Adolescence is a period of Storm and Stress Essay Example
Adolescence is a period of Storm and Stress Essay Example

Adolescence is a period of Storm and Stress Essay Example

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  • Published: August 14, 2017
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Adolescence is a period in development between the oncoming of pubescence and maturity. It normally begins between 11 and 13 old ages of age with the visual aspect of secondary sex features and spans the teenage old ages, ending at 18 to 20 old ages of age with the completion of the development of the grownup signifier. During this period, the person undergoes extended physical, psychological, emotional, and personality alterations. Mosby 's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.

Storm and emphasis in relation to striplings can be said to be the challenges faced and dealt with during this procedure of growing, these emphasis and storm can be related to the force per unit area and outlook from society, media and equals force per unit area, emphasis is non necessary caused by these procedure of growing but by the demand an


d duty that is normally attached to it.

These period of development in striplings have assorted impact and effects on what sort of emphasis they face and how it is being dealt with, these emphasis can either physical, rational, emotional or societal.

Why might adolescence be a nerve-racking clip for many adolescents?

Adolescent period is frequently believed to be a hard period and really critical phase of passage because of assorted qualitative displacement that they pass through at that minute of life and this conflicts with interrupting off from the old ego and involvement of the childhood memories and all these periods are accompanied by important alterations of assorted grades for case, all the features involved in pubescence such as catamenial rhythm in misss and hair growing in certain portion of the organic structure in male childs every bit

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good as deepening of the voice.

It is by and large believed that most if non all adolescent experience difference phases of storm and emphasis at this period of their life, ( Arnett 1999 ) says non all striplings are likely to see storm and emphasis, although of all phase of the life span, these old ages are the most volatile and besides show his position farther by stating that where striplings do see storm and emphasis, it is most likely to attest in the undermentioned ways

- Conflicts with parents: There is a high opportunity that adolescent tends to be rebellious due to their hunt of freedom and authorization

- Temper breaks: striplings pass through emotional rhythm at this phase compared to childhood phase and maturity.

- Dodgy behaviors: striplings are normally associated with certain chancy behaviors such as foolhardiness, norm breakage and assorted degree of antisocial behavior.

Stanley G. Hall ( 1904 ) , a psychologist and pedagogue farther backed up this by stating the myth that adolescence is a period of emphasis and storm has been embraced by a assortment of influential theoretician since his work in the early 1904, Stanley Hall, who was personally motivated by Darwin, who depicted human development as correspondent to evolutionary development and besides saw adolescence period as similar to eras of turbulency and storm. He besides regarded the instability, anguish and strength of adolescence as a necessary precursor to the constitution of grownup stableness. Halls thought is now portion of popular civilization therefore proposing that many parents expect that striplings will undergo a period of storm and emphasis.

Psychologist have come to recognize the fact that adolescence is a alone period in

the human development but harmonizing to ( Twiford and Carson 1980, p4 ) some grownup are progressively disturbed in their effort to understand behavior of striplings and besides suggest that experts have described striplings as inconsistent, unpredictable, fickle, emotional and self centred therefore making a general position and feeling that adolescence period portrays a period of emphasis and storm.

Apart from the factors mention above earlier, struggles with parents, temper break and behavior, there are different factors responsible for why adolescent experience assorted storms and emphasis during this phase and this is due to the rapid alterations and passages traveling on in the organic structure and in the environment around them. One factor responsible is the hunt of liberty which harmonizing to ( Erikson 1959 ) described it as a procedure of individualization and ( Freud 1958 ) besides analysed it as a developing sense of withdrawal from parent.

Most adolescent emphasis is besides related to deficiency of individuality which normally arises because they start to believe about who they are and what they want to go and this tend to set them under a force per unit area to detect their existent individuality and the chase of this leads to a sharpened sense of self-respect which makes them desire to derive their freedom and freedom of pick therefore making a spread between themselves and their parents because they see themselves as more of an person and person who can do determinations on their ain and this whole procedure of passage causes a whole batch of confusion between them and the parents which is one large topic parents nowadays find hard to get by with and tends

to see adolescent as Moody, ego centred, detached or being excessively concealed.

Besides this leads to peer force per unit area issues, the uninterrupted hunt for individuality leads to them flocking with people who are of the same mentality and this tends to set them under more force per unit area within equal group e.g. credence. Most adolescent privation to be associated within a group where they would experience welcomed and credence, failure to accomplish this tends to hold a negative influence on such single which in consequence leads to fighting for power with equal as a consequence taking to aggressiveness and violent behavior and as a consequence of this, harmonizing to ( Farrington and Hawkin 1991 ) , association with antisocial equal can be a conducive factor to the escalation of antisocial behaviors which in some instances leads to substance abuse, delinquency and school jobs

School besides plays an of import function during adolescent period, the environment and the nature of school besides has its impact on adolescent life. ( Huizinga and Jacob 1998 ) says that more than 80 per centum of stripling had been involved in one or more job at school such as hooky, suspension, hapless academic development and in utmost instances bead out wholly. All of these jobs might be excessively much to manage for some if non most of striplings and the relationship between them and school becomes affected. The sort of environment besides plays of import functions because if the school has a high rate of non conformity pupils, force and aggression, it tends to go around easy within such environment, besides disorganization within the school construction and deficiency of

implemented regulations and guidelines addition aggression in stripling.

Temper breaks

There is a connexion between adolescence and emotion in the positive and negative manner, Hall ( 1904 ) besides described adolescence as ''the age of rapid fluctuation of tempers '' . There is a high opportunity of fluctuation in tempers in adolescence due to the assorted mixes of emotion they pass through in the present phase and this can either be positive and negative, but the negative 1s are normally accompanied with temper swing.

Larson and Richard ( 1994 ) said striplings study ''a experiencing of ego consciousness and embarrassment '' which is reported to be on norm of 2-3 times more likely to be more what their parents face and this tends to do them experience lonely, edgy and in certain instances ignored. He besides suggested that striplings report greater temper breaks compared to pre-adolescent phase. Most of the temper addition and disruption apart from emotional fluctuation can besides be caused by the increasing degree of hormonal alteration in the organic structure caused by adolescent passage every bit good as some other concealed factors e.g. environmental factor such as altering school and holding relationship with opposite sex can besides be responsible for these temper break.

The rate at which all these temper break are experienced does vary from one person to another due to the different ground and factors responsible for this mainly alteration in school, relationship with opposite sex, hapless academic public presentation, issues with equal group and in some instances household issues such as matrimonial strife.

All these factors bought by emphasis can be excessively much to incorporate and take to assorted wellness related side consequence in

stripling because they are under these high duty to accomplish so much at a clip such as alterations in school, environment, acquiring high Markss in school/college, holding portion clip occupation, pull offing finance, equal force per unit area, societal life style e.g. doing new friends and household jobs. All of these can weigh down stripling and as a consequence do them more prone to illness due to the emphasis and emphasis put on the organic structure, doing them highly tired and ill which do them more jobs covering with twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours unrecorded and can do depression therefore motivating occasional visit to the GP seeking medical aid and due to more demands in accessing health care services, they have to wait longer in certain instances to be attended to and may non be to the full satisfied with the degree of intervention received and therefore doing them more susceptible to farther depression and if attention is non taken, it may ensue in being wholly depressed.

( Kevin Durkin pp 515 ) provinces that scrutiny of striplings may take to the decision that they do endure non from decline of ego esteem but from a woebegone batch of self indulgent volatility, out of all proportion to their existent topographic point in the strategy of things. He besides suggest that the rush of endocrines, the growing of secondary sexual characters, the stimulation of venereal rousing, force per unit area of educational and calling picks, enticement of drugs, the at hand test of maturity and the province the universe is in today.


Adolescence period is a really of import and exciting phase in life that are marred by

many phases of development and challenge, it is a clip when adolescent experiment so many thing that can either do or interrupt their life and hereafter, a period of exposure, it is a really unstable, inconsistent and emotional period, there are different emphasis and storms attached with adolescence but Holmbeck ( 1996 ) suggested that less than 10 % of household with striplings experience struggles while merely 15-30 % of most adolescent experience storm and emphasis.

Not all persons experience this procedure of storm and emphasis but it does go on and it merely affect most adolescent but non all as it is widely perceived and portrayed by the media, society and parents.

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