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Ancient museums, national parks and various picturesque places in the country also give the leisure in the UK some peculiar features which belong uniquely to the British. One can find so many activities for pastime in the UK that it will be impossible for him to make a conclusion which one is his favourite. Most of the leisure activities have a “British stamp” on them because they are a part of national culture. The cost of life and leisure activities also needs to be taken into consideration.Some pastime activities are particularly costly in the UK.

“We are spending a fortune on leisure, yet have less and less time to enjoy ourselves. Which of the following statements is true? 1) “We spend more on leisure than ever- taking more holidays and going out to restaurants, cinemas and the theatre. ” 2) “We have less leisure and work longer hours than ever and have no time to enjoy the fruits of our labour. ” For Mr or Ms Average in the UK, the answer, strangely, is both.

” (Gunnell 2000, p. 11).Some authors even argue that people in the UK tend to treat their leisure as work in the recent years because the speed of their life has increased rapidly in the recent years. “While we treat work as a social event, we treat leisure as a series of tasks to be completed: the morning swim, the working lunch, the networking with colleagues after work in the wine bar. ” (Gunnell 2000, p.

11). There are many other characteristic features which need to be taken into consideration by the researchers when providing marketing research of leisure needs in the UK.It is necessary to ensure that research methods used in the research and the design of questionnaires or any other tools can give a full idea about the interests of exactly this nation. With China, the case is even more difficult because it has values and preferences leisure vice completely different from the European nations. For companies which have experience of dealing only with European or even American customers, the task of spreading their activities into China can be very challenging and requires even more detailed research.

In the past, China has always been considered a country in which people hardly had any leisure but instead worked all the time for the benefit of their country. It is clear that Chinese culture had to undergo many changes as it is getting closer and closer to the economies of the West. Their attitude to leisure also changed. There are currently many pastime activities in China in which both natives and foreigners can get involved. The cultural features of the nation also went through many changes.

Some of the values which people in this country now have are more similar to European and American values than to the values Chinese had centuries ago. At the same time, it is important to realize that no matter how globalized present society gets, cultural distinctions will always be very noticeable. They need to be taken into consideration when developing the marketing strategy for a particular country. For example, currently Chinese are considered one of the world’s best gamblers, and there are currently many casinos in China which bring large profits to their owners.Many Chinese cannot pass by slot-machines or any other places which deal with gambling.

Restaurant culture also has some unique features in China because it offers some uniquely Chinese dishes to its customers. Cinema also gained very much popularity in China in the recent years, and people are mostly interested in romantic pieces of art. “The cinema is very popular, even if cinemagoers can only see ‘safe’ productions. Rather than going to see the latest artistic production of Chen Kaige, they are more likely to watch kungfu or romance. ” (Leisure in China. [Online].

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