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Ethel Hedgeman Lyle
Originator and \”guiding light\” of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Beulah Elizabeth Burke
Created organization name, motto & colors
Anna Easter Brown
first treasurer of alpha chapter
Lillie Burke
co-creator of the motto
Lavinia Norman
first constitution and bylaws committe
Lucy Diggs Slowe
first president; constitution and bylaws committee chair; first black female dean (at HOWARD) > dormitory named after her
Majorie Hill
first ivy beyond the wall (died in 1909)
Margaret Flagg Holmes
first constitution and bylaws committee; wrote \”our founders in retrospect- by one of them\”
Marie Wolfolk Taylor
spokesperson for initial presentation to administration; first constitution and bylaws committee
Carrie E. Snowden
sophomore founder
Harriet Josephine Terry
sophomore founder; elect president of Alpha Chapter; author of \”Hail Alpha Kappa Alpha\” (initiation hymn)
Alice P. Murray
sophomore founder
Norma Elizabeth Boyd
sophomore founder; incorporator (MAIN); (last surviving founder)
Joanna Berry Shields
sophomore founder; had six children (related to Norma Boyd)
Ethel Jones Mowbray
sophomore founder; member of first Directorate; president of alpha chapter 1910
Sarah Meriweather Nutter
sophomore founder
Nellie May Quander
President 1911-1912 and incorporator (MAIN)
Nellie Pratt Russell
Minnie Beatrice Smith
Julia E. Brooks

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