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AP World History-Vocab 2

Axial Age The time period after 600 BCE where major religions and philosophies addressed questions and concerns that were not sufficiently answered with the previous traditions. These questions/concerns represented the core ideas around which a society revolves. Dharma A Hindu belief that everyone is born with a duty in life and if that duty is […]

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American educator that advocated \”progressive education\” John Dewey most powerful conservative force through the ages the Bible teaches that actions should be judged by results, not morality pragmatism claims there is no truth or reality existentialism insists that nothing can be known except for observable facts positivism developed behavioral psychology Ivan Pavlov formulated the system […]

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Integrated Electronic health records (Key Terms) Chapter 1-2

question Application answer Software that has a special purpose, such as word processing, spreadsheet, or for a particular industry such as practice management or electronic health record software. question Care provider answer Term used to refer to physicians, physicians’ assistants, dentists, psychologists, nurse practitioner, or midwife. question Clearinghouse answer A service that processes data into […]

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AP World History Ch 15-20 Vocab
12 Sep 2020 Uncategorized

question Zheng He answer An imperial eunuch and Muslim, did a series of state voyages through the Indian Ocean from SE Asia to Africa question Arawak answer Amerindian peoples who inhabited the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean at the time of Christopher Columbus question Henry the Navigator answer Portuguese prince that directed voyages of exploration […]

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World History: Module 4 Flashcards

question pandemic answer the global spread of a disease question developed nations answer nations that have established and successful industries, technologies, and infrastructure to support a relatively high standard of living for citizens question developing nations answer nations that are starting to build the infrastructure and industries needed to raise citizens’ standard of living question […]

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History 101 FINAL EXAM

question What was Mesopotamia? answer described as the land between the Tigris-Euphrates rivers that the Sumerians developed question Sargon I answer established the world’s first empire question Hammurabi answer Babylonian king responsible for developing a code of laws question Gilgamesh answer king who searched for power and immortality question Epic of Gilgamesh answer an important […]

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"American History" Vocabulary

question apparent answer easily seen or understood question humiliation answer state of feeling ashamed or embarrassed question impulse answer sudden desire to do something without thinking about the results question intention answer plan, purpose question linger answer to stay on a bit longer (because you want to) question maneuvering answer carefully planned action question paradise […]

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Exam 4 review

question Where will the nurse focus her assessment for a patient taking vancomycin? answer Ototoxicity question Planning care for a patient taking furosemine IV for peripheral edema, which should the nurse include in her plan of care? answer Assess for tinnitus, monitor serum potassium levels, recommend eating foods high in potassium question Caring for a […]

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Quiz 1 cpt
04 Sep 2020 Database

question Unlisted code answer Listed in CPT book used when no other code accurately describes the procedure or service a special report must always accompany question Category II answer … question Largest to smallest answer Section, subsection, subheading, category question Low birth weight subheading answer Continuing intensive care question 21899 answer Unlisted procedure neck or […]

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AP World History Unit 4 Test Review

question Xuanzang answer a Buddhist monk who escaped China to go to India question Yang Jian answer ruler of the Sui dynasty that lasted for less than 30 years and brought all of China under centralized imperial rule once again question Sui dynasty answer dynasty that restored centralized imperial rule over China and was founded […]

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AP World History Ways of the World Chapters 1-5

question Venus Figurines answer Paleolithic carvings of female form, often with exaggerated breasts, buttocks, hips and stomachs, which may have had religious significance. question Trance Dance answer In San culture, a nightlong ritual held to activate a human being’s inner spiritual potency (n/um) to counteract evil influences of gods and ancestors. Common to the Khoisan […]

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ap world history bentley ch 18 terms

question yurts answer collapsable nomadic tents question kumiss answer fermented milk of a horse that made an alcoholic drink for nomadic people question shamans answer priests or priestesses who used magic for the purpose of curing sick; major part of Turkish religion. they possessed supernatural powers and could communicate with gods question Saljuk (Seljuk) Turks […]

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Chapter 8-11 Ap World History Vocab

question Mecca answer City in western Arabia; birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and ritual center of the Islamic religion question Muhammad answer Arab prophet; founder of religion of Islam question Muslim answer An adherent of the Islamic religion; a person who \”submits\” (in Arabic Islam means ”Submission”) to the will of God. question Islam answer […]

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World History Chapter 18 Section 1 & 2 terms

question 1st estate answer Bishops, priests, and the church. Highest class. No taxes question 2nd estate answer The nobles. No taxes question 3rd estate answer Peasants, doctors, middle class, had to pay taxes. question Bourgeoisie answer The middle class question Deficit spending answer Spending more money than you can afford question Louis XVI answer Weak […]

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WHAP Ch.11 StudyGuide help & KeyTerms

question What distinguished the 1st Centuries of Islamic History from the early history of Christianity & Buddhism? What similar & difference characterized their religious outlooks? answer Islam differed because its founder was a religious figure as well as a military & political leader. From the start, the Islamic community found itself constituted as a state. […]

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Multicultural Education Test 1 Chapter 2

question Membership based on ones national origin or the national origin of ones ancestors when they immigrated to the united states is answer Ethnic groups question All of following are reasons for voluntary immigration except answer Slavery question The state with the largest population of American Indians is answer California question A population that is […]

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World History I: Vocabulary Words

question Politics answer the art or science of government question Economics answer the study of the consumption and production of goods and services question Social Sciences answer tools we use to understand human interaction question Culture answer a shared set of feelings or habits that unify a group question Religion answer one’s belief; belief shared […]

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ART 109 Ch. 11-15

question The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti uses ____ as a protest strategy. answer narrative question . The function of this painting was to ____. spanish war painting answer illustrate an event that occurred when Napoleon Bonaparte’s army occupied Madrid question Tomatsu Shomei’s Woman with Keloidal Scars is an example of documentary photography. answer TRUE […]

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Prentice Hall World History

question Strait answer narrow water passage question Homer answer Great poet who wrote the Iliad question Knossos answer site of the palace of the Minoan ruler question Heinrich Schliemann answer businessman who proved that the Trojan War really occurred question Trojan War answer conflict caused by economic rivalry between the Mycenaeans and Troy. question Greek […]

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Timeline Chapter 21 AP World History

question 1243 answer Mongol invasion of Asia Minor question 1281 answer Founding of the Ottoman dynasty question 1334 answer Death of the 1st Safavid Sufi master at Ardabil question 1350s answer Ottoman invasion of Europe question 1402 answer Timur’s invasion question 1450s answer Shi’a influences enter Safavid teachings. question 1453 answer Beginning of large-scale recruitment […]

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History 111 Midterm

question How has geography influenced the course of history? answer Early humans migrated to other areas in search of food. Humans settled in areas because of fertile farmlands. Bodies of water, desert and mountains some times protected from conflict. question What is history? answer Period of time after pre-history. Occurs after writing is discovered. Study […]

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World History Chapter 16 Section 1

question included the Holy Roman Empire and the Netherlands answer Hapsburg empire question Charles I took this name during his tule of the sprawling Hapsburg empire answer Charles V question expanded Spanish influence during his 42-year reign, strengthened the Catholic Church, and made his own power absolute answer Philip II question a ruler with complete […]

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