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Brand ambassadors Brand Ambassador is someone that represents a particular brand in a positive manner and carries the brand message out to the public. The Brand Ambassador position has become more universal as an official job because brand ambassador can help to promote the brand and where many people can discuss the brand. (Ron McDanie, 2009) Due to this, it may also help to increase the image of the products of the company.

Adidas could be considered very successful by using this type of strategy because they have made a contract with a lot of world class athletes that are very known world widely such as: David Beckham, Kobe Bryant, Sania Mirza, Zinedine Zidane, Tim Duncan, and also Tracy McGrady. Those athletes helped Adidas a lot in boost up their image world widely. David Beckham is one of the world class athletes that Adidas use to implement to successful by using this type of marketing strategy.

David Beckham has a relationship with adidas has no doubt lent itself well to the brand’s visibility in the UK. “Captain of England” is Beckham dub when he led his team to triumph in the 2000 FIFA World Cup. His marriages to ex-Spice girl do not hurt his image. Beside, Beckham also indirectly lead to their image awareness because David Beckham is more often seen in the tabloids sporting with the Adidas logo. Europe as Adidas’s largest market, which exposure likes this reflects in the numbers; sales grew seven percent to US$ 2. billion. Kobe Bryant is another example of an endearing Adidas endorsee. The youngster who idolizes Kobe Bryant will attracted by what Bryant wear, for an example, young men who want to play basketball like he does will want to wear what he wears. Due to this situation, it may help Adidas to generate sales and increase profit. (Schaffel V. M, 2002) Place Place or distribution is a set of interdependent organizations that involved in the process of making a product available for use or consumption by consumers. Kotler and Armstrong, 2006) Besides, place is the location where the products advertise and can be purchased. Its represented distribution channel includes any physical stores as well as essential stores on the internet. There are certain Adidas stores that are very strategic. By placing the products at the strategic place, it can help to generate their sales. It is because there are many people will pass across the place which is crowded and famous. So, indirectly having stores in the strategic places will lead to increasing number of sales.

For an example, at 25th October 2006, Adidas have opened their first “Mi innovation store” in Paris that was their largest Adidas store all over the world, they installed lots of newest technology into their newest innovation store, the technology they installed including the computerized catwalk that features Zinedine Zidane that are doing juggling. Adidas newest innovation store also enable their customer to buy their own specially designed shoes, but they need to pay $40 to $65 extra depends on the style.

Inside the new store, shoppers can browse the latest trend of design that are available including the Stella McCartney latest ski-wear designed and also faux vest from rapper Missy Elliot. (Kamenev M. , 2006) On the other hand, sell products through internet also is one of the successful strategic using by Adidas in order to introduce new products to increase their sales. By using internet, it can help Adidas to advertise whatever products that Adidas has and it’s easy and comfortable for the customers to view and purchase their products through online.

Besides that, by using this method of strategic, it can also reduce usage of the workforce and increase company benefit. Products Products are under marketing mix. A product is anything that can be offered to a market for awareness, acquisition, use or consumption and that might satisfy a want or need of our consumers. (Armstrong & Kotler, 2008)The actual product may consist of five characteristics which merge to deliver core products benefit which are high quality level, features, design, brand name and packaging.

The product being produces by Adidas is actually made of a very good standard of materials and with a very good based of production. All Adidas products are mainly being produced in the Germany to maintain the best quality of the products. But, since 1993 all their production based have been shifted to Asia in order to reduce cost so that they can still remain competitive in the market to minimize cost (Allick. M. et al, 2000), but moving their production to Asia doesn’t mean that they decreases the quality of their products.

Adidas always maintain their production level by monitoring the output that was produce, they are very strict when it comes to the quality of the products they are going to sold in the market. Adidas do a lot of research in the past. For example: in preparing for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, they have been doing a lot of research for the technology and also laboratory research to ensure the best performance of their products in order to support the athletes with the best quality during the competition.

Besides that, Adidas also come out with the products which functionality. For example, at 2002 Adidas launch Climecool and a3 running shoes. The aim of Climecool was to develop a functional shoe that featured a ventilation system. “The functions of ventilation system are to transports heat and sweat away from the foot and out of the shoe as you exercise, provide 40% increase in cooling over a conventional running shoe. ”(Adidas,2010)

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