the data base approach to data management is sometimes called the flat file approach
the database management system provides a controlled environment for accessing the database
to the user, data processing procedures for routine transactions, such as entering sales orders, appear to be identical in the database environment and in the traditional environment
an important feature associated with the traditional approach to data management is the ability to produce ad hoc reports
the data definition language is used to insert special database commands into application programs
there is more than one conceptual view of the database
in the database method of data management, access authority is maintained by systems programming
the physical database is an abstract representation of the database
a customer name and an unpaid balance is an example of a one-to-many relationship
in the relational model, a data element is called a relation
data normalization groups data attributes into tables in accordance with specific design objectives
under the database approach, data is viewed as proprietary or owned by users
the data dictionary describes all of the data elements in the database
a join builds a new tables by creating links
the deletion anomaly is the least important of the problems affecting unnormalized databases
a deadlock is a phenomenon that prevents the processing of transactions
timestamping is a control that is used to ensure database partitioning
a lockout is a software control that prevents multiple users from simultaneous acces to data
logical database design is the foundation of the conceptual design
an entity is any physical thing about which the organization wishes to capture data
an ER diagram is a graphical representation of a data model
the term occurrence is used to describe the number of attributes or fields pertaining to a specific entity
cardinality describes the number of possible occurrences in one table that are associated with a single occurrence in a related table
a table in third normal form is free of partial dependencies, multiple dependencies and transitive dependencies
improperly normalized databases are associated with three types of anomalies: the update anomaly, the insertion anomaly, and the deletion anomaly
all of the following are basic data management tasks except
data attribution
the task of searching the database to locate a stored record for processing is called
data retrieval
which of the following is not a problem usually associated with the flat-file approach to data management?
restricting access to data to the primary user
which characteristic is associated with the database approach to data management
data sharing
which characteristic is not associated with the database approach to data management?
the inability to determine what data is available
the textbook refers to four interrelated components of the database concept. which of the following is not one of the components?
the conceptual database
which of the following is not a responsibility of the database management system?
ensure that the internal schema and external schema are consistent
a description of the physical arrangement of records in the database is
the internal view
which of the following may provide many distinct views of the database
the user view
users access the database
by direct query
the data definition language
identifies, for the database management system, the names and relationships of all data elements, records, and files that comprise the database
the data manipulation language
enables application programs to interact with and manipulate the database
which statement is not correct? a query language like SQL
requires user familiarity with COBOL
which duty is not the responsibility of the database administrator?
to design application programs
in a hierarchical model
the way to access data is by following a predefined data path
which term is not associated with the relation database model?
in the relational database model
data is represented on two-dimensional tables
in the relational database model all of the following are true except
only one-to-many relationships can be supported
in a relational database
users perceive that they are manipulating a single table
the update anomaly in unnormalized databases
occurs because of data redundancy
the most serious problem with unnormalized databases is the
deletion anomaly
the deletion anomaly in unnormalized databases
may result in the loss of important data
which statement is correct?
connections between M:M tables are provided by a link table
which of the following is not a common form of conceptual database model
which of the following is a relational algebra function?
a. restrict
b. project
c. join
which statement is false?
the DBMS does not control access to the database
all of the following are elements of the DBMS which facilitate user access to the database except
data access language
which of the following is a level of the database that is defined by the data definition language?
a. user view
b. schema
c. internal view
an example of a distributed database is
partitioned database
data currency is preserved in a centralized database by
using a lockout procedure
which procedure will prevent two end users from accessing the same data element at the same time?
data lockout
the advantages of a partitioned database include all of the following except
data transmission volume is increased
a replicated database is appropriate when
there exists a high degree of data sharing and no primary user
what control maintains complete, current, and consistent data at all information processing units?
concurrency control
data concurrency
is implemented using timestamping
entities are
nouns that are depicted by rectangles on an entity relationship diagram
a user view
defines how a particular user sees the database
all of the following are advantages of a partitioned database except
deadlocks are eliminated
each of the following is a relational algebra function except
a table is in first normal form when it is
free of repeating group data
a table is in second normal form when it is
free of partial dependencies
a table is in third normal form when it is
free of transitive dependencies

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