Busch Gardens Essay Example
Busch Gardens Essay Example

Busch Gardens Essay Example

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  • Published: September 28, 2018
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The Busch Garden Experience Busch Gardens, an amusement park full of various attractions, is a great place for any thrill-seeker, as well as children of all ages. The name may confuse most because no one would think Busch Gardens would be the name of an amusement park. The park is very unique; the rides and attractions are surrounded by wildlife such as elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, and etc. The park is also well-known for their roller coasters with most holding records for the quickest speeds and longest rides.

Although the park is filled with hundreds of people at a time, the experience is one to be remembered for years and years to come. As soon as I arrived within the enormous gates of Busch Gardens, the first thing I witnessed


was the gigantic roller coasters hanging over the heads of random people like a venomous snake lurking for its next prey. The shrieks of the people on the rides gave me an adrenaline rush as I stood staring at the massive machines as they soared through the rails. The first ride I went for was wooden, which was one of the ost dangerous rides in the park.

As I sat and waited in line, I could hear the screeching of the metal as the ride took off, making most people ahead of me coward in fear as they shoved their flip-flops in their backpacks and turned around leaving the line. There were no harnesses to strap across the chest; the hard, metal bar and loose seat belt were your only tools of protection from a fatal fall. As the ride took off, I extended my

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arms within in the air while the G-force from the immense drop pulled my body tighter against the hard, metal seat of the ride.

The hot sun beamed against my face as the ride climbed to its peak until finally dropping again. Although the ride was extremely fast and shaky, I only continued to smile and laugh at my peers who were both teary-eyed and exhausted from the horrific screaming and panicking. As I left, my peers and I walked through the gift shop exit, suddenly stopping to see the photo taken while on the ride. The faces of everyone were hilarious; some closed their eyes tightly in fear while others expanded their vocal cords with their eyes buck nd fully alert.

The next thing I experienced was the highly priced food. Even though I had been paid by Upward Bound, I ended up buying more of the delectable food items. Being a diabetic, my glucose level was low and I needed something to raise it so I could ride more rides. I walked up to the food court area and stood in line, anxious to receive my food. The smell of the chicken tenders left me paralyzed in hunger like the legs of a kitchen table. Although the line was long, I received my chicken tenders in less than 15 minutes.

I then rushed to my seat with honey mustard and the steaming chicken tenders within my hands. As I took a bite of the chicken, the golden crust soaked in my mouth as the flavors danced along my taste buds. I savored every bite, star-struck with awe and amazement from the Juicy insides

of the chicken. The sweet yet sour magnificent entr©e. I finished this meal with a blueberry lemonade Icee to accompany my thirst. As I slowly slurped the bittersweet beverage, I then began to feel a sharp pain. I sat with a frozen yet confusing look upon my face as I suffered from a brain freeze.

What a wonderful way to end such a magnificent meal. The last thing I experienced was the biggest ride in the park called the SheiKra. The ride is exactly 61 meters in height and stands as tall as a skyscraper. The ride is very unique because not only is it the highest ride, the first drop is exactly 90 degrees. Seeing the red and blue speed devil only increased my excitement. I sat in the middle of three rows, sitting next to 6 of my peers. As the harness locked tightly across my chest, I looked over and gave a big smile to the others as our feet dangled in the air.

Although the ride took forever to reach the top, the speed of the ride forced the back of my body to press firmly against the hard plastic. As we reached the peak, the ride would stop, forcing you to look at the ground. All of the people in the park were as small as ants at a picnic. Before we took off, I heard screams from a few adults behind us as they shouted to their partner "Why did I let you drag me into this? " The ride then took off suddenly, as their screams grew louder and higher in pitch like the whistle of a tea


As the ride came to the end, I looked around to ee that everyone looked dazed and anxious to exit the metallic beast. Although there wasn't enough time for another ride, I was satisfied from my experiences from Busch Gardens. In conclusion, the park was amazing. The experience was truly magical and can only be described to a certain extent. The rides were all horrific, yet exhilarating. The food was simple, yet exquisite in taste. The sounds were loud, but played in perfect harmony with the rest of the sounds in the amusement park. The moments spent at the park were only temporary, but will be remembered for years and years to come.

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