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Political Science Chapter 3 – Flashcards
23 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question __________ describes the strategy of delegating a policy program to a lower level of government. answer Devolution question A federal grant for states to afford increasing health care facilities would be an example of a: answer categorical grant question A state government’s authority to regulate the safety, health, and morals of its citizens is […]

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01 Week 3 Questions – Flashcards
21 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question In a class divided, how the class was divided? answer The class was divided by the color of eyes. question What was the response of psychology department of Stanford University, when Elliott presented her exercise of dividing class to them? answer They commented the fact that these students got a steadily high study performance […]

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Teaching Though Problem Solving – Flashcards
20 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Research identifies 3 ways that problem solving might be incorporated into mathematics instruction. What are they? answer 1. Teaching for Problem Solving 2. Teaching About Problem Solving 3. Teaching Through Problem Solving question How is a problem defined for learning mathematics? answer -It must begin where the students are -The problematic or engaging aspect […]

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Greek and Roman mythology in the Harry Potter books Greek – Flashcards
19 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Fluffy the Three-Headed Dog answer Based on Cerberus in Greek mythology. Three-headed dog who guards the entrance to the underworld/realm of the dead. Lulled to sleep by Orpheus, who played music for it. Getting past Fluffy a symbolic death? Hagrid: “Bought him off a Greek chappie…” question The Basilisk answer Greek basiliskos = “little […]

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Fahrenheit 451 Teacher Study Guide – Flashcards
15 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question What do firemen do in the world of Fahrenheit 451? answer burn books question What is written on Montag’s helmet? answer 451 question Describe Clarisse’s appearance answer thin, milk white face, dark eyes question How old is Clarisse? answer 16, one month away from turning 17 question What are the two professional symbols that […]

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Comm Ethics Exam 3 – Flashcards
15 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question American Booksellers v. Hudnut answer Hudnut is the mayor of Indianapolis. Sexual behavior and violence content will not be sold in city limits and it denies women their civil rights, but ABA argues for freedom of speech. The women in the materials are adults, though. Verdict in ABA’s favor due to the law being […]

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A Guide for MTC Teachers (Objectives/Activities) – Flashcards
13 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Fundamentals Overview answer Help missionaries learn how the eight Fundamentals from Preach My Gospel will help them improve their teaching. question The Doctrine of Christ–The Missionary Purpose answer Help missionaries learn that the doctrine of Christ and the missionary purpose are one and the same. Help missionaries learn how to confidently invite investigators to […]

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APUSH Ch 1-2 – Flashcards
05 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question The Clovis people answer ppl from Mongolian origins. made up the land migrations, crossing over from asia over land bridge into modern-day alaska, brought on by development of stone tools (spears). other non-clovis people came by water. question developments that led to civilizations answer fishing, hunting, gathering tools developed, farming of corn*, beans, and […]

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APUSH Period 1: 1491-1607 – Flashcards
04 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Summary answer On a North American continent controlled by American Indians, contact among the peoples of Europe, the Americas, and West Africa created a new world. question Key Concept Part 1A answer Before the arrival of Europeans, native populations in North America developed a wide variety of social, political, and economic structures based in […]

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Analyze the APUSH Chapter 25 Essay – Flashcards
01 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Rapid and uncontrolled growth made American cities places of both exciting opportunity and severe social problems. answer True question After 1880, most immigrants to America came from northern and western Europe. answer False. After 1880, most immigrants to America came from southern and eastern Europe. question Most of the New Immigrants who arrived in […]

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CH. 2 Questions APES – Flashcards
30 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question In many countries, the policy life cycle will be in answer a different stage for different problems, which is related to the stage of economic development of a country question In general, careful and detailed economic studies indicate that environmental protection helps the environment answer and does not hurt the economy or cost a […]

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List/Describe categories of social movements and example – Flashcards
29 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question What are the different categories of social movements? answer Regressive, reform, revolutionary, and utopian. question What is a regressive social movement? (3) answer Goal is to adhere to social tradition: either prevents change from happening or roll back changes that have diverged from traditional norms Politically conservative in nature Satisfied w/current state of society, […]

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SMM 2 final Flashcards
28 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question The Social Profile answer Your profile is the foundation of your participation in social communities. It is basically your digital self. question Skins (or themes) answer avisual elements used to change the aesthetic of a web page question Identity reflectors answer an option to have one’s profile reflected back to them from the perspective […]

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Management Chapter 4- Ethics and Social Responsibility – Flashcards
27 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question – ethical dilemmas – ethics – social contracts answer The nature of ethics involves question “what is the right thing to do?” – doing the right thing even though doing so might go against self-interest answer Ethical dilemma question thoughts and feelings that tell a person what is right or wrong – hesitate, debate, […]

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Sociology Chapter 14 – Education, Health, and Medicine – Flashcards
26 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question the social institution through which society provides its members with important knowledge, including basic facts, job skills, and cultural norms and values answer education question formal instruction under the direction of specially trained teachers answer schooling question Structural-Function Analysis focus on ways in with schooling supports the operation of stability of society: 1 – […]

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Strayer Chapter 6 – Flashcards
25 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question What is the difference between class and caste answer -Both systems are used to define social hierachy -The caste system defined social groups more rigidly and with less opportunity for social mobility than in many class-based systems -The caste system defined the social order in terms of religious ideas about the creation of the […]

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TEST 4 REVIEW Test Answers – Flashcards
25 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question The four collegiate subcultures are only types you would encounter on a college campus. answer False question Critics of the hidden curriculum are concerned that answer discipline takes precedence over the learning process question Which sociologist was perhaps the first sociologist to recognize the critical importance of religion in human societies? answer Emile Durkheim […]

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Marriage and Family: Test 3 – Flashcards
24 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question The commonly understood pattern of interaction that serves as a model of behavior in familiar situations is answer social script question When college students report that “on a first date, men are supposed to drive to the activities,” their agreement shows their knowledge of the expected behavior, or the answer social script question All […]

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Strategic Mgmt – Exams 1 & 2 – Flashcards
22 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question a blend of deliberate planned actions to improve the company’s competitiveness and financial performance and as-needed unplanned reactions to unanticipated developments and fresh market conditions. answer It is normal for a company’s strategy top end up being question * In developing a desirable competitive edge * in developing distinctive competencies and sustainability * in […]

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Social Problems — Chapter One — Eitzen, 13th Edition – Flashcards
17 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question subjective nature of social problems answer social problems differ by audience and by time question objective reality of social problems answer there are conditions in a society, like poverty and institutionalized racism, that induce physical or mental suffering question deviant behavior answer actions that violate the norms of a social organization question institutionalized deviance […]

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Chapter 19 His 202 – Flashcards
16 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question Which statement would most likely have been said by a believer in Social Darwinism who was addressing the issue of imperialism? answer “We must promote the superiority of our culture in an effort to ensure world stability” question American imperialists often rationalized actions by answer expressing the opinion that people of anglo-saxon descent were […]

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Psychology Chapter 11 – Practice Questions – Flashcards
15 Jun 2020 Flashcards

question Studies show that _________ is the optimal amount of stress that people need to positively promote their health and sense of well-being, which coincides with ___________ theory. answer Eustress; Arousal question What is a primary application of the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) developed by Holmes and Rahe? answer To estimate your risk of […]

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