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Finally we have some ideas of how the new Office for Mac will look, and we’ll include any leaked Word, Excel, Powering and Outlook images in this article. So sit back and relax we’ve got Office 2014 covered. 27 March 2014: Microsoft’s new CEO Stay Mandela has held a press conference at which we were hopeful that he would unveil details of Microsoft Office for Mac 2014, however, Microsoft revealed the new pad versions of the Office APS but revealed nothing about the new Office APS for Mac. We had hoped that on Thursday 27 March Microsoft would unveil more Information about the upcoming version of Office for Mac 2014.

As yet no Information has been forthcoming, however, this Microsoft press conference in San Francisco coincides tit roll – the Macdonald trades held in San Francisco and the company may still be holding briefings at that event as they have in the past. However, Microsoft will not be exhibiting at the show – at least the company doesn’t appear on the exhibitor list as they have in years gone by. This next version of Office for Mac is likely to be called Office for Mac 2014. (The latest Windows version was Office 201 3) and Microsoft has confirmed that it will release a new version of Office for Mac this year.

The company’s German managing directory, Thornton Hoboken made the announcement at the Cable trades In Hanover, Germany. H;beechen told Macdonald sister title Computerize that development teams are working on new Mac versions of each of the Office applications. He indicated that news will come in the second quarter of 2014. Microsoft closed its Office for Mac blob on 10 March raising concerns about the future of the product on the Mac platform. The company announced on 10 March that the Office for Mac blob is moving, and suggested that Interested readers should visit the Office Blobs, which are more generic.

When will Microsoft Office for Mac 2014 be released? A Microsoft roadman leaked earlier this year suggested that a new version of Office e can expect to hear news of the next version of Office for Mac in the second quarter of the year could tie in with an April announcement, although not necessarily availability. That same roadman suggested that Office for ISO would arrive in October 2014, and as we know, Office for phone launched in June 2013. As you can see from the list below, as a rule new versions happen about every three years, and usually the Mac version of Office comes out some time after the PC version.

The extra time – often as much as a year – gives Microsoft’s Mac development team time to produce a Mac version of the software suite, rather than Just port the Windows version. 1995 – Office 95 for Windows 1997 – Office 97 for Windows 1998 – Office 98 for Mac 2000 – Office 2000 for Windows Late 2000 – Office 2001 for Mac – Office X- the first Mac SO X edition 2001 – Office XP for Windows 2002 – Office 2003 for Windows 2003 2004 – Office 2004 for Mac – Office 2007 for Windows 2007 2008 – Office 2008 for Mac – Office 2010 for Windows 2010 – Office 2011 for Mac 2011 – Office 2013 for Windows 2013 2014 – Office 2014 for Mac???

If the rumored launch date of April 2014 is correct, that there will be a longer wait than in recent times. It has already been more than a year since Office 2013 for Windows launched in January 2013. By comparison, Office 2010 for Windows launched in June 2010 while Office for Mac 2011 launched Just 4 months later in October 2010. The preview at the end of March – should that be the purpose of the Journalist briefing – should give more information about the availability timeline.

In the past Microsoft has given press pre-launch demonstrations of the Office suite at the Macdonald Expo in San Francisco. This event is scheduled for 27-29 March 2014, so it is possible that Office 2014 for Mac could actually launch, or be previewed, at this Macdonald/roll event. When will Office on the pad launch? Microsoft launched Office for phone back in June 2013, while the APS themselves them. Microsoft has confirmed that Office for pad is in the pipeline.

Apparently Microsoft is implementing a ‘touch first’ interface in its programs especially for tablet operation. While Microsoft waits for the right moment to launch, Apple now offers its rework for free with new pads. There are also rumors that the Microsoft press briefing will include details of this launch. Will I be able to buy Word for Mac on the Mac App Store? Will I be able to buy Word for Mac on the Mac App Store? It seems unlikely as we ant see Microsoft giving up 30% of the sale price to Apple. The same goes for Powering and Excel for Mac.

Indeed, Microsoft doesn’t currently sell the applications individually, so it looks more likely that they would continue to sell the complete suite. Equally though, Microsoft could change its business model and sell the APS separately, taking a leaf out of Apple’s book. Apple used to sell the rework suite as one collection, now the company offers each app individually. While Microsoft has waited to launch the new suite of Office APS for Mac, Apple has updated its rework APS. Read our reviews to see what Apple has to offer.

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