book questions for SPMT 217 exam 1

Who founded the National League?
William Hulbert
Who is recognized as the architect of the professional golf tournament?
fred corcoran
What university had the first sport management academic program?
ohio university
The name of the part of a contract that binded a professional baseball player to his ballclub was called
reverse clause
The first professional baseball team was the Cincinnati Reds. T or F?
Tournaments today are often created by player associations rather than marketing agencies or broadcast media. T or F?
The modern Olympic Games in 1896 were held in which city?
Which of the following was instrumental in initiating the modern Olympic Games?
Pierre de Coubertin
What two themes run through this chapter’s examination of sport organizations?
honesty and inclusion
There are more than 100 sport management programs in the United States. T or F?
Two of the earlier phases used in the development of management theory are:
scientific management and human relations movement
The underrepresentation of women, minorities, and people with disabilities in the sport industry is an important issue for sport managers who value _____ in the workplace.
The most important asset in an organization is its
Sport managers must master their _____ skills in order to be successful
_____ involves measuring and ensuring progress toward organizational objectives.
Which of the following is NOT a step in the classic model of decision making?
managing technology
Sport management should have an international scope. T or F?
Participant decision making involves the manager making all of the decisions. T or F?
_____ is a continuous process that involves establishing organizational mission statements, goals, objectives, tactics, roles, and evaluation
The sport industry in the United States is in decline.
What is a marketer’s main job?
create demand
The term for a group of consumers to whom a product is marketed to is:
target market
______ was the first company to capitalize on the term official in marketing its
Mark McCormack’s sports marketing agency, IMG, began through a relationship with what athlete:
arnold palmer
Nike’s exploits during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics are an example of what type of marketing?
ambush marketing
_______ involves identifying subgroups of the overall marketplace based on factors such as age or income level.
Behavoirs and preferences like an individual’s beliefs, opinions, lifestyles, and habits are considered by marketers to be:
psychographic characteristics
Relationship marketing occurs when sports organizations view their customers as statistics in a database. T of F?
Fan identification is defined as the sense of oneness with or belongingness to an organization. T or F?
All of the following are examples of a demographic trait or characteristic except:
The concept of _______ is probably the best single measure of an industry’s impact.
Which of the following most accurately defines the managerial discipline of finance?how an organization generates the funds that flow into the organization
how an organization allocates its funds once they are in the organization
any decision relating to money
all of the above
answers A & B above
answers A & B above
In a basic sense, financial success relies on higher:
______ is/are anything that an organization owns that can be used to generate future
Which statement concerning the tradeoff between financing through debt or equity is true?
Generally, financing with equity is more expensive than debt.
Generally, financing with debt carries more risk than equity.
Both A & B
Neither A nor B
both a & b
Which financial statement measures the financial performance of an organization over a specified time period, usually a year?
income statement
All of the following are examples of “financial” mechanisms for altering competitive balance EXCEPT:
soft salary cap
luxury tax
hard salary cap
revenue sharing
all of the above are financial mechanisms
all of the above
Teams prefer their stadiums to have more luxury and club seating than ordinary regular seating. T or F?
The payroll threshold set for a luxury tax acts the same as a hard salary cap. T of F?
What financial mechanism helps improve the effectiveness of revenue sharing to improve competitive balance?
hard salary cap
Before a sport manager is liable for negligence, the plaintiff must show that the sport manager owed the plaintiff a duty of care. A legal duty of care arises from which of the following origins:
From a relationship inherent in a particular situation
From a voluntary assumption of the duty of care
From a duty mandated by a law
From all of the above
all the above
To successfully show a defendant was negligent, a plaintiff must prove:
A duty of care is owed to the plaintiff by the defendant
The defendant breached the duty of care
The defendant’s actions were the actual and proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injury
There is evidence of monetary damages
All the above
all the above
Which of the following elements is not necessary for a valid contract?
Liquidated damages
A collective bargaining agreement is:
the contract between the players and the owners in professional sport
Which of the following statements are true?
All professional sports leagues’ national broadcasting agreements are exempt from antitrust laws.
Professional sport leagues’ collective bargaining agreements are exempt from antitrust law under the labor exemption.
National Football League is the only professional sport league exempt from antitrust laws.
A&B only.
All of the above.
A&B only
The U.S. Supreme Court case, PGA Tour Inc. v. Martin (2001) involved a challenge to PGA Tour rules under what statute?
Amateur Sports Act
Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is not illegal to discriminate based on religion, gender, or national origin if the classification is
a bonafide occupational qualification
Management in professional sports supports unions much more strongly than employers in other industries. T or F?
Waivers and releases of liability are contracts where parties agree to give up their right to sue for all types of torts. T of F?
An example of an Equal Pay Act violation may be paying the female coach of a female athletic team less in salary than the male coach of a female team. T of F?
The process of making a correct and fair decision is called _____.
ethical reasoning
_____, like ethics, is concerned with values guiding behavior.
To help with ethical decision-making, an organization should write and consult a(n) _____.
code of conduct
Which of the following are examples of sport organizations with codes of conduct?
The National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association
The American Camping Association
The U.S. Olympic Committee
All of the above
all of the above
Morality can be seen through either a(n) ________ view or a(n) ________ view.
absolute, relative
To be effective, discipline must meet which of the following criteria?
meaningful and enforceable
When sport managers are faced with ethical dilemmas, their decisions are difficult to make. T of F?
Ethical decision making is done best with it is a “gut” feeling with no process. T or F?
Codes of conduct are only valuable within the sport industry in the United States. T or F?
Codes of ethics should be long and detailed. T or F?

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