A Rose for Emily: Emily as a Tradition, a Duty and a Care Essay Example
A Rose for Emily: Emily as a Tradition, a Duty and a Care Essay Example

A Rose for Emily: Emily as a Tradition, a Duty and a Care Essay Example

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  • Published: September 2, 2017
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Emily Grierson is the rubric character in the short narrative “A Rose for Emily. ” The storyteller portrays Emily as a “tradition. a responsibility. and a attention. ” ( Faulkner. 79 ) but in her actions. it is obvious that Emily is a true foreigner. She shuts out the townsfolk. merely leting them to see certain facets of herself and leaves them to theorize the remainder. She lives with her male parent until his decease. Any opportunity at love for Emily was denied due to her male parent driving possible work forces off so that he could hold her all to himself. Having been sheltered and secluded by her male parent. she continues to take that sort of life style after his decease.

Miss Emily’s place tantrums in with her character. Both are dark and cryptic. Emily seldom lets


people into her life to see the existent her so she remains dark and cryptic. Her place is besides closed away to the townsfolk. She seldom allows people into her place. and those that do happen it superimposed with dust. The house is besides falling into decay which besides coincides with Emily’s aging and bloated and pale visual aspect.

It is clear that Mr. Grierson was highly commanding of Emily. He showed this in his effort to drive possible suers off. After his decease. Emily attempts to take control by denying that he has passed and declining to give up his organic structure. Before they can fall back to utilizing the jurisprudence to take his organic structure. Emily eventually gives in and releases the organic structure to them so that he can be buried decently. The townsfolk are

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non surprised by her actions. They felt it was something she needed to make because she had nil left. so she had to cleaving to the one thing she did hold. and that was her male parent.

Miss Emily follows her ain regulations. She does non stay by the jurisprudence like everyone else. A trade had been made that she didn’t owe any revenue enhancements. Colonel Sartoris told her it was because her male parent had loaned the town money and hence the revenue enhancements were remitted. When a new coevals took over and sent her a measure. she either ignored it or sent back the measure with a note. When they came to her place to speak to her about it. she still adamantly refused to pay the measure. stating them she owed none and to talk to Colonel Sartoris about it.

Even though the Colonel had been dead for 10 old ages and there was nil in the books to demo that the revenue enhancements were remitted. she refused to accept the new governments and has them shown out. She besides refuses to set Numberss on her letter box when federal mail is put into topographic point and in saying why she is purchasing the toxicant. No 1 of all time pushes her and forces her to follow the jurisprudence. it is as if they are afraid to oppugn her or merely disregard her eccentricity. They even refused to convey the multiple ailments of a bad odor to her attending and alternatively mouse into her pace at dark. interrupting unfastened the cellar door to scatter calcium hydroxide in at that place every bit good as

in all the outbuildings. No 1 wanted to “bother” Miss Emily.

Finally a adult male named Homer Barron comes to town. He begins to pass clip with Miss Emily. At first the townsfolk are happy that person has piqued her involvement. Many thought that they would finally get married. even though Homer provinces that he is non the marrying sort. Many feel that she will happen a manner to carry him to get married even though it seems as though he is interested in work forces. Finally. the townsfolk all believe that they will shortly be married because of points that Emily buys for Homer. Homer leaves at one point while Miss Emily has household sing. The townspeople see him return. but it is the last they see of him.

This is when Emily’s failure to follow the jurisprudence takes a bend. She was ne'er questioned on why she needed the arsenous anhydride. It of class gets about town that she has purchased it. and they all believe she will kill herself. Even though Homer is ne'er seen once more and even though her place is chiefly closed up until her decease. except for the few old ages she teaches china picture. no 1 of all time thinks that the arsenous anhydride is being used in a more baleful manner.

After Miss Emily’s decease. the townspeople come to pay their respects. The work forces do so more out of regard while the adult females are more interested in seeing her place after all these old ages. It is shortly discovered that Homer Barron’s dead organic structure is lying in a bed in one of the suites. Following to

his organic structure. on the pillow. it is clear that Miss Emily has spent clip puting at that place beside him. It is clear that Miss Emily couldn’t bear the idea of Homer abandoning her. so she poisoned him so that she would ever hold him with her. She clung to him merely as she had her male parent. but this clip she found a manner to do certain Homer would non be removed from her place.

No one of all time calls Miss Emily loony. even though she had a great aunt that had gone brainsick. All her actions are merely thought of as portion of her bizarre ways. No 1 thinks to oppugn her or what she does. It is clear that Emily is enduring from some kind of mental unwellness. She clearly shows she has forsaking issues after being sheltered by her male parent. She refuses to accept or uncover his decease until forced to make so. It is besides clear in her actions of poisoning Homer Barron. After her father’s decease. the storyteller states that “she was ill for a long clip after that. ”

It seems as if possibly she had some kind of mental dislocation after she is left entirely. If merely her male parent hadn’t sheltered her so much and refused to let her to happen love and seek friendly relationship. she would non hold acted in such despairing ways. If she could hold gotten aid to acquire over her frights or was able to speak to person about it. possibly Homer would non hold been poisoned. Although her actions and the result were tragic. in a manner you have

to experience bad for her because she was following the illustration that her male parent set for her. He urgently clung to her and in bend. she urgently clung to the work forces she cared for.

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