3d visualization of mechanical components data for virtual prototyping

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The 3D visual image system provides mock-up to enable interior decorators to obtain a more realistic feeling. The visual image tool is an ASCII text file driven system to visually imitate the sculptural operation in 3D practical infinite. The end of the practical prototyping Environment is to diminish merchandise development clip and costs and besides to increase quality by supplying uninterrupted computing machine support for the development rhythm. Virtual world engineering is the interesting country in computing machine application research. This paper addresses some of the rules in making function of mechanical constituents informations for 3d visual image which serves in practical prototyping.


The mechanical constituents are designed utilizing patterning package like Cad/Cam, Catia, Pro/E, I-deas, and Solid Works etc. The mold package is designed to help a parallel technology attack to mechanical technology merchandise design, 3D mold, analysis and fabrication application. It is extensively used in the design of tools and machinery in the industry of constituents and besides chiefly used for elaborate technology of 3D theoretical accounts and 2D drawings of physical constituents. After planing the object in patterning package, the theoretical account can be exported into different ASCII file formats. The visual image system enables easy coevals of realistic 3D lifes utilizing supported informations file formats. In this paper specifically considered file format is VRML ( Virtual Reality Modeling Language ) . VRML is a scene description linguistic communication. Every mold package can export their informations files in VRML format therefore doing this visual image system independent of any mold package [ 5 ] .

Prototyping is doing a theoretical account, which can so be farther tested if necessary and can let one to look into measurings and other specifies before continuing with all-out production. Physical prototyping is a major constriction in rapid merchandise design. It slows down the merchandise development procedure. Besides, after a paradigm has been built and tested, a important sum of clip is spent in making instructions for executing assembly and service. By quickly imitating the public presentation of mechanical systems on the computing machine, functional practical prototyping enables to trouble-shoot jobs within bing designs and to significantly cut down the hazard associated with developing new designs. Since practical prototyping is an of import activity in merchandise development, the practical world in this path got batch of attending. Virtual prototyping is found to be an alternate for merchandise development troubles [ 1 ] .

Data Representation in VRML

VRML file is used to depict form of the 3D object in footings of triangulated information. It is a text file format where vertices and borders for 3D polygon can be specified with surface colour, stuff, visible radiation, texture, shininess etc. It is a standard linguistic communication for the life and 3d mold of geometric forms. VRML files are non compiled, but parsed by a VRML browser. VRML1.0 and VRML2.0 are the two major versions of VRML.

The objects in a VRML file are called nodes. The construction of VRML signifier by set uping the nodes hierarchically called as scene graph. VRML scene graph maintains following inside informations about the theoretical account, [ 2 ]

* Shapenodes describe existent geometry

* Property nodes modify geometry

* Grouping nodes cause groups of objects to be modified as one object

* Primitives are predefined basic forms i.e. regular hexahedron, sphere, cone and cylinder

* Material node specifies material belongingss like ambient, diffuse, mirrorlike, emissive, sheen, transparence

* Transform node consists of all the transmutation maps like interlingual rendition, rotary motion, scaling

* light node is used to stipulate light consequence

A sample VRML file is:

# VRML V2.0 utf8

# A Cylinder

Shape {

visual aspect Appearance {

material Material { }


geometry Cylinder {

tallness 3.0

radius 1.5



A simple file heading twine at the beginning of the file “ # VRML V2.0 ascii” helps VRML browser to acknowledge a file.

Virtual Prototyping

Virtual prototyping is a computer-based technology method that consists patterning a mechanical system, visualising its 3D position under real-world operating state of affairs, and polishing the design through iterative procedure former to constructing the first physical paradigm. Virtual prototyping is an attack that uses 3D mold and technology informations to visualise and analyse designs without doing physical paradigms. In the development rhythm practical prototyping allows applied scientists to visualise their full-system design thoughts on the computing machine, with realistic 3D theoretical accounts. It enables industries place design related jobs in get downing. With the aid of practical prototyping user can voyage and interact with designs in the early design processes [ 4 ] . A move to practical prototyping will assist makers answer inquiries on merchandises before get downing to construct them. It is one of the most convenient methods for reexamining the design as if looking at a physical merchandise. Virtual paradigms can imitate existent operations ; a computing machine simulation can foretell how a portion would move in existent universe conditions. If the portion fails, applied scientists can work out how to modify the design in CAD system in order to bring forth a following paradigm that shows better public presentation. Physical paradigm will be built at the terminal.

The fake practical fabrication environment generated by practical prototyping enables to develop and optimise production, assembly, machining, and other manual and mechanised fabrication processes eliminate the demand for physical merchandise paradigms. It is used to pattern the work flow, installation layout, throughput, line reconciliation, and merchandise cost. Therefore practical prototyping package reduces costs and development clip by carry oning design reappraisals with practical paradigms instead than physical [ 6 ] .

3D Visual image

Visual image is a tool for construing image informations fed into a computing machine and for bring forthing images from complex multidimensional datasets. Stereovision is a characteristic of visual image package which adds world to computing machine generated scene, where any three dimensional scene can be viewed utilizing two-channel glass to acquire 3D consequence. Visualization package produces digital mockups. Visualizing the fabrication procedure involves being able to see in the practical environment, the interaction with assorted resources. 3D visual image of the planned fabrication operations will supply easier handiness for the contrivers by diagrammatically conveying the physical constellation of the system in a really realistic but in practical format. 3D visual image is good by easing the proof and confirmation of complex simulation theoretical accounts. Visualizing a fabrication scenario is capable to supply dynamic interactions with resources [ 5 ] .


Rendering, is the procedure of making and exposing image on the screen. Sing the object the triangulated inside informations are present in VRML file. It represents theoretical accounts form, colour, and material etc in footings of points. It is hard to see the form of the object clearly when lone points are displayed. The points are so connected by lines to organize a mesh or wire frame. The wire frame clearly shows a group of polygons. It is of import to observe that polygons have merely one side. A polygon ‘s face is the side from which its normal points off from the polygon. To bring forth the visual aspect of solid objects the shadowing done to single polygons. Optionally, a texture can be applied to the object. Texturing makes it possible to rapidly make really complex object surfaces. OpenGL is used for rendering procedure. It is a package interface to artworks hardware [ 3 ] . It consists of assorted bids to stipulate the objects and operations needed to bring forth synergistic 3-dimensional applications. Initially forms are constructed from geometric primitives, thereby making mathematical descriptions of objects. Following set uping the objects in 3-dimensional infinite and choose the proper point for sing the composed scene takes topographic point. After this computation of colour, stuff, visible radiation and texture of the object is done. The concluding rendered image consists of pels drawn on the screen.


The Fig. 1 shows block diagram of the procedure carried out in the package. The VRML browser performs two basic maps: parsing and rendition. The.wrl file, which contains description about the object, is given as an input to the plan. Parser codification interprets scene graph description and shops in informations constructions. Once parsed, the.wrl file is so rendered by the browser, displays them diagrammatically for the user.

The processing stairss carried out for 3D visual image are,

* VRML file which is the result of patterning package provided as the input

* Parser is a MFC sample, which parses the inputted VRML file i.e. , reads scene graph inside informations of theoretical account and shops it in suited informations constructions

* Rendering, the procedure by which computing machine displays the theoretical account on the screen. OpenGL tool is used to construct the coveted theoretical account

* 3d visual image characteristic added so that theoretical account can be viewed in 3d by have oning suited oculus wear


For proving the capableness of the plan, dodec.wrl file has given as input for the package. Fig 2 to Fig 4 gives the snapshots.


Virtual paradigms are productive because it tests many fluctuations of a design, including geometry, stuffs, and conditions, therefore provides valuable feedback to the design squad. The of import thing is that the procedure of practical prototyping should work expeditiously. A important advantage of visual image is that it enables user to voyage easy in 3D infinite and hence place the user at any convenient place during the visual image procedure. The capableness of visualize the hereafter planned designs in 3D will ease greater understanding about the theoretical account among the interior decorators. It is much more cost effectual to do alterations on a practical paradigm as opposed to make overing a traditional paradigm.

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