Analysis of the daffodils by Wordsworth Essay

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In this verse form the poet speaks to a friend or household member about a dramatic group of Narcissus pseudonarcissuss that he recalls seeing when on a walk one twenty-four hours. The poet has an exultant tone which is obvious when reading this well-known verse form. The subject is introduced with an terminal rhyming strategy which allows the verse form to flux ”I wandered lonely as a cloud… . when all at one time I saw a crowd” . The subject of this verse form is nature.

The tone of the verse form is shown by the usage of joyful adjectives such as “golden” or “fluttering” this allows the verse form to be blithe. Although the chief subject in this verse form is nature. I believe another subject is relationships because Wordsworth seems to hold an astonishing relationship with nature. in the manner he describes the Narcissus pseudonarcissuss and when he thinks of the Narcissus pseudonarcissuss “his bosom with pleasance fills and dances with the daffodils” . The imagination in this verse form is bright and colorful due to the metaphors used “Continuous as the stars that shine” . In 3rd stanza the poet negotiations of the moving ridges “ The moving ridges beside them danced. but they outdid the scintillating moving ridges in glee” this creates a dramatic image of moving ridges. but this quotation mark besides proves how great the Narcissus pseudonarcissuss were. This effects the tone of the verse form.

The diction Wordsworth uses is so superb that. with each sentence the image of the Narcissus pseudonarcissuss becomes clearer and clearer. This effects how I imagine the flowers. The sound form in this verse form is includes many illustrations of vowel rhyme “For frequently when on my couch I lie” . the O in a batch of the words slows the verse form down. and it allows you to reflect on the sentence. There is change in this verse form for illustration “Beside the lake. beneath the trees” . Alliteration makes the sentence remorable and allows the verse form to flux.

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