Words, for exam

Psychology is?
Organized study of behavior and the mental processes that occur with it.
Phineas Gage suffered an injury, what was the importance of his injury to Psychology?
The interest in the brain that his injuries caused.
If you see school supplies in a store and get excited, what kind of learning is this?
Operant Learning
Zygote is to Conception as ___________ is to birth
Agents in our environment that cause arousal in one’s body is?
Which type of Conflict is this? Going to the dentist to get a cavity drilled that is causing you trouble or endure the terrible pain that it is causing and not being able to eat or drink anything?
Strucalisism is to ___________ as psycholantic is to _______________?
Structure of the brain that enables us to speak is the?
Broca’s Area and the Motor Association Cortex
Herbie was in a serious motorcycle accident and as a result he is having trouble walking and playing the piano. The part of the brain that he probably injured would be the?
Skinner is to_____________ as Watson is to_______________
Operant Conditioning
Classical Conditioning
The approach in psychology that looks for genetic and organic reasons to explain behavior is?
The scanning device that can record the electrical activity of the brain and denote stages of sleep is the?
The chemicals that bridge the synaptic gap are referred to as
Basic unit of Nervous system
Alcohol is referred to as a what? It can harm a prenatal child physically and mentally
Mary Covert-Jones turned around Watson’s work with baby Albert and helped a child get over his fears of rabbits. Her technique for helping Peter is called
Alzheimer’s disease is a serious disease that accounts for many elderly people losing their ability to function independently in society. Research has found that one of the predominant areas of the brain affected by Alzheimer’s is
the cortex, the problem solving, memory, and recognition area of the brain.
The terms nature/nurture apply to many areas in psychology. Take development, intelligence, personality and mental illness and explain the nature and the nurture side to each area. What is the best solution to each area?
Development can be in both nature and nurture because you develop according to what you are around and how you are treated. Intelligence is for nature. Personality from nature and nurture depending on what you are introduced to, to what you acquire. Mental illness would be nature. You can’t get it from nurture. That you can each one of these from a side of nature or nurture.
The first laboratory that was established to study behavior was set up by
Wundt, Wilhelm Max (1832-1920), German psychologist.
The sequence of the how something gets into memory is
The ability to expand short term memory by linking ideas and concepts together is called
Ida’s mom took her to a psychologist because she is not eating. The psychologist set up a program of rewards for her to improve her eating habits and punishments for her neglectful eating habits. The type of psychologist that she is seeing would be a
According to Sigmund Freud, the two unconscious sources of energy that supply fuel to the formation of personality are the
Eros (life) Thanatos (death) id, ego, superego, and some sexual things.
Dorthea Day was an activist in the United States that advocated for
Catholic and served the USA for over 50 years
Inability to feel pleasure, lack of motivation and a decrease in personal hygiene are ___________symptoms of schizophrenia that are referred to as
ROY G. BIV is an example of a memory help called
What a person comes to expect from a stimulus is called
The reason that you will see a red white and blue flag, after staring at a yellow, green and black flag is explain by the _______________________ theory of color
You are looking at the family album and see a picture of your sixth birthday party and you experience a bunch of memories about that party and the people that attended. You are experience which kind of memory?
An irrational fear of spiders that brings about panic attacks when the word is even mentioned is called a
social phobia
Herbie is a work alcoholic: sleeps little, works much and multitasks whenever possible. According to stress research, Herbie would be classified as a personality?
an A-type personality.
Herbie did poorly on his psychology test. He explained his poor grade as the teacher giving poor tests on things that are not important. Herbie is using mechanism of
defense mechanism
Minnie is in fourth grade and she is not very popular. She has a hard time with math and reading and is not very talented on the playground. According to Erikson, Minnie may fall into the danger of
Industry vs. inferiority.
The part of the brain that distinguishes the human qualities that we have over animals is the
prefrontal cortex
The most successful reinforcement schedule to use after an animal has learned a trick has been shown is the
You are playing with your baby sister and you hide her favorite toy under a pillow and she crawls to the pillow and tries to get it. By doing this, according to Piaget, she has acquired
Harry Harlow worked with baby monkeys and monkey mothers, baby monkeys and surrogate mothers. His research found that the most important thing to give a newborn for psychological health and well-being is:
secure attachment
Which of the following would not be a teratogen?
Palmer Reflex
Your dog has learned to “dance” at your command for “dance” and then getting a treat. If your dog stops getting a treat for “dancing”, what will happen?
The process of changing physical stimulus to neural stimulus is called?
Biochemical Signal Transduction

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