Automobile Maintenance and Auto Repair Shop

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Nowadays, transportation is an essential part of everyday life. Without it, people cannot go to places they want to go, except of course for short distances. It makes life easier and less troublesome. Land vehicles provide convenience, but like other machines and equipment, it needs to be maintained and repaired. That is the reason the proponents thought of conducting a study on automobile repair shop in Barangay Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City, Laguna.

As of 2011, the place has a lone vulcanizing shop that stands in Purok 4. The shop provides services to customers with flat tires, but not to those who need repairs. Majority of customers go to nearby Barangay and find a shop which attend to their needs. Others have their vehicles repaired in the place where they have bought it, but the problem is that it is time-consuming and the shop is usually distant. The clients acquired inconvenience and the barangay missed an opportunity to cater the need of the prospect costumers.

As a result of the situation above, the proponents aim to study the feasibility of setting up a repair shop in Barangay Bagong Kalsada. The proponents aim to provide the customers with good and affordable service without the need to go too far, thus, lessening the hassle that they encounter because of the lack of a repair shop in the said barangay. Conceptual Framework This study was conducted to determine if an auto repair shop is feasible to be set-up in Barangay Bagong Kalsada.

The concept came from one of the proponents recognizing the need for an automotive repair shop in a certain barangay in Calamba City. The researcher noticed the lack of repair shops and acknowledges the need of repairs, more than just vulcanizing tires. Cars do not usually break down in the streets, it rarely ever happens or if it does, at least there is a repair shop nearby to lessen peoples’ worries, this holds true in Manila, but in Laguna, this is just not the same case especially in Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City.

The tourists who come in with their own cars or leased cars from the city may lessen their worry about their vehicles breaking down or to go to some distant place with repair shop to fix their problems There was one time that a group of tourists went to Laguna to go for a swim and for some unknown and unexpected reason their car breaks down and the tires broke down as well, it was hard for them to have it fixed since there was not a repair shop for miles and they had to call in a jeepney to help them haul out the car and the things they had with them.

If there had been a nearby repair shop then it would be a different story, yes, it would still have been a hassle since it broke down but it would have been easier for them since there was a repair shop nearby. But since there was none they suffered a whole lot more than it should have been.

There was also another incident with one of the proponent’s acquaintances that a repair shop would have saved them a lot of time and effort, especially in Bagong Kalsada wherein there is a lot of trucks, jeepneys and vans that they use for transporting their source of livelihood which is gardening, ergo flowers, plants, trees, grottos, waterfalls, landscaping and so forth. If their vehicle breaks down there is no repair shop nearby to fix it and it would be a big hassle.

Usually they had to go to Barangay Pansol to get their cars fixed since it is the nearest place to have the vehicle fixed, it is still not enough since they had to either push the car all the way there or have one of the big trucks have it towed, what if the truck itself is the one that needs repair? Having nearby repair shops or in a very well-known or a good and situated place would be a really big help to people and of course to the person or person’s holding the business or conducting the business of that certain repair shop.

Of course not only will they will get money but will also be a big help to the community. Proponents from Ubay, Bohol conducted a related study of putting up tire and auto servicing shop in that place. They conducted the said study in order to know if the implementation would be a success, having an excess demand for repairs in their town from the residents and the tourists visiting the province of Bohol and at the same time to provide another source of income for the community and its residents.

With the same objective, the proponents find it proper to conduct the same study because it seems to be feasible. The variables in this study are: the automobile repair shop being the independent variable, the barangay where it would be set up being the dependent variable. The intervening variables that influence the effect of the automobile repair shop are its marketing, technical, financing, management aspects and its acceptability by the society and its contribution to economy.

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