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Three Basic Steps in Wine Tasting I. Introduction: A. Attention Getter: “Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance. ” Benjamin Franklin I am a wine lover and I drink wine in all the important moments in my life B. Credibility Statement: Every time I went to a restaurant or a winery I wish I knew the correct form of tasting wine but the truth was that I ignored how to do it. I know it very helpful to enjoy wine better. C. Thesis: Wine tasting is a complete science that requires a lot of time and study.

But there are basic useful steps to learn how to taste wine fast and easy D. Preview: Today I will talk about the three basic steps in wine tasting. The look, the smell and the taste II. Body: A. Look: The wine should be pouring into a clear glass and held in front of a white. There are two principal aspects in the appearance of a wine are: color and body. 1. Color: give us a clue of the age and the kind of grapes used – For example: the red wine start life with a deep purple color,

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with time lose this youthful intensity and begin to take a paler, tawny, brick red hue. Rim color: you can guess the age of the red wine by observing its rim. Tilt the glass slightly and look the edge of the wine. A purple tint may indicate youth while orange to brown indicates maturity. 2. Body: swirling the wine serves to many purposes, but visually it allows you to observe the body of the wine by using legs. This term refers to the oily droplets of wine that run down after the wine has been swirled. Oily legs reflect either high content of alcohol or the presence of sugar, were indicated quality.

Less quantity of droplets or watery legs indicates the weakness of the wine B. Smell: Swirl the glass to throw the wine up onto the side of the glass, this increasing the surface area of wine in contact with the air and releases the molecules in the wine allowing you to smell the aroma. The aroma is the smell of a grape variety also called bouquet 1. To swirl effectively, don’t fill the glass too full, in fact less than a half is recommended. Swirl the glass by rotating the wrist no the entire arm. 2.

Place your nose over the edge of the glass and take a very deep sniff. Try to identify any familiar smell, repeat but rest your sense of smell for a few seconds before you smell again. You could smell oak, berry, flowers, vanilla, citrus and many others aromas. C. Taste: the most important quality of a wine is its balance between sweetness and acidity. 1. Initial taste (first impression): this is when the wine awakens your senses. Take a sip; roll it over the tongue for several seconds before swallowing. Exhale through your nose as you swallow.

Your taste buds and sense of smell will work together. 2. Final taste: is the taste that remains in your mouth after you have swallowed the wine. How long the flavor last in the mouth? Was it light-bodied like water or full- bodied like milk? Was it pleasant? After tasting the wine, take a moment to value its overall flavor and balance. 3. Keep in mind or in a notebook your impressions of the wines and remember the labels. The next time that you are purchase a wine you chose the one that you like the most

III. Conclusion A. Signal conclusion: as you can see wine tasting is an art but with a few tips everyone could know the basic concepts B. Summarizes: remember that there are three basic steps in order to taste a wine: look, smell and taste C. Impact statements: we live in California the first state in production of wine in the United States and the four in the world, we are surrounding by hundreds of wineries, my advice is to go and practice what you learn today and enjoy all the wonderful things of wine.

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