Honors Semester 1 Final Exam-People You Should Know

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Started Judaism+Monotheism
Egyptian Pharaoh who tried to change main God from Amon-Re to Aton
Alexander the Great
Macedonian military genius who lead army east to conquer more land east than anyone before him-started Helenism-mix of cultures
Nomadic people in India who moved into Europe; led by chiefs called rajahs; wrote the Vedas
Tycho Brahe
Provided Evidence supporting Heliocentric Universe; Danish scientist
John Cabot
Venetian navigator who found fishing grounds off Newfoundland and claimed them for England
Caesar Augustus
Ocatvian; builds stable Roman Government; began Roman Empire
John Calvin
Stated Calvinism; predestination; Frech but worked in Geneva Switzerland; theocracy-government by religious officials
Howard Carter
Found tomb of Kind Tut
Jaques Cartier
Discovered St. Laurence River; sailed the coast of Canada
Catherine the Great
Embraced Western Ideas; Russian Monarch
\”Charles the Great\”; fought Muslims; Holy Roman Emperor; created Christian Europe
Charles I
Signed the Petition of Right, Ignored Parliament; made many enemies; made enemies; executed; started civil
Charles II
very popular King of England; reestablishes the Church of England; tolerates Protestants
Christopher Columbus
Born in Genoa; Discovered the Americas while sailing for Spain
Developed Confucianism and philosophy-a way of thinking
Nicolas Copernicus
Published \”On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres\”; created idea of heliocentricity
Hernan Cortes
Spanish Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs
Vasco Da Gama
Portugese navigator that led ships around Cape of Good Faith; Got to Indian port of Calicut
Arthur Evans
discovered Knossos/Thera on Crete and Minoan Civilization
Frederick the Great
Fredrick II; Made prussia a major world power; great military leader
Assembled first telescope; tried by the Inquisition; proved Heliocentricity
Genghis Khan
Mongol Emperor; \”Universal Ruler\”; united tribes to create Mongol Empire
King of the Babylonian empire; creator of the Code of Hammurabi, one of the world’s oldest codes of law.
founder of legalism and believed that harsh punishments were the only way to control people
Henry VIII
Created Church of England; executed Wives;
Henry Hudson
English Navigator; tried to find the northwest passage; Hudson Bay
James II
Catholic; appointed Catholics to High Office; Parliament Overthrew him to prevent change to Roman Catholic Church; fled to France but caught
Christianity; claimed he was Messiah; told about in Gospels; crucified
Julis Caesar
Dictator of Rome; made reforms to better Rome; murdered by Senators
Johannes Kepler
Used Brahe’s work to calculate orbits of plates around the sun; discovered that plants move in ellipses
John Knox
Calvinist preacher; led rebellion overthrowing Catholic Queen in Scottland
Created Doaism; wrote the Doa De Jing; believed in living in Harmony with Nature
Louis XIV
became monarch of France at 5; built Palace of Versailles; appointed officials to oversee overseas trading and colonies; gained control over North Amerca; Believed God had chosen him to be Monarch
Martin Luther
Started Protestant Refromation; Wrote 95 thesis; Lutherism
First man to circumnavigate the entire earth; renamed the Pacific Ocean
Mansa Musa
Greatest ruler of Mali in Africa; Peace + Order; took Hajj to Mecca
Marie Theresa
Daughter of Charles VI in Austria; fought War of Austrian Succession
Renews God’s covenant with Abraham for Israelites; 10 Commandments; spent 40 years in desert
Born in Mecca; Created Islam
Guru Nanek
Created Sikhism; Combined Islam and Hindu Beliefs
Started Roman Catholic Church; Apostle of Jesus
Peter the Great
Put Russia on path to becoming a world power; westernized Russia; expanded Russia
Philip II
Expanded Spanish Influence; strengthened Catholic Church; as absolute Ruler of Spain
Francisco Pizarro
Slaughtered Incans; took over Incan Empire
Heinrich Schliemann
German Businessman who excavated Troy using Homers the Odyssey
Siddhartha Gautama
Started Buddhism; Born in India
Persian Thinker; United Persia; Rejected Persian Gods

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