Windshield Survey Essay Example
Windshield Survey Essay Example

Windshield Survey Essay Example

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  • Published: August 8, 2017
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Physical Environment
Sunnyside is a community in the southern portion of Houston. There are important sum of risky waste in Sunnyside with eight Toxic Release Inventory ( TRI ) coverage installations. three Large Quantity Generators ( LQG ) of risky waste. two major dischargers. of air pollutants. and a installation which treats. shops or disposes of risky waste.

? Boundaries

Sunnyside boundaries are on the North is 610 south cringle. it is bounded on the West by State HWY 288 and is south of Downtown Houston. Harmonizing to M. E. the community is known with this slogan “Sunnyside Pride. ”

? Housing and Zoning

Most of the lodging is old and it looks “rundown” . They are made of wood. which in most instances is really old and need Reconstruction. There are few renovated places that look good and beautiful. There are flat edifice which are late build and luxury flat. most of the places are individual household places. although there are some multifamily places. The zone is Harris county and is in cardinal economy clip zone.

? Common Meeting Topographic points

The occupants particularly young persons hang out in the fast nutrient eating house. and saloon unit of ammunition 4:30pm and besides Large figure of people youth. immature grownup and grownup bent out in the community food market shop.

? Indexs of Growth or Worsen

Is this a “thriving” community or does it look “run down? ” Is at that place new or on-going building? Are edifices. roadways. and public countries clean and kept up. Make you see soil. rubbish. or graffiti? Sunnyside is an old vicinity established in 1912. although it


has some “run down “ places there are new building and new edifice and development. There is an index of growing in this hapless vicinity. Roadwaies and public countries are clean and good maintain.

? Employment Opportunities
There are Health centre like Sunnyside clinic physique by metropolis of Houston. Schools. both private. public and charter school. Parks and recreational centre. Americanred cross. Public Library. Police and fire station. Fast nutrient Restaurants strives in these country. Auto zone shop. pharmaceutics shops. Although you have these things there are a batch of people rolling about. so employment chance is below American norm.

? Transportation system
There is a public coach path to these community. Harmonizing to personal communicating given to me by M. E “Public transit is available through Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County ( METRO ) in the signifier of coachs. light rail. and lift new waves. METRO schedules alteration with the service provided and the location. but most are available from five am to midnight on weekdays and run a small spot later on the weekends” . In add-on. Houston has the largest figure of motorcycle commuters in Texas with over 160 stat mis of dedicated bikeways.


? Race and Ethnicity

What is the bulk racial group represented? What is the bulk cultural group represented? Describe the distribution of gender. approximative ages. individual households. multiple households. generational households? Sunnyside is predominately inkinesss. followed by Hispanic. so other races. African American 84 % and some are 6th coevals. Hispanic. 5. 6 % . White 6 % . Asiatic or Pacific Islander

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% . Assorted Races 1 % .

? Cultural Characteristics

The linguistic communication largely spoken is English. but “Ghetto linguistic communication and Spanish linguistic communication. They eat soul nutrient and Mexican nutrient.

? Lifestyle HealthyBehaviors

There are rubbishs can for refuse disposal. people drive there autos with place belts. I did non detect a biker with helmet or anybody exerting in the street.

? Lifestyle Risk Behaviors

While driving around the community at that place kids playing the street unattended and some adult females walking in the street is really obesed. Harmonizing personal communicating by J. J” We can’t exercising in the forenoons or walk the streets and no more. ” Harmonizing to KHOU “ Sunnyside rated one of states most unsafe neighborhood” Last twelvemonth a adult male was shut in Subway eating house by robbers demanding money while he was taking dinner.

? PovertyIndications

Harmonizing to the 2010 US Census information. “ About 60 % Sunnyside occupants are either unemployed or non in the work force. About 40 % of the occupants live below the poorness line and 64 % had incomes less than twice that of Houston’s poorness degree. Of those populating below the poorness line. 44 % were kids under the age of 18 and 14 % were grownups 65 and older”

Servicess in the Community

Servicess to the community are societal services. Schools. station office. fire station. constabulary station and concerns.

? Social Services

There are five Parkss Sunnyside Park as follows:
Blue ridge Park. Scott crest Park. Grimes Park. Sunflower Park. There is a freshly build YMCA. Sunnyside Multi-Service Center which have Houstoncommunity college to offer GED. YMCA senior plan. WIC. Kids Village that “Provides services to households of kids 0-16 old ages of age for nexus to societal services instance adult male agent” Harris county juvenile Probation “Provides probation services for kids over the ages of 10 ( 10 ) and under the age of 17 ( 17 ) ” other services offered. Cradles Parenting Classes. Community Health Choice Medicaid Chip. Houston Food Bank Senior Distribution Commodity Program. Client Link & A ; Referral Services. Sunnyside Health Clinic. NCI Fitness Program Seniors ( ages 60+ ) Community organisation and bureaus. Sunnyside Gardens Bayou Estates Minister’s Support Group Precinct 7 1st Thursday of the month Southeast Precinct Judges. 3rd Tuesday of the month.

? Health Servicess

There is a wellness centre called Sunnyside Health clinic in the community but no herb doctor shop or palm reader.

? Fire and Police Services

There is Houston Fire Department. which is within Fire District 46 andHouston Police Department which under Southeast Patrol Division.

? Educational Resources

Sunnyside is under Houston Independent school territory ( HISD ) . from pre K to high school. it has public library. called W. L. D. Johnson Neighborhood Library. private school. carter school like KIPP.

? Religions

Christian religion is the major faith in Sunnyside. the church are largely Baptist church and there is Houston nutrient bank in the civic centre.

Business & A ; Industry

Business in Sunnyside is largely grocery shops. gas Stationss. Pharmacy. car zone. fast nutrient eating houses. station office. little concern. household operated concerns.


I observed a batch of posting of people seeking to be elected into the office. largely democrats. There

are they have voting centre. where you see all those seeking election both Democrat and republican.


The people speak English and they listen to loud hip dad music and fox channel for the amusement and local channel.

Cardinal Informants

Interview a fireman or constabulary office.

Besides interview a librarian. school instructor. teacher or decision maker. Ask each individual interviewed to portion their perceptual experiences of
the followers:
? Community’s Health issues
? Community’s Safety issues
? Strengths of the Community

Analysis of Windshield Survey

Analyze and sum up your observations and the input from cardinal sources. Write a 2 paragraph sum-up of community wellness and safety issues for this community and strengthens of the community. My vicinity is a new vicinity with no wellness issue. I decided to drive to cheery side ; I drove about Sunnyside for two yearss. I met a constabulary officer at metro by MLK and 610 cringle ; I introduce myself and asked him if it ok to interview him. I will name him J. J. He stated he grew up in this vicinity and how hard it is to exert in the forenoon unless you will transport your guns about. He stated that violent offense is high in the country due to high rate of unemployment and drugs and school bead out. The wellness decision maker that I spoke with and will turn to as M. E was more concern on the high rate of STD in the vicinity and provinces they are higher than Houston norm and there are a batch of Teen gestation and school dropout and drug usage and offense rate is high.


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