How technology has made our lives worse?

Technology has definitely improved our lives; however it has certainly made our lives harder. Technology has made our lives more convenient, for example people can now check their mail online. On the other hand technology has made our lives restricted to; like those days when you have nothing to do so you sit in front of the computer, yet there is a vast world to explore behind the front door.

Personally I think technology has not improved our lives as much as it has decreased our life quality; cause humans have become very dependent on technology, people have become sluggish in their lifestyles since they spend much time on their gadgets. The Internet has permitted individuals to bully others online. Cyber bullying affects kids and teenagers very severely; according to BBC news and online facts 16% of teens are cyber bullied and 8% of them commit suicide.

Almost every month a new cyber bullying story goes viral, in which the victim commits suicide. For the fact that cyber bullying can take place 2417 it becomes much more horrifying than regular good old bullying. Internet bullying is available for everyone to see which is more troublesome to handle than a few groups of foolish bullies. I have seen some cyber bullying on Faceable and such; for example I once got castes out of my own Faceable group by my classmate.

I myself have partaken in cyber bullying; my friends and I created a Faceable group where we would post corrections of our conversations with someone from my class, we would all make fake profiles to do this. My story proves that even the most unlikely people can be bullies online, mainly because your identity is usually anonymous. Aside from cyber bullying the Internet Is also a vast network for easy scams, such as credit card scams; Just about a month ago my cousin’s credit card Information was purloined by a “free antivirus program”.

Second to that strange elderly men lurk around the shady corners of the Internet world, and prey for naive little children. Mobile phones and tablets help kids to despicable actions; It helps teenagers cheat on exams, and builds up a spoiled child. I learned that teenagers use their phones to take photographs of notes and use these photos during test; I was assured hat this claim was true because my mate told me so. I find this Immoral because I have never done It; because my previous school did not allow phones on campus.

Sinews states that 1 students use their phones to cheat on test. Teenagers also use their phones to take and send Inappropriate pictures of them online or by text; according to FBI. Gob 22% of teen girls have sent nude or Seminole photos and 18% of teens have done the same, It also states that 1:6 teens receive these kinds of shots. One thing I noticed about smartness and tablets Is that children have been remitted to own such devices. A few months ago my nephew came over for my cousin’s wedding; I observed he had an android tablet at his disposal.

He overloaded the tablet with children’s games, this also applied when he barrowed my cousins Pad and crammed It with games without consent; he would also cry If someone ever took the Pad away from him declaring It was his, this made me desire to brain toss him In the air. Now that teenagers have Internet access on their smartness, rumors can minutes later a herd of random people entered the classroom saying someone wetted about a fire; the events occurred so spontaneously that my brain could actually be a loading sign on a weapon.

Nowadays there are many ways to travel, like cars, planes and motorcycles. There are too many cars these days; this creates a significant sum of pollution, which damages our planet. One very bad thing about cars is the amount of accidents; in our time the leading cause of teen deaths are car accidents. According to car- crashes. Com 5,000 teenagers die from car accidents every year and 400,000 get seriously injured, teens make up 12% of car crashes every year; Just reflect on it these encounters are the hope of the nation.

Many car crashes are caused by intoxicated drivers, who happen to be made up of mostly teens. Not only teens suffer from these crashes; years ago my mother got into a car crash when she was heavy with child with my younger brother, my brother was hurt, but the car was entirely wrecked which made me cheerless. Although less frequent plane crashes kill thousands of people every year. One time while on a plane flight I was watching Aircraft Investigation when sudden turbulence, that made me giggle out loud.

All these forms of transport have made us lazy; because we barely do physical activities, which will make us overweight or worse obese a very gigantic dilemma in the U. S. In conclusion technology has depleted the great standards of our living. If we continue to create all of this technology that people don’t know how to handle properly we would be heading for a bad future, we would not be doing anything on our own which could lead to irresponsibility.

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