Ap European history crash course chapter 2

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Interest in the study of the classical texts, values, and styles of Greece and Rome. Humanism contributed to the promotion of a liberal arts education based on the study of the classics, rhetoric, and history.
Christian humanism
Closely studied classical texts. Sought to give humanism a specifically Christian content
Everyday language of a region or country.
New monarchs
European monarchs who created professional armies and a more centralized administrative bureaucracy. Also negotiated a new relationship with the Catholic Church.
Ex: Charles VII, Louis XI, Henry VII, and Ferdinand and Isabella
French tax on the French peasantry
A certificate granted by the pope in return for the payment of a fee to the church.
Protestants who insisted that only adult baptism confirmed to scripture
Doctrine espoused by John Calvin that God has known from the beginning of time who will be saved and who will be damned.
French Protestants who followed the teachings of John Calvin
Rulers who put political necessities above personal beliefs. Ex: Henry IV and Elizabeth I
Columbian exchange
The interchange of plants, animals, diseases, and human populations between the Old world and the New world
More exporting and less importing to keep the economy going to get closer to gold and silver
Putting out system
Entrepreneurs buying raw materials and gave the materials to homeworkers and pays them for making products out of the raw materials
Joint stock system
A business arrangement in which many investors raise money for a venture too large for any of them to undertake alone. They share the profits in proportion to the amount they invest. English entrepreneurs used joint-stock companies to finance the establishment of New World colonies.
A system of government in which the ruler claims sole and incontestable power. Absolute monarchs were not limited by constitutional restraints
Divine right of kings
Chosen by God to rule
French royal officials who’s supervised provincial governments in the name of the king. Intendants played a key role in establishing French absolutism
A series of rebellions against royal authority in France between 1649 and 1652. The Fronde played a key role in Louis XIV’s decision to leave Paris and build the Versailles palace.
Prussia’s landowning nobility.
Scientific method
The use of inductive logic and controlled experiments to discover regular patterns in nature. These patterns or natural laws can be described with mathematical formulas.
18th century writers who stressed reason and advocated freedom of expression, religious toleration, and a reformed legal system
Robot God created the world and just left and let the world do its own thing naturally
General will
A concept in political philosophy referring to the desire or interest of a people as a whole.

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