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Football is one O the most of import and popular games in the universe. In every bit much as it is a popular game, there is still debate and uncertainness on the physiological demands. This is because accent is on the accomplishments of the association football participants, as opposed to their physical fittingness. Due to this uncertainness and argument on the physiological demands of association football participants, the appraisal of physical and fitness profiles of professional football participants is now common ( Murray, 2011 ) . The information provided and collected through proving makes it possible to supervise and measure the physical public presentation of football participants. This helps in making preparation plans that are efficient and dependable in bettering the public presentation of association football participants ( Subic, Ujihashi and Fuss, 2008 ) . The assorted trials done on association football participants must reflect the fittingness demands for these participants, which includes velocity, flexibleness, aerophilic endurance and velocity endurance. This paper provides the physiological profile of a association football participant, and it focuses on the profile of a striker.

Physiological Needs of Soccer participants:

A good organic structure form, weight, organic structure composing and tallness is a physiological demands that professional football participants normally need. Football participants normally vary in tallness and weight, more so when cultural backgrounds are considered. For illustration, research proves that Asiatic participants are ever little in size, when they are compared to European or African participants. In association football, mid-fielders are ever smaller in size, while cardinal guardians are ever taller in size. In footings of weight, research denotes that professional football participants usually have an mean weight of 77.7kg, while their organic structure form is ever muscular ( Burke and Deakin, 2010 ) .

The organic structure composing of these participants is really of import, because excessively much fat will impact their ability to travel fast, and leap about. This is due to excessively much weight in their organic structure. On this footing, football players must ever take attention on what they eat, and the nutritionary composing of their diets. Football participants ever need to hold strong musculus strength ( Gamble, 2012 ) . Due to the muscular organic structure form of association football participants, they need to hold strength on the upper parts of their organic structures.

In every bit much as this should be the instance, research denotes that most of these participants lack this type of strength. This is partially because most of their preparation plans do non hold commissariats on working on their upper parts of the organic structure. Most of these plans concentrate on the lower parts of the football players organic structure ( Madden, 2010 ) . Need for an anaerobiotic power is an of import demand for football participants. This ever involves their ability to leap. Ability to leap is a really of import physiological demand because participants ever have to win aerial balls, against their oppositions. This is impossible if they are unable to efficaciously leap.

Aerobic fittingness is besides another of import physiological demand, and it chiefly relies on parts from the blood, bosom, lungs and active organic structure musculuss of the participants. Research indicates that football participants usually have a higher lung map capableness, with low resting bosom spot rates. In the field of football, midfielders, outfield participants usually have a great and big aerophilic power, while cardinal guardians have low aerophilic power ( Maughan, 2007 ) . These people must besides be nimble and flexible. Research indicates that most association football participants are non flexible, more so in the adductor and hamstring musculus groups.

This is because most of their preparation plans do non hold commissariats for doing participants flexible in their activities. These participants usually have musculus instabilities which ever occur between the right and the left legs ( McArdle, Katch and Katch, 2010 ) . This can take to a great hazard of the happening of an hurt. In general, football participants are ever strong, faster, bigger and fitter than participants of other games. However, the playing place must be taken into history when transporting out a measuring on the public presentation of the football participants under consideration. For illustration, the physiological demands of a guardian are different from that of a midfielder, and that of a striker. The following are the physiological demands of a striker.

Physiological Needs of a Striker:

The mean tallness of a football striker should be at least 6’3, who are dynamically strong. The ground as to why strikers need to hold such an mean tallness is because their duty is to assail, and this besides involves an aerial onslaught. On this footing, to win balls in the air, strikers need to be tall persons. They must besides be strong, and this will assist them to wade off or keep guardians. Strikers must besides hold a really high velocity, and really agile. As an assailing participant, a striker must run really fast with the ball.

This is for intents of crushing up guardians, and hiting ends for his or her squad. Speed is an indispensable demand for most strikers, and research indicates that, strikers who are successful in their callings usually depict inclinations of really high velocities. They must besides be really nimble, and this will assist them to turn really fast, and have an easiness of motion ( Longe, 2012 ) . A striker might be attacked by two or three guardians, on this footing, ability to turn rapidly while possessing the ball will assist a striker to go through through the line of defence, hiting ends for their squad. However, legerity is a accomplishment that most strikers do non posses. This is because there are a few preparation plans that train strikers to be nimble ( Rich and Pratte, 2010 ) . On this note, most strikers depend on their natural legerity, which could be improved through extra preparation. A striker must besides be aerobically fit, and this is because he runs a batch.

His lungs and bosom must hence be in a perfect place to enable him transport out the assorted tallies in the field. In footings of weight, strikers must non be excessively fat, and their mean weight should stand at about 76kgs. Bing excessively heavy will intend that they do non hold the capableness of running faster, and this will do it hard for them to crush off guardians. This people must besides be masculine, as this will better their motion, and velocity. In fact, research denotes that most strikers usually have the figures of athletic sprinters.

Appropriate Physiological Tests for Strikers:

In mensurating the organic structure fat of a striker, it is appropriate to testers to utilize the skinfold trial. It is of import to denote that an extra organic structure fat of a striker will impact their ability to travel around the field in a free mode. This trial will therefore aid to place whether a striker has an extra organic structure fat, and therefore the demand of originating steps to cut down the fats under consideration. Skinfold trial involves the usage of tape steps, and skinfold caliper to gauge the fats contained in the strikers organic structure ( McArdle, 2012 ) . In mensurating the organic structure fats of a striker, the testers can any skinfold site, which includes the triceps, the thigh, the bicep, the subscap, abdominal, and the calf. The tester will squeeze the tegument in these sites, in order to come up with a dual bed, and an underlying adipose tissue.

The testers will so take the calliper and use it I cm below the bed of the tegument, and at a right angle of the pinch. The testers will thenceforth take the readings of the organic structure fat after a few seconds, reiterating the exercising two to three times. This is for intents of acquiring the median of the value, which will reflect the sum of organic structure fat in a striker ( White, 2010 ) . However, there are ever many mistakes involved in this trial ; as a consequence testers normally do non change over the organic structure fat of a participant in footings of the per centum.

On this footing, testers normally use the amount of assorted skinfold sites to compare and supervise the organic structure fat steps of an jock. On this note, it is recommended that this trial must happen on all the skinfold sites of the participant. A participant who has taken a skin fold trial is Christiano Ronaldo, a striker in Real Madrid. From the trials, Ronaldo had a skin crease of 29mm, and weighed 185.188 lbs ( McArdle, 2012 ) . This made the striker to hold a organic structure fat per centum of 5.58 % . This represented a organic structure fat weight of 4.68 kgs. This consequence is good for the striker, because it will heighten his velocity, and ability to leap ( McArdle, 2012 ) .

Another trial is the perpendicular leap trial aimed at mensurating strength and power. This trial is necessary for intents of monitoring and finding the strength of a participant. It is besides used to place whether the assorted preparation plans aimed at increasing the strength of a participant are effectual ( Wixted, 2007 ) . To execute this trial, an tester needs a chalk, for intents of taging the wall, and a tape step to mensurate the tallness of the leap. In this trial, the football striker will stand on the side of a wall, with his pess level on the land, raising his custodies.

The point of the jocks finger tip is so recording equipment, and it is usually called the range tallness. The jocks will so travel off from the wall, and leap in a perpendicular mode, every bit high as possible. This is while utilizing both his legs and weaponries ( Kenney and Wilmore, 2012 ) . The distance between the leap tallness and the range tallness is so recording equipment, and put as the mark. For consistence intents, three trials are ever conducted to accomplish the necessary consequences.

This method is advantageous because it is simple to utilize, and an tester gets the consequences in a speedy mode. However, this method is disadvantageous because there is a demand for maximal concentration for the tester to clip the leap for intents of entering it. Christiano Ronaldo besides took the Vertical Test Jump. The full tallness of Christiano Ronaldo is 6.1fts, and during the trials, Christiano was able to leap an mean tallness of 8.9fts. The differences in this leap was 2.8fts. This was an impressive leap that gives the striker an aerial advantage over guardians ( Shergold, 2013 ) .

The 3rd trial is the legerity trial referred to as the 505 trial ( Dolles, 2011, p. 25 ) . This will mensurate the ability of a football striker to rapidly alter his way while possessing the ball. Under this trial, testers put markers within a distance of 5, and 15 metres from a peculiar line that is marked on the land.

The football participant will so run from the marker which is 15meters, through to the 5 metre marker ( Rosenbloom, 2012 ) . The football participant will so turn on the line, and run through the marker which is 5meters. The testers will so enter the clip taken to cover the distances under consideration. Examiners will enter the best two trails, and the turning ability of each leg will thenceforth be tested.

This method is advantageous because it is a simple, and really accurate nimble trial. However, it is disadvantageous because it takes a batch of clip proving big group of football strikers. Christiano Ronaldo besides took legerity trials, and during these trials, Christiano was able to earn an mean mark of 3.61 seconds. This is an impressive mark that denotes the legerity and velocity of the striker ( Gamble, 2012 ) . These properties of the striker are ever denoted in the playing field, whereby the velocity of Christiano is one of his stronger assets.


In decision, association football is a really of import game in the current century. It has the largest merriment base, as compared to other featuring activities. It is besides a multi-million athleticss, that attracts immense sponsorship trades, and good wage for the participants under consideration. On this footing, participants usually want to execute good while in the field. This will better their opportunities of gaining good money, and fillips for their engagement. However, for a participant to be good, it is necessary that they possess the above mentioned qualities, that is legerity, strength, good organic structure weight and build, aerobically fit, etc. A football striker who manages to exhibit the above mentioned features will pull off to accomplish success in their Fieldss of drama.


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