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OS Hardening SEC340 – Chapter 9 ; 10

question At what layer of the OSI model do proxy servers generally operate? Select one: a. Application b. Transport c. Network d. Session answer a. Application question The Cisco PIX line of products is best described as which of the following? Select one: a. PC with firewall installed b. software firewall c. firewall appliance d. […]

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Combo with "SCM Chapter 6" and 2 others

question Supply chain information technologies can provide timely, cost efficient sharing of information between suppliers, manufacturers, intermediaries, logistics services providers, and customers answer TRUE question “It has been said that information is the lifeline of business, driving effective decisions and action. Quality of information is less and less important, given advances in technology.” answer FALSE […]

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AP US Midterm Review Chapter 25 (Great Depression ; New Deal)

question How did American farmers try to make up for lower prices offered for farm goods? answer Increased production question What did African Americans in the North discover about their jobs? answer If industry cut production, they were fired first. question What were Mexican born workers subject to? answer deportation by immigration officials question Why […]

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Week 11 : Managing Care

question Identify different qualities, skills, styles of leaders. answer Qualities: Charismatic, Dynamic, Enthusiastic, Poised, Confident, Self-directed, Flexible, Knowledgeable, Politically aware Skill: Commitment to excellence, Problem-solving skills including a clear vision and strategic focus that allow movement forward toward a creative solution (see the accompanying Nursing Advocacy in Action display), Commitment to and passion for one’s […]

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Unit 1 Chapter 1 Flashcards

question The four factors of production are natural resources, capital, human resources, and entrepreneurship. answer True question Diversity, the aging population, rising worker expectations, ethics, and social responsibility are all challenges for human resource managers in recruiting, training, and managing employees. answer True question A _____ is any activity that provides goods and services in […]

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The Organizational Buying Process

question Organizational Buying Behavior answer a process, not an isolated event; tracing the history of a procurement decision uncovers CRITICAL decision points and EVOLVING information requirements; involves several stages, each of which yields a decision question Purchasing process begins when answer someone in the organization recognizes a problem that can be solved or an opportunity […]

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Tech Chapter 7

question The Windows 7 editions are: answer 1. Windows 7 Starter has the most limited features and is intended to be used on net books or in developing nations. It comes only in the 32-bit version. question 2. Windows 7 Home Basic has limited features and is available only in underdeveloped countries. answer 3. Windows […]

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question What is the nature of challenge of public relations? answer multifaceted question What is NOT a representative term of the definitions of public relations? answer manipulative question What is NOT a component of public relations? answer hospitality question Which is NOT a component of basic PR practice? answer networking question What is the major […]

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Server 2012 Installing and Configuring Servers

question Exam Tip answer Some exam questions are in multiple-choice format, where answers are either right or wrong. If in the exam there are two answers that are right, you’ve likely missed a clue in the question. question What bit versions of Server 2012 are there? answer Only 64-bit now. question What versions of Server […]

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Reading Chapter 1 WIS2040

question Brown-tree Snake predation answer Dr. Julie Savidge concluded that ______________ was the cause of declines of forest bird populations on Guam. question snow-mobiling answer Recently, the National Park Service banned _____________ in Denali National Park. question Massachusetts answer The National Audubon Society of today is an offshoot of the _____________ state Audubon society. question […]

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Project Management CH 8 MC
04 Sep 2020 Database

question _____ means the project’s processes and products meet written specifications. a. Conformance to requirements b. Fitness for use c. Project feasibility d. Benchmarking answer A question _____ means that a product can be used as it was intended. a. Conformance to requirements b. Fitness for use c. Critical chain scheduling d. Free slack answer […]

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POL 100 CHP 8

question Which of the following is a main theoretical assumption of pluralism? answer Competition among interests will produce balance with all interests regulating each other. question A criticism of interest group pluralism is answer its class bias in favor of those with greater financial resources. question The Teamsters and the American Federation of Labor and […]

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oracle sections 4,5
31 Aug 2020 Database

question A subtype can have a relationship not shared by the supertype. True or False? answer True question Which of the following is the best scenario for using supertype/subtype entities: answer A vehicle dealership that sells boats on trailers, cars, and trucks. question All instances of a subtype must be an instance of the supertype. […]

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Network Info. Security Ch.2

question Which form of access control enforces security based on user identities and allows individual users to define access controls over owned resources? answer DAC (Discretionary Access Control) question Which type of access control focuses on assigning privileges based on security clearance and data sensitivity? answer MAC (Mandatory Access Control) question You have implemented an […]

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question One of the ways that attitudes about a product change over time is through ________________ or experiences with the product after it has been purchased. Select one: a. Conceptual learning b. Observation c. Experiential learning d. Word of mouth e. College learning answer c. Experiential learning question Which of the following is NOT a […]

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MIS Chapter 5: Electronic Commerce: Strategies for the New Economy

question The Internet answer Adults spend 29% of their time there Advertisers spend only 8% of $$ there question The Newspaper answer Adults spend only 8% of their time there Advertisers spend 20% of $$ there question Electronic commerce (e-commerce) answer commerce, but it is commerce accelerated and enhanced by IT – Build powerful relationships […]

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22 Aug 2020 Database

question “Which of the following is an example of data? words newspaper newspaper report bank statement answer words question ” “The quality of an information system is often decided by weighing several factors, including: correctness availability robustness all of these answer all of these question ” “Information technology is the know-how, methods, tools and material […]

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MGT 304

question The goal-setting theory has most value in countries where ________. answer subordinates are reasonably independent question Which of the following is true about Herzberg’s two-factor theory? answer Herzberg’s theory has influenced how we currently design jobs question In the job characteristics model, task significance refers to the degree to which a job ________. answer […]

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MGMT 371

question Market entry strategy where a company in one country makes certain resources available to companies in other countries. answer Licensing question Organization that receives more than 25% of its total sales revenues from op. outside home country answer Multinational Corporation question Extent to which trade and investments, into ideas and political cooperation flow answer […]

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Marketing Unit 1 Exam

question The American Marketing Association’s definition of marketing: a. is limited to promotional activities b. focuses on the value of empowerment, teamwork, and customer value c. shows how marketing benefits the marketer d. relies on the synergy created by exchange e. includes creating, communication, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners […]

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Managing Ch 1-5
13 Aug 2020 Database

question A group of employees who assume collective responsibility for organizing, controlling, and supervising theri own work activities is known as a: answer self-managed team question The ability to analyze and diagnose a situation and to distinguish between cause and effect is a: answer conceptual skill question Robert is the product manager at Digital Digs, […]

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Management 3000 Chapter 5

question Planning answer setting goals and deciding how to achieve them question Planning and Strategic Management answer 1. Establish the organizations mission and vision 2. Formulate the grand strategy 3. Formulate the strategic plans, then the tactical and operational plans 4. Implement the strategic plans 5. Control the strategy question Defenders answer are expert at […]

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