US History 1 Chapter 3 Test Review

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held that a country’s ultimate goal was self-sufficiency and that all countries were in a competition to acquire the most gold and silver. wealth=power
England’s legislative, law-making body.
Navigation Acts
restricted colonial trade and products shipped to the colonies. It placed duties on certain imports, and products must be shipped on English ships and to English ports before being shipped to any other country.
Dominion of New England
the territory between and including Maine and New Jersey.
Sir Edmund Andros
cruel leader of the Dominion of New England.
Glorious Revolution
bloodless revolution that worked with parliament to create a declaration of Rights (aka the English Bill of Rights)
William and Mary
husband and wife that took over the throne after King James II fled.
Salutary Neglect
a new colonial policy that was settled into when England loosened its colonial grip and only lightly enforced the law
Power of the Purse
ability to influence the governor using their salary.
Cash Crop
a croup grown primarily for sale rather than for the farmer’s own use
people who were considered the property of others
middle passage
the harrowing middle leg of the triangular trade route which brought slaves to the Americas
Triangular Trade Route
the trade route from America, Europe, and Africa, trading slaves, sugar, tobacco, cotton, textiles, rum, and manufactured goods.
Stono Rebellion
29 slaves gathered at the Stono River southwest of Charles Towne and killed several planter families and marched to the south inviting other slaves to flee to Spanish-held Florida.
the movement in the 1700s that involved the ideas about nature and people in gov’t.
John Locke
came up with the idea that people have natural rights including life, liberty, and property.
Jonathan Edwards
key figure in Great Awakening who wrote a fire and brimstone speech called Sinners Among an Angry God.
Great Awakening
religious movement that stressed dependence on God and gained appeal among farmers, workers, and enslaved people.
3 Types of Industries that Developed in the North
ship building, fishing, lumbering
Salem Witch Trials
mass hysteria, fear of witch craft, execution of innocent people
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
fire and brimstone speech by Jonathan Edwards
New France
France’s colony in North America
George Washinton
commander at Ft. Necessity, starts French and Indian War
French and Indian War
war for control against Britain and France
William Pitt
general who reinvigorated british in the French and indian war
Ottawa leader that led a revolt against the British and realized the French’s loss was their loss
Treaty of Paris 1763
agreements ending French and Indian War
Proclamation of 1763
British issued proclamation restricting settlement beyond the Appalachian mountains
George Grenville
financial expert of King George III who was hired to be prime minister, and recommended the sugar acts
Sugar Act
put taxes on molasses

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