Amy Tan Fish Cheeks Essay Example
Amy Tan Fish Cheeks Essay Example

Amy Tan Fish Cheeks Essay Example

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  • Published: October 29, 2017
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Amy Tan and Maya Angelou come from highly different civilizations. and seeking to experience accepted in American Culture. Both writers discuss a feeling of being an castaway and how their cultural differences set them apart. However. Amy Tan efficaciously uses narrative and description to picture her sense of isolation from the dominant American civilization.

Angelou’s narrative is set in the South during the 1930’s when racism was outstanding in society and an acceptable pattern. Angelou’s composing largely describes the reaction of the audience as they listen to the pugilism lucifer. She does non depict in item on how this battle affects her or what it means to those around her. Her composing gives the reader a sense of exhilaration and jitteriness. but it does non picture her sense of isolation from the dominant civilization.

Tan’s narrative takes topographic point in Ca


lifornia during the 1960’s. She feels abashed about her Chinese civilization when she is faced with holding a male child she likes and his household over for Christmas dinner. Tan describes in vivid item her differences and embarrassment that she feels about being different from the Anglo civilization. Tan more efficaciously describes her ain isolation from societal norms than Angelou. She describes her feeling and reactions to everything taking up to. during and after the Christmas dinner.

Tan’s descriptive item of her feelings throughout the eventide efficaciously portrays her feelings of isolation and being different from the dominant American civilization. The reader feels her humiliation and desperation. This is apparent when she describes the nutrients she loves in disgust and how she worries about her family’s manners at the dinner tabular array. Angelou describes the emotions of the

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people around her and does non concentrate on her ain feelings. Her focal point is on the crowd’s emotions during the battle and their jubilation following the win. The reader does non experience the same sense of isolation that Tan portrays.

Angelo’s narrative describes the ideas and feelings of her community during a boxing lucifer. However. she does non concentrate on her ain sense of isolation from the dominant American civilization. Tan’s narrative describes her embarrassment and fright of humiliation because she is different from her equal. She urgently wants to suit into the dominant American civilization and is embarrassed by everything her civilization and household represents during the Christmas

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