476 CH3

The skills approach takes a __________________ on leadership, like the trait approach.
E) Leader-centered perspective
Performance outcome is measured by*
A) Standard external criteria.
Developed the three-skill model of leadership.*
Developed a capability model that includes individual attributes, competencies, and leadership outcomes.*
D) Mumford et al.
Which of the following is not a competency?*
B) Cognitive ability
Bill is in charge of hiring a new manager for the first shift on the production line. According to Katz’s model, Bill should be looking for a person with*
B) Cognitive ability
Jim is a district manager of Wendy’s in west Michigan. When he hires people, the most important thing he looks for is whether people are good problem solvers.*
C) Jim is using the Mumford skills model.
Pat Smith is personnel director for a large bank. Her major goal is to find a person who can adapt his or her leadership to different types of people and situations. Pat is basing her selections on*
C) The skills approach
In the skills model, crystallized knowledge refers to*
B) Intellectual ability acquired over time
In the skills model, which of these is a general cognitive ability?*
B) Information processing
Which of the following presents a competency-based approach to leadership?*
B) Skills approach
The individual attributes factor in the skills model suggests
C) That the skills model is not just a competency-based model.
Which of the following attributes begins to decline in later adulthood?*
D) General cognitive ability
Which of the following is not an example of an internal environmental influence that can affect leadership outcomes?*
D) An economic recession
_______ are what leaders can accomplish, whereas __________ are what leaders are.*
C) Skills and traits
The abilities that help a leader to work effectively with subordinates, peers, and superiors to accomplish the organizational goal.*
C) Human skills
The environmental influences listed are all internal, with the exception of*
E) Flooding of the office
By including such a large number of components, such as two types of intelligence, the skills approach and its models are criticized for
C) The range of skills extending beyond the boundaries of leadership
All of the following environmental influences are external, except*
E) Inexperienced followers
According to Katz, the most important leadership skills for lower-levels of management are :*
D) Technical and human skills
Within an organization, the employees within the IT department are crucial for the success of the organization due to their*
D) Technical skills
You recently received a promotion to a higher-level of management within your organization. This is your third promotion with your department. What best represents this type of promotion and its outcomes?*
D) Career experiences
What best explains the comparison of the skills approach to sports such as golf and tennis?*
D) People can improve their skills through practice and instruction.
Skills approach helps us best identify our*
B) Strengths and weaknesses
The ideas and mental abilities people learn through experiences can best be described as*
A) Crystal cognitive ability
The skills approach is not descriptive.*
Technical skills grow in importance as one moves up the managerial hierarchy.*
Human skills are important at all levels of management.*
Mumford’s research studied military personnel rather than business and organizational leaders.*
The skills approach suggests that many individuals have the potential for leadership.*
Social judgment is an individual attribute in the skills model.*
Crystallized cognitive ability refers to one’s innate intellectual ability or intelligence.*
Career experience is a strong influence on a leader’s competencies.*
Environmental influences are factors in a situation that lie outside the leader’s competencies, characteristics, and experiences.*
The lack of high-speed Internet access in a company is an external environmental influence that can affect leadership outcomes.*
The skills approach is relatively new and has not been widely used in training and development.*
Skills approach provides a structure consistent with leadership education programs.*
Katz states that human skills are most important for middle and top management levels.*
Motivation and personality fall within the competencies component of Mumford’s skills model.*

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