UPS frontline supervisor training

How much money did Jim Casey start the company with
How many calendar days is a needed to do discipline
10 days
What does FSTS stand for
Frontline supervisor training school
What are the two types of feedback
Appreciative and constructive
How long do you have to give an option week or vacation week in advance
Three weeks
How long does a three hour employee need a break
10 minutes
How many aircraft does UPS own
When is founders day celebrated
August 28
What are the two most strongest motivators
Recognition and achievement
What does the C.A.R.E acronym stand for when it comes to package claims
Claims awareness is the responsibility for everyone
Who is the current air district manager
Joe Boyle
What does CHSP stand for
Comprehensive health and safety process
What does E a P stand for
Employee assistance program
What are the two ways people are motivated
Internally and externally
When are verbal warnings given
On the fifth occurrence
How long does it take for an occurrence to go away after a written warning
Nine months
What punishment is after someone has a verbal but they call in
2 written warnings: 1 for no call and 1 for attendance
What city was the company founded
Seattle Washington
What is the helpline number
247 help
What is the current UPS Slogan
United problem solvers
What are the three components of trust
Competence credibility and caring
What are the three views for 5×3 approach
Employee supervisor company
What does DECR stand for
Daily equipment condition report
What does OCRT stand for
Operations contingency response team
What does BRG stand for
Business resource group
What does GOC stand for
Global operations center
What does DART stand for
Days away restricted or transfer
What does LTi stand for
Lost time injury
What does T AW stand for
Temporary alternate work
Who is the current air district operations manager
Jason foote
What year was the company founded
Who is the current UPS CEO
David Abney
When was the UPS airline created
What does RCC stand for
Ramp communications center
What was the company called in 1907
American messenger company
How long should a PCM last
Three minutes
What are the four records that are least severe to most
Non-recordable, OSHA recordable, DART, LTI
What does OPC stand for
Operations planing control
What is considered on the job injury
Worker’s Compensation
Five being habits
Sleep stress management hydration and nutrition fitness
Can you break up an option week
You should manage ______and lead_____
Things and people
What are the five aircraft fleet types
747 757 767 airbus MD-11
What are the four parts to the two minute drill
Safety service cost personal
What does WWFF stand for
WorldPort freight facility
What does CMC stand for
Capacity management center
What does NOMW stand for
Not on my watch
Name the four founding fathers
Jim Casey George Casey Everett McGabe and Charlie SoderStrom
What are the six safe work methods
Job set up lifting and lowering power equipment push pool slips and falls plan for the unexpected
What are the seven steps of training
Trainer prepares trainer explains trainer demonstrates trainee explains trainee demonstrates trainer reviews and follow up

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