Astronomy – Horizons Ch. 7-8

Helioseismology shows that deeper layers of gas in the sun rotate at different speeds. When different parts of an object rotate at different rates it is called
differential rotation

Sunspots are known to be magnetic phenomena because
the Zeeman effect is observed in sunspots.

Evidence that convection occurs in the layers just below the suns photosphere
The centers of granules are hot and moving upward away from the center of the sun.

Which is the best explanation of the missing solar neutrinos
Neutrinos may oscillate between three different flavors

The ____ occurs when a rapidly rotating conductor is stirred by convection to produce a magnetic field
dynamo effect

The centers of granules
are hot material rising to the photosphere from below

The sun creates its energy by the process of
nuclear fusion

Granulation is caused by
rising and sink gases below the photosphere

What are the three layers of the Suns atmosphere, in order of increasing distance from the surface
Photosphere, chromosphere, corona

Differential rotation of the sun is
the equatorial regions of the sun rotating more rapidly than the polar regions

Much of the solar wind comes from ____ where the magnetic field does not loop back into the sun
coronal holes

The proton-proton chain needs high temperature because
the protons must overcome the Coulomb barrier

The solar neutrino experiments detect about twice as many neutrinos as theory predicts should be detected

Helioseismology is the study of the differential rotation and magnetic field of the sun

The rotation of the Sun’s photosphere is
fastest at the equator, slower at mid-latitudes, and slowest near the poles

The intensity of a sunspot is found to be 3 times smaller than the intensity emitted by the solar surface. What is the approximate temperature of this sunspot if the temperature of the solar surface is 5800 K
4400 K

The suns magnetic field is evident in the looped shapes of

are visible in filtergrams of the solar chromosphere

Solar flares have no known effect on Earth

The chromosphere of the sun
is hotter than the photosphere

In the sun, rising currents of hot gas below the photosphere cause granulation.

are cooler than their surroundings

Most of the visible light we see coming from the sun originates from the

A recent sunspot maximum occurred in 2001. What is the year of the sunspot maximum that immediately follows the 2001 maximum if the solar cycle continues

The Sun appears to rotate only because the Earth is revolving about the Sun

A filtergram is used to study layers below the photosphere

In the proton-proton chain
energy is produced in the form of gamma rays and the velocity of the created nuclei.

The ____ is (are) the hot gases that are the moving extension of the suns corona
solar wind

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