Windshield Survey Essay Example
Windshield Survey Essay Example

Windshield Survey Essay Example

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  • Published: August 8, 2017
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The Elements of Sunnyside, which consist of Elements, Forms, and Physical Environment, are located in the southern part of Houston. This area is recognized for its significant presence of hazardous waste and is home to eight Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting facilities, three Large Quantity Generators (LQG) of hazardous waste, two major air pollutant dischargers, and a facility specializing in hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal. The boundaries of Sunnyside encompass 610 south loop to the north and State HWY 288 to the west while being situated south of Downtown Houston. Often referred to as "Sunnyside Pride," this community primarily consists of older homes made mostly from wood that require renovation. However, there are also well-maintained renovated homes that exhibit a luxurious appearance. Additionally, Sunnyside is a neighborhood within Harris County that combines newly constructed apartment buildin


gs with single-family dwellings and some multifamily options. It falls under the central economy time zone. Popular meeting spots among young people around 4:30 pm include fast food restaurants and bars. The community grocery store attracts individuals across all age groups - youth, young adults, and adults alike. The overall appearance of the community serves as an indicator of its growth or decline; whether it appears vibrant and prosperous or dilapidated. Ongoing construction projects also contribute to determining the state of Sunnyside.
Established in 1912, Sunnyside is a neighborhood that has experienced growth despite certain areas being in poor condition. However, the roads and public areas are well-maintained and clean. In terms of employment opportunities, Sunnyside falls below the American norm due to a high number of unemployed individuals. Nevertheless, residents still have access to various amenities such as the

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Sunnyside Clinic, schools (private, public, and charter), parks, recreational centers, American Red Cross facilities, a public library as well as police and fire stations. Within the neighborhood there are also fast food restaurants like Auto Zone shop along with multiple pharmacies.

Transportation options in Sunnyside are provided by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO), which offers buses, light rail services, and lift vans. METRO schedules may vary but typically operate from 5 am to midnight on weekdays and have slightly later hours on weekends. Additionally, Houston boasts over 160 miles of dedicated bikeways resulting in a large number of motorcycle commuters in Texas.

When examining the demographics of Sunnyside it is important to note that African Americans make up approximately 84% of the population followed by Hispanic residents. The neighborhood has a mix of older deteriorating areas as well as newer developments. The unemployment rates tend to be higher than average; however residents still have access to various amenities including transportation servicesThe racial composition of Sunnyside is diverse, with African Americans making up the majority, followed by Hispanics. Other races constitute smaller percentages. Some African American residents can trace their heritage back six generations, while Hispanics make up 5.6% of the population. White residents account for 6%, and Asian or Pacific Islander residents represent 1%. There is also a small percentage of residents from various other races.

In terms of cultural characteristics, English is the primary language spoken in Sunnyside; however, "ghetto language" and Spanish are also spoken within the community. Residents enjoy both soul food and Mexican cuisine as part of their culinary preferences.

Concerning lifestyle and healthy behaviors, individuals in the community dispose of refuse

in garbage cans and drive their cars with seat belts. However, it was observed that bikers do not wear helmets and there is a lack of people exercising in the streets. Conversely, certain risky behaviors prevalent in the community include unsupervised children playing on the streets and obese women walking around. According to J.J.'s personal communication, it is no longer recommended to exercise or walk on the streets.

According to data from the 2010 US Census, signs of poverty can be seen in Sunnyside as approximately 60% of residents are either unemployed or not part of the workforce. Around 40% live below the poverty line and 64% have incomes less than twice Houston's poverty level.In Sunnyside, a community with various social services, 44% of residents living below the poverty line are children under 18 years old, while 14% are adults aged 65 and older. These services include schools, station offices, fire stations, police stations, businesses, and five local parks: Sunnyside Park, Blue Ridge Park, Scott Crest Park, Grimes Park,and Sunflower Park. Recently added to these services is the YMCA's Sunnyside Multi-Service Center which houses Houston Community College offering GED programs as well as a senior program. In addition to these services, there are other resources available in the community such as WIC (Women Infants Children), Kids Village for families with children aged 0-16 years old, and Harris County Juvenile Probation for children ages 10 to 17 years old. Parenting classes and Medicaid Chip program through Community Health Choice are also offered. The NCI Fitness Program benefits seniors aged 60 and above while client link and referral services are provided to all residents in need. Various organizations

support the community including Sunnyside Gardens Bayou Estates Minister's Support Group along with regular meetings of Precinct 7 on the first Thursday of each month and Southeast Precinct Judges on the third Tuesday of each month. While there is a health clinic called Sunnyside Health Clinic available in the community for medical needs, herbal doctor shops or palm readers are not presentIn Sunnyside, fire protection is provided by the Houston Fire Department in Fire District 46 jurisdiction, and law enforcement is provided by the Houston Police Department's Southeast Patrol Division. Sunnyside, which falls within the Houston Independent School District (HISD), offers education from pre-K to high school. The area also has the W. L. D. Johnson Neighborhood Library and private schools like KIPP Carter School. Christianity is the predominant religion in Sunnyside, with Baptist churches being the most prevalent. Additionally, there is a Houston Nutrient Bank located in the civic center.

The main businesses in Sunnyside include grocery shops, gas stations, pharmacies, car dealerships, fast food restaurants, and small family-operated enterprises. The community has an active political environment where individuals campaign for various elected offices primarily as Democrats. Voting centers provide opportunities for both Democrat and Republican candidates to interact with voters.

English is the primary language spoken in Sunnyside while loud hip-hop music and channels such as Fox are popular sources of entertainment and local news. To gather information about health issues, safety concerns, and community strengths in Sunnyside interviews are conducted with firefighters, police officers librarians,school teachers,and administrators in the area - all of whom can provide valuable insights into the community's dynamics.After conducting a windshield survey and gathering information from key sources, it is

crucial to analyze and summarize observations in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of Sunnyside. During my personal visit to the nearby area known as Sunnyside, I encountered J.J., a police officer at the Metro by MLK and 610 loop. After introducing myself, I asked J.J. if he would be willing to participate in an interview. He mentioned that he grew up in this area and expressed how difficult it can be to exercise in the morning without carrying a gun. In contrast, I live in a new neighborhood without any wellness issues.

J.J. attributed the high levels of violent crime in the area to factors such as high unemployment rates, drug use, and school dropout rates. Furthermore, M.E., a health administrator, expressed concern about the elevated rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Sunnyside which exceeded Houston's average rate. Additionally, M.E. mentioned the prevalence of teenage pregnancies, school dropouts, drug use, and high levels of crime within the community (J.J., 2014; M.E., 2014).

The information was retrieved from various sources including and as well as demographics data obtained from

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