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a preference for a tightly knit social framework in which individuals look after one another and organizations protect their members
find out
the use of influence to motivate employees to achieve the organization’s goals
parts of an organization’s internal environment
current employees, management, and especially corporate culture
business has become…
a unified, global field as trade barriers fall, communication becomes faster and cheaper, and consumer tastes converge
Corporate culture plays a key role in…
creating an organizational climate that enables learning and innovative responses to threats from the external environment, challenging new opportunities, or organizational crises.
Social responsibility is
management’s obligation to make choices and take actions that will contribute to the welfare and interests of society as well as the organization
Utilitarian ethic
the basis for the recent trend among companies to police employees personal habits such as alcohol and tobacco use on the job
McDonalds, Burger Kind, and Checkers are all ______ since they all three sell fast food to individuals
In today’s turbulent and hyper-competitive global environment,
managers must help their companies innovate more than ever
A stakeholder is
any group within or outside the organization that has a stake in the organization’s performance
Ethnocentrism refers to
a natural tendency of people to regard their own culture as superior and to downgrade or dismiss other cultural values
because of cheap labor, most international business firms are headquartered in the less developed countries of Asia and South America
Most ethical dilemmas in business involve a conflict between stakeholders and shareholders
In the new workplace, the valued worker in one who…
learns quickly, shares knowledge, and is comfortable with risk, change, and ambiguity
Over the last four years, the weakened U.S. economy
has had a devastating impact on small business
Becoming a successful manager means
thinking in terms of building teams and networks, becoming a motivator and organizer within a highly interdependent system of people and work.
Human beings have fundamental rights and liberties that cannot be taken away by another individual’s decision. This ethical decision making approach is known as the
moral-rights approach
Jessica was recently praised by her supervisor for displaying superior customer service during an encounter with a problem customer. This is an example of organizational:
______ is a part of an organization’s internal environment.
Its salespeople
Ally’s applesauce is in the process of hiring sixty new workers/ The personnel department has a large pool of unskilled labor to draw from due to the high unemployment rate in the local area. Which dimension of the external environment is involved here?
Labor Market
When the USS Indianapolis sank after being torpedoed, one Navy pilot disobeyed orders and risked his life to save men who were being picked off by land sharks. The Nay pilot was operating from the ____ level of moral development.
If Bradley Hak is responsible for maintaining information links both inside and outside organizations by using mail, phone calls, and conducting meetings as daily activities, he would be considered a
Culture can be defined as
the set of key values, beliefs, understandings, and norms shared by members of an organization
An organization’s decision to produce a new product is in the
domain of free choice
____ is considered the “father of scientific management”
Frederick W. Taylor
Symbols, stories, and heroes are important because they
communicate the significant values of an organization
____ means that managers are honest and trustworthy, fair in their dealings with employees and customers, and behave ethically in both their personal and professional lives.
Ethical leadership
Countries that use several languages
have linguistic pluralism
_____ is economic development that generates wealth and meets the needs of their current generation while focusing on future generations
The Maquiladora industry along the Texas-Mexico border on the Mexico side uses cheap labor for assembling products. This lowers the price for U.S. consumers and is an example of
As a first step into international business, which two countries are most companies going to today?
China and India
Sharon is a manager at Softest Tissue Corporation. She is faced with an interesting problem. One of her employees has been cheating the company out of expense money. Sharon must decide whether or not to fire this employee. In this role, Sharon is acting as
a moral agent
A country that places emphasis on fairness and values kindness would be described by the Globe Project as high in _____.
Humane orientation
The process of globalization typically passes through all of the following stages except
inter-domestic stage
The great majority of managers operate at the
conventional level
A cultural attitude marked by the tendency to regard one’s own culture as superior to others is called
Which of these refers to procedural justice?
The concept that rules should be clearly stated and consistently and impartially enforced.
Of the following, which may whistle-blowers suffer?
(all of the above) Job loss, Ostracism by coworkers, Hostile work environment, and transfer to lower-level position
Critical management missteps include:
(all of the these) failure to adapt, inability to build a team, poor communication skills, and reactionary behavior.
Since not-for-profit organizations do not have a conventional ____, managers may struggle with the question of what constitutes results and effectiveness.
bottom line
The relationship between social responsibility and financial performance has been shown to be ____.
Research indicates that the one factor that increases a company’s value the most is:
People and how they are treated
Animal-One is a campaign organization that drums up public awareness about the use of animals in cosmetic testing. The group condemns traditional cosmetic companies while promoting smaller, all-natural companies that do not test on animals. Animal-One can best be described as a(n):
Pressure group
A company’s risk of loss of assets, earning power, or managerial control due to politically based events or action by host government is referred to as
political risk
When senior managers at GAP, Inc. decided to become the number one service-quality clothing company in the world, the were engaging in the management function of
If you built a computer company in Africa and then found that your product was having difficulty being distributed to customers because of the road system, your problem would be related to
an inadequate infrastructure
____ refers to the degree to which people accept inequality in power among institutions, organizations, and people.
Power distance
Robbie’s Robots decided to continue operations at one plant while shutting down another. The decision was justified on the basis of what was best for the total corporation. This is an example of the
utilitarian approach
Which of the following refers to the amount of resources used to achieve an organization’s goal?
The general environment dimension that includes consumer purchasing power, the unemployment rate, and interest rates is called the
economic dimension
Amanda Rowley, President of Autos-R-Us, recognizes the factory employees for their outstanding performance at the monthly awards banquet on the shop floor by presenting a plaque and a check for $100. She is engaging in the management function of
When Miami Herald launches a Spanish-language newspaper, El Nuevo Herald, with articles emphasizing Hispanic, Cuban, and Latin American news and sports, it is responding to changes in ____ environment.
Culture tends to differ between ____, but appears similar within _____.
organizations, industries
The benefits of using interim managers include:
(all of the above) the manager has some flexibility, the manager faces new and interesting challenges, an organization’s use of specialist skills, no long-term commitment for the organization
Which of the following includes the manager identity?
A network builder
The environment in which business operate are increasingly ____, requiring managers to be ready to react and respond to even subtle environment shifts.
____ refers to a value characterized by people’s intolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity and resulting support for beliefs that promise certainty and conformity.
Uncertainty avoidance

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