Unlocking the Mystery of Life Essay

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Unlocking The Mystery Of Life By. In 1831 Charles Darwin 22 years old sailed for the British empire, he visited the Galapagos islands once there he was intrigued how certain animals on the island evolved. Darwin later published a theory of natural selection called “The origin of species” supporting his theory he included how the finches beck and body size differed for one location to another causing a certain finch to survive which Darwin claims to be the direct result of natural selection in the Galapagos. lthough Darwin theory’s have made many strides in discovering the mystery of life a group of scientist feel that his theory has barley scratched the surface. In 1996 Micheal Behe published a book called Darwin’s black box Behe argues that Darwin’s theories of natural selection can not explain the complex bacterial flagellum motor and many other proteins that show intelligent design. Darwin’s Theory of “functional advantage” requires a complete and immediate working component.

Behe introduced a theory called “irreducible complexity” meaning multi-component machine need all of its parts to function properly. for natural selection to work you would need a complete working flagellum first. the scientist continue to talk about the sequential arrangement of 20 different amino acids to create complex proteins chains the group of scientists continue to explain how proteins are built from DNA and RNA, and how a complicated system could not exist by chance. xpecially because DNA can’t exist without protein to make it, RNA can’t exist without DNA to program it, proteins can’t exist without RNA and helpful pre-existant proteins to form irreducible complexity. I really enjoyed the documentary because it showed little bias towards religion and science the scientist obviously didn’t agree with Darwin but they brought every aspect of Darwin’s theory’s to the table and explained how it would be plausible and why it might be false. they also presented the information in a way that made it easy for the audience to understand

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