Vocation of a Business Leader – Reflection

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A Reflection Paper: Vocation of a Business Leader
Many people doing business became obsessed with just earning money and forgot the ultimate purpose of it. They did not take into account the society as a whole, and just kept on achieving wealth just for themselves.

They forgot that the true meaning of it is to consider the common good for the society, not only improving its financial situation but also its spiritual well-being. As Henry Ford said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”. Those people that earns much money just to keep it for themselves are financially rich but are considered spiritually poor, for they did not establish spiritual connection with the society and God using those accumulated wealth. The “Vocation of a Business Leader” teach all businessmen the values and discipline, and strengthens their spiritual understanding in order for them to achieve a true purpose in their life, which is to help themselves and the society improve. Business and faith must always go hand-in-hand with each other. With every problems encountered, we should think ethically.

We should always take into consideration of our actions will contribute the general welfare of our society. We should think first before acting if the course of action that we will take will be good or bad, regardless of it being beneficial or not.

We live in a society that is technologically improved compared to years ago, so we tend to be clingy to our material needs. Our decisions, whether business or general, are always affected by them for our own selfish reasons. A true business leader with genuine Christian values should not act that way.

They should respect and promote the dignity and welfare of the society, which includes their families, peers, and everyone living in it. Resources should be used wisely in order to produce the needed goods and services that will meet human needs like basic necessities, helping those in great need, creating profit…

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