z-Test #1 – Chemistry

Flashcard maker : Steven Ramirez
Describe Southern Blotting
1. Gel electrophoresis of DNA fragments
2. NaOH denature and blot into nitrocellulose filter
3.Incubate the nitrocellulose bound DNA with 32P labeled DNA or RNA of specific sequences complimentary to DNA
4. Wash unbound probe away
Hetero: aGlucose 1->2 bFructose
Hetero: bGalactose 1->4 bGlucose
Homo: bGlucose 1->4 bGlucose
Homo: bNAcetylGlucose 1->4 bNAcetylGlucose
Homo, Branched: aGlucose 1->4 aGlucose
Homo, Branched: aGlucose 1->4 aGlucose 1->6 aGlucose (Amylopectin)
Uronic Acids
sugar in which the terminal carbon’s hydroxyl function has been oxidized to a carboxylic acid
Aldaric Acid
Oxidation of both the terminal hydroxyl group and the aldehyde yields an aldaric acid
Palindromic DNA
For example, the sequence ACCTAGGT is palindromic because its complement is TGGATCCA, which is equal to the original sequence in reverse complement.
Hyaluronic Acid
Gluronic Acid 1->4 NAcetylglucosamine
O- or N-linked to compatible amino acid side chains in proteins or to lipid moieties (see glycans).
PCR Temps
Melting: 95
Annealing: 50-65
Polymerization: 72
“Indirect Readout”
A protein senses the base sequence of DNA through the DNA’s backbone conformation and flexibility
(binds 200bp) (80A/200bp)

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