AMT/RPT Practice Exam

If a vein feels hard and thready like when palpated, then this vein may be
If the plunger on the syringe is pulled back too fast the specimen may be
When performing a heel puncture on an infant, proper technique includes
placing lancet flat against the skin on the medial or lateral plantar surface of heel.
what condition would most likely cause hemoconcentration?
What can cause hematoma formation?
firmly anchoring vein in needle insertion.
anticoagulant in green top tube
sodium heprin
what is preferred method for infant blood collection?
what tube is normally used to collect a serum sample?
red top
correct angle for the needle to be inserted into skin?
30 degrees
why is it necessary to wipe first drop of blood away when performing a capillary procedure?
to reduce interstitial fluid contamination
Alcohol should be allowed to dry completely prior to skin puncture to
prevent lysis of red blood cells
the phlebotomist places blood specimen in circles on special filter paper, for what test?
A falsely decreased blood alcohol level may be obtained if
the tube is only partially filled
Following venipuncture, what should be applied to venipuncture site?
clean sterile gauze pad
When is a phlebotomist allowed to perform a venipuncture on an ankle vein?
When all other options have been exhausted and the physician has given approval.
By bracing the hand while holding the needle assembly against the patients arm you
prevent excess needle movement
When performing a capillary blood collection, the first drop of blood is wiped away because
the first drop typically has more tissue fluid
What instrument may be used when trying to visualize the veins during venipuncture
What is correct procedure when performing blood smear for leukocyte alkaline phosphate (LAP)?
Perform skin puncture, wipe away the first drop of blood & then touch slide to the next drop of blood.
How long should a tourniquet be placed around a patients arm?
no more than one minute
Hemoconcentration of a specimen can be avoided by?
Removing the tourniquet within one minute.
A colllapsed vein will cause a
cessation of blood flow.
Swelling caused from blood leaking from a blood vessel is
How far above the venipuncture site should the tourniquet be wrapped around arm?
3 to 4 inches
What vein should be used when sample is needed from dialysis patient?
hand vein
what is the most critically affected analyte in a hemolyzed specimen?
Partial penetration of the upper wall of a vein may
allow blood to leak into subcutaneous tissue by way of needle bevel
when blood is inoculated into blood culture bottles using a butterfly apparatus which bottle is inoculated first?
aerobic bottle
The color tube that is most frequently associated with coagulation tests is
light blue
Which substance has a higher concentration in capillary blood than venous blood?
A serum or plasma specimen containing abnormally increased fatty substances from animal or vegetable origin is
A skin puncture is preferred over a venipuncture when the patient
has severe burns
Prior to bandaging the puncture site the phlebotomist should
examine the site for bleeding.
when blood collected in a syringe must be placed in evacuated tubes it is best to use
blood transfer device
Blood smears made from EDTA specimens must be prepared within
1 hour of collection
when patient develops syncope during a venipuncture, the phlebotomist should first
remove tourniquet and call for help
the main reason not to use expired evacuated tubes
they may exhibit incomplete filling
the most critical part of a blood culture collection is
skin antisepsis of the collection site
what would trigger hematoma formation
removing the needle while the tourniquet still on the arm
Heparin prevents clotting by
inactivating thrombin
if a pt is critical or an antibiotic needs to be given right away, and two blood culture sets are collected
immediately from two different sites
if additive contamination occurred from an EDTA evacuated tube, what test would potentially be affected?
Potassium level
The anticoagulant heparin is used in tubes with tops of what color?
older patients are more prone to hematoma formation because
their veins have decreased elasticity
donating their own blood for their own use
autologous donation
how do you stop bleeding at a venipuncture site
place gauze pad over the site and hold pressure for 5-15 minutes
the color coded tube that is most frequently associated with hematological tests is
the primary reason for using syringe transfer device is to
safely transfer blood from syringe into ETS tubes
A basal-state specimen is collected when
early in morning, after fasting for 12 hrs
The liquid portion of an anticoagulated blood specimen is called
Petechiae are tiny, nonraised red spots on a patients skin when the tourniquet is applied. This is indicates, that
the site may bleed excessively
A postprandial specimen is collected
directly after a meal is consumed
If serum is left to remain on the blood clot for more than one hour, what will likely occur
serum glucose levels decrease
what part of heel in infants is recommended for capillary puncture specimens
medial planter surface
when the needle penetrates all the way through the vein this can form
To prevent glycolysis, which additive is used?
Sodium Fluoride
Complete clotting of a blood specimen can take up to
30 minutes at room temperture
what do you do following an arterial blood specimen?
apply firm pressure to the puncture site for a minimum of 3-5 minutes
What is the very first step in performing routine venipuncture
Identify yourself
what characteristics of vein ideal for venipuncture
After last tube filled , what is done next?
filled tube is removed from the holder
what is proper sequential draw from first to last
serum tube, heparin tube, EDTA tube
what is preferred vein site for venipuncture
Medial Cubital
most commonly used antiseptic used for routine venipuncture
70% isopropyl alcohol
what prevents rolling veins during venipuncture?
Anchoring the vein while inserting the needle
What amount of residual urine is considered abnormal?
A specimen that requires chilling for transport to the lab should be placed in
container immersed in a slurry of crushed ice & water
A urine sample collected for GTT what additional info on label
time of collection
A quality fasting urine specimen is collected
8 hrs after eating
What is proper collection of sputum specimen?
mucus is coughed up from deep in the lung and expel sputum into sterile cup
testing for human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) assesses the status of
pregnancy in women
what is POCT?
point of care testing
term used to describe a portion of a specimen used for testing, usually prepared by transferring some of the specimen into other tubes with same id info?
Leaving tubes filled with blood in a rack without mixing will cause?
procedure during which a sterile plastic tube is inserted to provide urinary drainage?
The standard urine value for protein is
Blood cultures are preformed to test for
what urine collection method is most suitable for culture and sensitivity testing of microbes?
midstream clean-catch specimen
most common injuries occurring during venipuncture
nerve injuries or hematoma
most important factor in collecting an uncontaminated blood culture
proper collection site preparation
arterial blood collected in a plastic syringe for arterial blood gas (ABG) testing that may be delayed in testing should be transported in
an icy slurry
what is one of the first signs of liver disease?
which test requires the specimen to be protected from the sun?
The guaiac card occult blood test is commonly performed on what type of sample?
A tube NOT completely filled may interfere with test results because
an imbalance in the anticoagulant to blood ratio
which test needs to be protected form light
alcohol pads are NOT used when collecting a blood alcohol specimen because the practice will
be considered invalid if presented in court.
what is reason that additive tubes should be gently inverted and not vigorously mixed
to avoid hemolyzing the blood specimen
what type of catheter used for wound drainage, lead into bladder?
when should the specimen container for a blood sample be labeled?
immediately after draw
when transporting specimens from patient unit down to the hospital laboratory what system is used?
pneumatic tube
type of catheter that is inserted after plastic repair of the ureter and must remain in place for at least a week after surgery
what is most prevalent nosocomial infection ?
What POCT is used in diagnosing problems with hemostats?
Bleeding Time
Serum should be separated from the blood cells as quickly as possible to avoid
The world’s largest publisher of scientific and medical info is the
American Medical Association
How long should a patient fast, if at all, when physician orders a lipid profile?
12-14 hr fast
the timing for glucose test begins
when patient finishes drinking the glucose
urine sample that may be obtained at any time of day
random urine specimen
Hemoglobin and Hematocrit are analyzed in what dept?
term used to describe when the body is still at rest 12hrs after last intake of food excerise or activity
basal state
a medical subspecialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with conditions resulting form an unexpected medical crisis or accident
Emergency medicine
Bilirubin concentration decreases by what amount following 1hr of exposure to light?
what is the test status designation which takes priority when considering the collection time?
Medical Emergency
Protime and aPTT analysis are conducted in what dept?
What approach is important for the phlebotomist to use when dealing with ill or irritable patients
display confident, professional appearance
used to store data outside the CPU
Universal Serial Bus
what is the study of an individuals concept and use of space?
What is an important reason to use proper labeling of laboratory specimens?
to help avoid testing delays
what is the primary function of isolation procedures?
prevent transmission of communicable diseases
Phlebotomist should clean and sanitize all work surfaces at the end of each shift with
10% bleach solution (1:10)
use soda and acid or water to cool the fire
Class A fire extinguishers
what agency should a medical facility contact for proper info regarding the disposal of medical waste?
Blood specimens should be drawn according to standards of the
Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI)
The federal law designed to protect patient health information is
the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Which fire extinguishers should be used when a fire occurs in or near electrical equipment?
Class C or ABC
Where is the most appropriate place in a clinical setting to find info on a substance’s hazards and recommended safety precautions?
A phlebotomist would help to prevent needle sticks by
using OSHA approved safety needles
What charge can be brought against a phlebotomist who attempts to collect a blood specimen without patients consent?
“let the master answer”
If a patient feels threatened by the phlebotomist, he or she may bring suit under civil law for
What type of consent exists when an emergency procedure such as CPR is provided
Implied consent
A written court order addressed to a specific person, requiring that person’s presence in court at a specific time, is
A subpoena
A process in which the opposing sides in a legal course of action, choose a person outside of the court system, with special knowledge in the field, to hear and decide a dispute is
If a patient shows that the physician failed to comply with the standards of the profession , the physician is said to have been
When a physician is terminating care of patient, physician is
withdrawing from the case
Red blood cells are known as
clumping of red blood cells
Cardiac muscle is stimulated by what type of nervous system?
A sputum culture is helpful in detecting infections in which system?
The study of human bod tissues and cells is
A skin puncture is also called
Dermal puncture
A digestive enzyme commonly tested for in laboratory
What type of blood cells is most numerous in circulating blood?
red blood cell
The clear yellow liquid that remains after a blood clot forms is the
One of the blood tests used to evaluate the respiratory system is abbreviated ?
The abbreviation HAI stands for
Health Associated Infections
Granular leukocytes that produce the chemical histamine and aid the body in controlling allergic reactions and other exaggerated immunologic responses?
Oxia, capnia, pnea and spiro are word parts that refer to what body system?
least desirable vein, to use for venipuncure
basilic vein
What department is responsible for reporting a patient’s blood type?
Blood Bank
tube containing the anticoagulant sodium citrate (which inhibits glycolysis) is for which type of test?
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
Having a patient bend elbow to apply pressure can cause?
Proper angel of insertion of needle into vein?
30 degrees
Is found in the Anatomical Pathology section of the clinical laboratory
Leaving tubes filled with blood in a rack without mixing will cause ?
Blood specimens that need to be shipped off-site by mail systems must be packaged in accordance with the
If a small bore needle is used with a large volume tube to collect a blood sample, what could happen to the sample?
What POCT is used in diagnosing problems with hemostatis?
Bleeding Time
When blood collected from a patient, the serum should be separated from the blood cells as quickly as possible to avoid
A verbal or nonverbal evidence that an individual received and understood a message
Healthcare facilities achieve the greatest reduction in accidental exposures by requiring a combination of ?
safe products and safe practices
what is the correct angle range for needle insertion
15-30 degrees
4 elements that must be present for a medical malpractice case
Duty, Derelict, Direct Cause and Damages
Blood that carries only the A antigen contains?
anti-B antibodies
Test used to evaluate urinary system function ?
BUN, Creatinine and Osmolality
refers to the blood flow to the lungs and back to the heart
Pulmonary Circulation
The processed information or data generated by a computer to be received by the user is referred to as
If an unlabeled specimen is received by the laboratory, the phlebotomy tech should
discard specimen and request that it be recollected
A rule of conduct established and enforced by an authority or governing body, such as federal government.
When lab requires whole blood it is asking for the
total volume of plasma and formed elements
These vessels carry blood away from the heart?