Abondonment and Loneliness- Chinese Cinderella Essay Example
Abondonment and Loneliness- Chinese Cinderella Essay Example

Abondonment and Loneliness- Chinese Cinderella Essay Example

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  • Published: January 31, 2018
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Abandonment and loneliness - Chinese Cinderella- final copy."Into her lips, i injected my loneliness, isolation and feelings of being unwanted. To my heroine I gave everything of myself" page 210. This is when she is writing gone with the locusts, about the little African girl who was taken for her parents.

The passage later on "... I had her triumph over her adversaries through her own efforts" made me think about the end of the book how, Adeline herself overcame difficulties (being shipped of to the orphanage, having to deal with first her Nai Nai's death and then her YeYes) and triumphed over her adversaries (Niang and siblings).

Adeline was subject to many cruel happenings and witnessed a multitude of horrifying events, this made her who she is and nothing could change that.Stepmother, Niang, t


reats Adeline with extreme malice and cruelty. Niang has an affect on her that makes Adeline feel unwanted, unloved and worthless. Niang may have done this to assert herself as head of the family and to just simply make Adeline feel bad about herself. Others in Adeline's family treat her with the same hostility, especially when they are reminded of the fact that their mother died because of Adeline, naming her a bad luck charm.

There is also when father, Niang and Adeline are on the plane and father forgets what Adeline's true name and birthdate is (*1) and this made her feel utterly abandoned.The negative effects that occurred because of the abandonment and loneliness that others showed Adeline was the trust she betrothed on others and example of this was when her brothers peed in the glass disguising it as

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lemonade and giving it to Adeline. She trusted them and then they betrayed her trust forcing her not to trust them or others as easily as she might have. The way her parents and siblings treated her made her feel worthless and unwanted, this lead her to believe that she did not deserve the friends that she had made at school. When her friends followed.


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