3m System
Provides for efficient, uniform methods of conducting and recording preventive and corrective maintenance.

What is the Navy’s system for managing maintenance?

T or F: All navy ships use the 3m system.

TF Equipment of the Naval Air Traffic control use the 3m system.

TF Nuclear Propulsion Plants and Associated Equipment.

TF Commander Naval Reserve Force uses 3m system.

TF Fleet Ballistic Missile Systems use 3m system.

overall responsibiity for ensuring ship maintenance is accomplished using the 3-m system

Ship’s 3m system manager, responsible to the CO for overall management

3m System Coordinator
Functional manager of the 3m system, responsible to xo for coordination, and direct supervision of all administrative facets of the ship’s 3m system

Department Head
Responsible to the department head and manages the divisional 3m program

Department 3m Assistant
Coordinates and supervises department’s 3m program. Is usally an officer or po. Knowledgeable about 3m. works for dept head.

Group Center Supervisor
Responsible for 2 or more work centers within a division.

Workcenter Supervisor
Responsible for effective operation of 3m system within the workspace

work center
where should the 13 week report be located?

which column on the 13 week report identifies the equipment needing maintenance?

maintenance responsibility
which column on the 13 week report lists the person by name responsible for performing the maintenance assignment?

identifies the periodicity code?

which column on the 13 week report identifies the date the maintenance assignment was completed?

which column on the 13 week report is signed by the maintenance person after completing the maintenance assignment?

work center supervisor
who should be notified if the dates on the 13 week report are incorrect?

which symbol indicates a mandatory related maintenance action must be performed in conjunction with the current maintenance requirement?

document that provides detailed procedures for performing the maintenance requirements

document that contains a complete index of maintenance requirement cards assigned to a work center for the equipment that has pms support

document that lists all maintenance index pages assigned to a work center

change page
record sheet indicating changes to the loep

periodicity block
when to accomplish the maintenance check

maintenance requirement description block
what maintenance is to be done

procedure block
how to accomplish the maintenance requirement

tools, parts, and material block
resources needed to accomplish the maintenance check

which block on the mrc shows the skill level recommended to complete the maintenance requirement?

mrc number block
identifies the mrc listed on the mip

man hours block
average time to perform the m. requirement

related maintenance block
m. required to be accomplished concurrently.

date block
date the loep was produced

force revisions block
issued periodically to update the pms program

nomenclature block
brief description of system/equipment

change number block
lists the latest FR or ACN

date of change block
shows the date of the latest change

date entered block
shows the date the change was entered into the work center pms manual

signature of person entering change block
displays the signature of the person who entered the change into the pms manual

work center pms manual
what contains the planned m. requirements for the work center and the documents necessary to verify the m. requirements?

work center
where is the work center pms manual located?

mip number
what do you compare the syscom mrc number on the mrc to when verifying the mrc?

what do you compare the syscom mip control number on the mip when verifying mip?

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