A Stolen Life

essay B
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3. includes a moral lesson or something to learn “… Given the right tools, families can survive through the worst conditions. To me, this means that families must stay together and always support each other no matter hat happens, even something devastating like being held captive for your whole life. Loyalty toward your family is one of the most important things in the world because blood is thicker than water. Ill. Figurative language Metaphor. “My past and present were the two candles we started with… l’ve noticed my past melting more and more… ” (Dugard, p. 235) This shows that Jaycee is beginning to understand that her past is not what she is made of.

She sees that if you “melt” away your past, you learn to live in the present everyday and not focus on he horrible things that mightVe happened to you earlier in life. This gave me a clear understanding that you need to let go of whatever may be holding you back in your life and focus on the candle that is the present. Simile. “It felt like I had a ticking time bomb on my head Just waiting to go off. ” (Dugard, p. 253) This simile had a great way of showing how anxious Jaycee was after she was rescued. She felt very under the pressure of the media and public all the time, and she expressed this as a bomb ready to go off.

This figurative language made me feel this way too, and helped me nderstand what it might be like to have people constantly wanting something from you and if you make a wrong move, you could explode. Imagery. “My hand connects with something hard and sticky. ” (Dugard, p. 9) This provides an image of the pinecone that Jaycee touches right before she is kidnapped. The fact that she remembers when exactly she felt makes me see the significance in this object. She later talks about how a pinecone has a deep and special meaning to her because it was the last thing she touched as the child she was before she was harmed.

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