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Watching a Cricket Match
Watching a Cricket Match

Watching a Cricket Match

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  • Published: August 2, 2017
  • Type: Case Study
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One twenty-four hours I watched a one twenty-four hours cricket lucifer played between the Dave Higher Secondary School’s senior male childs squad and our school squad. There was a big figure of audience. It was quiet sunny. It was half an hr for the lucifer to get down but the bases and the galleries were about full. The lucifer was started at 9. 00 a. m. The Dave squad won the flip and elected to bat foremost. Their batters were sent as their gap batters. The Dave squad started with exposing their full clasp over batting and contact accomplishment and within first half- an-hour scored 55 tallies. Then. the Dave squad participants followed one after another so they were all out for a sum of 140 tallies by 11. 30 hour.

The lucifer was resumed aft


er half hr interruption with our school squad best scorers traveling as opening batters. The following 45 proceedingss witnessed an exciting show of hitting 6s and 4s by both batters. with team’s mark making 105 tallies before lunch-break at 1. 00 p. m. The lucifers took a sudden bend when it was resumed after lunch-break. and in the following 25 proceedingss both openers were out. adding 15 tallies. With 9 participants in manus and merely 21 tallies to do in approximately 3 hours clip. the triumph was certain. The Dave squad besides tightened up their fielding to confront the challenge. The following 2 hours’ drama was full of exhilaration and show of batting and fielding accomplishments. but our school squad managed to hit 141 tallies and we won.

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