, wrote letter to a friend criticizing Stakin
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn sent to a prison camp, released when Krushchev was in power in
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about experiences as prisoner, exiled to W. germany and stripped of soviet citizenship in
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn died in/on
Russia in 2008
Military rivalry as well as a competition between two contrasting economic and political value systems was
Cold War
Free markets was based on?
Capitalist countries have _______ economies
Prices are based on_____ & ______
Supply and Demand
Most western countries have \”_____\” economies
Western European market & capatilist economies have more government control than in the US- they are
US policy toward the USSR-containment(strong support of governments facing invasion or internal communist rebellions
US shelters were built as fallout shelters stocked with______
Fear reached a peak during Cuban missiles crisis on
October 1962
Drills in schools reflected widespread fear of a _____ ___
Nuclear war
Americans feared communists in US might try to undermine US government is called the
Red Scare
This person led hunt for suspected American communists, became notorius for unproven charges, influence faded after he attacked patriotism of US army
Sen Joseph McCarthy
HUAC( House Un-American Activities committee) had a campaign to identify supposed communists

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