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It could be interesting to observe non merely one event but a “celebration week” . I propose a competition of “best image of our history” and to make an exhibition with all the presented images. The competition could be settled in these footings: * Every member of the University can take portion in the competition with one exposure. the most important one of his/her clip at our establishment. * There will be a period of three months during the following twelvemonth to subject images. until two hebdomads before the “celebration week” .

* The exhibition will be established through the corridors. in order to make a gay ambiance. * There will be a jury ( formed by the two oldest instructors and two members of disposal ) to take the victor. * The award will dwell of the publication of the image in the local newspaper to mark the twentieth day of remembrance. On the shutting twenty-four hours. there will be a traditional ceremonial with a address from our schoolmaster followed by a video projection of the most relevant events of the establishment since its beginning.

Although it is non easy to be after the perfect event. I think the competition. exhibition and address. creates a gay ambiance and helps to affect all members of University in the event.

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