World History Ch. 1

What was the renaissance a rebirth of?
Art and learning
The study of classical texts caused humanists to focus on what subject?
Human potential and achievements
For what is the Medici family famous?
For being rulers and supporters of the arts
What were Desiderius Erasmus, Thomas Moore, and Francois Rabelais?
Christian humanists
What was the first full sized book Gutenberg printed?
The Bible
In what way did Leonardo da Vinci represent the Renaissance man?
He was a painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist.
What kind of person represented the ideal of the “Renaissance man”?
Someone who excelled in many areas of study
How did Italy’s location help it become the birthplace of the renaissance?
Italy had access to roman ruins and ancient manuscripts from Constantinople
What was an important effect of the invention of the printing press?
It increased literacy and the use of the vernacular
Why was block printing press more useful in Europe than in China?
European languages had a smaller number of characters than Chinese.