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The acronym NCOA is important to direct mail because
(National Change of Address) It is important because it can track when a person or company is moving and needs to keep receiving their mail
Three key elements for direct mail to be successful
mailing list, the offer, the creative package
The U.S. Postal Service acknowledges the Direct Marketing Association because of its direct correlation with
Mail Preference Service
When an address label reads “Occupant or Current Resident,” this kind of mailing list is called a
customized marketing mail
When an address has been taken from a company’s own database, that list is called a
house list
When you gather a group of names together to make a list mailing, taking names from all kinds of venues, this list is called a
mail response list
Which DM element has the purpose to “get it opened?”
outside envelope
Research shows that this kind of direct mail package “always” gets open
lumpy packages
Brochures that are very large, folded multiple times are called
broad sheet
A self-mailer is a direct mail promotion that
can travel without an envelope
Direct mail works best when you these things to lift response
personalization, involvement device, lumpy packages, BRM (Business Reply Mail)
When writing a direct mail package, the offer is generally written in
first person
Who pays for the postage with a “No Postage Necessary” imprint?
the business
An individual that maintains a company’s list for rental use is know as a
list broker
As with any strategic plan, the public relation’s plan should include
situation analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, timeline, and budget

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