U.S. History Chapter 11

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Sherman’s Neckties
destroyed rail-tires by heating the rails and twisting them into snarls of steel
54th Massachusetts
one of the first African American regiments officially organized in the North
William T. Sherman
he was ordered to attack Confederate positions on the north end of the ridge
George Meade
replaced Hooker so he could intercept Lee in the North; commander of the Union
Ambrose Burnside
replaced McClellan and took control of the Union army
Henry Wirz
the commandant at Andersonville; the only person executed for war crimes during the Civil War
Clara Barton
this woman decided to leave her job in a patent office to nurse soldiers on the battlefield
Elizabeth Blackwell
the first female physician in the United States
George B. McClellan
led the Union army in the east; fought in the Second Battle of Bull Run and The Battle of Antietam, and the Seven Days’ Battle
Anaconda Plan
a plan to divide the Confederacy and make them run out of resources and surrender
David G. Farragut
this man took command of a Union force composed of 42 warships and 15,000 soldiers led by General Benjamin Butler in order to sieze New Orleans and gain control of the lower Mississippi River
Blockade Runner
ship that runs through a blockade, usually to smuggle goods through a protected area
sum of money given as a bonus
Stonewall Jackson
effective commander in the Confederate Army; he was given a nickname at the First Battle of Bull Run
the act of wearing down by constant harassment or attack
Trent Affair
2 Confederates were arrested after boarding a ship which almost caused war between the British and the Union
requiring people to enter the military service
the name that the Peace Democrats were called by Republicans
a piece of U.S. paper money first issued by the North during the Civil War
Robert E. Lee
one of the best Senior Officers in the U.S. Army; sided with the Confederates
a hard biscuit made out of wheat flour
US Sanitary Commission
an organization that provided medical assistance and supplies to army camps and hospitals
Habeas Corpus
A legal order for an inquiry to determine whether a person has been lawfully imprisoned
searching and raiding for food
John Wilkes Booth
a Southern actor who shot Lincoln
to loot or plunder

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