Twenty20 and Cricket Match

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Many sport games are interesting and joyful but i like cricket the most. Cricket is as same to the players as songs to the singers and music to the musician. Cricket match is always played between two teams. it has three forms till now.

One Day Cricket match , Test or five day cricket match and T20 Cricket match. One day cricket match consists of 100 overs , Test Cricket consists of 450 overs at the maximum and twenty twenty cricket has 40 overs in a match. I know cricket and love it because of Shahid afridi.He is the oxygen of modern day cricket. Cricket game has produced many legends like Sachin Tendulkar , Imran khan , wasim akram , Ricky ponting , Shane warne and many more.

Some are famous for batting while some for bowling. jhonty Rhodes , a former South African player was the best fielder of cricket. I would say cricket is the best sports game of the world. It is really popular through out the world. Without Cricket , the life of ours would be very sad and sorrowful. it is the best entertainment.

Now changes in cricket are being made day by day.More use of technology will help cricket and the cricket will shine. (ESSAY) HOW I SPEND MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS In these summer holidays I had lot of fun. My holidays were started on 7th of May.

At very first, I joined skating classes at Gulab Bagh for two-months. I also joined summer camp at Max Pro education. At MaxPro I learned so many things like drawing, painting, to make toys and hut, clay modeling and many memory games. My cousins came from Ahmadabad to stay with us for few days. We enjoyed a lot together.We also used to dance, do cycling and play teacher-teacher.

Then I went to my nani’s house for few days. Nani taught me some bhajans, shloks and stitching. My cousin Palash lives in Gurgaon, I went with my nani to my mausi’s house for a week. I did lot of masti with him. I did swimming, visited Ambiance Mall; it is India’s largest Mall. There was one play area I had gone there.

These summers I had lot of Ice-creams, chocolate shakes and one Ice-candy. This is how I spent my summer holidays. Now I am waiting for my next summer holidays. –

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