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question technological answer Health informatics is basically the ____ part of managing health information. question both cost and errors. answer One benefit of accessing the EHR through mobile devices is a reduction in: question evidence-based medicine answer Care providers use ____ as a way to support their decisions and diagnoses. question Patient care organizations, Payers, […]

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Foundations of Financial Management, Edition 15; Chapter 1

question Financial Capital answer Common stock, preferred stock, bonds, and retained earnings. It appears on the corporate balance sheet under long-term liabilities and equity. question Real Capital answer Long-term productive assets (plant and equipment) question Capital Structure Theory answer A theory that addresses the relative importance of debt and equity in the overall financing of […]

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Business Law Chapter 5 Civil Law & Procedure

question Criminal Law answer a wrong against society question Civil (tort) law answer a wrong against an individual question damages for a tort answer monetary award compensate the injured party for the wrong question can an act be a tort and a crime? answer YES!!! ex. murder & reckless driving question 4 elements of a […]

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question True answer Conflict in groups occurs when members disagree about issues, ideas, decisions, actions, or goals. question True answer Substantive conflict in groups can improve group problem solving, promote cohesiveness, increase group knowledge, enhance creativity, and help members achieve the group’s common goal. question False answer Conflict in groups is destructive and should be […]

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Unit Test Review

question International governmental organizations answer are able to operate in every country that is part of the group. question What is an example of a government expense that people are entitled to receive? answer Social Security question Which of the following entities ensure that national security policies are carried out? Check all that apply. answer […]

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trial exam 1 answers

question Collectivism answer a preference for a tightly knit social framework in which individuals look after one another and organizations protect their members question find out answer the use of influence to motivate employees to achieve the organization’s goals question parts of an organization’s internal environment answer current employees, management, and especially corporate culture question […]

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Test 3 Chapter 11 OPRE
14 Sep 2020 Database

question Aggregate planning is capacity planning that typically covers a time horizon of one to three months. answer FALSE question The goal of aggregate planning is to achieve a production plan that attempts to balance the organization’s resources and meet expected demand. answer TRUE question Aggregate planners are concerned with the quality and quantity of […]

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study guide 2
12 Sep 2020 Database

question 1 The U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service conducts searches of certain businesses. This agency and other administrative agencies can conduct warrantless searches in answer highly regulated industries. question 2 Dynamic Oil Corporation, a U.S. firm, owns property in Ecuador. When the government of Ecuador seizes the property, Dynamic Oil asks a U.S. court […]

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SOC 204 Final

question The general trend of Americans’ attitudes toward the unmarried has been from an attitude of __________ to an attitude of __________. Select one: A. non-acceptance; acceptance B. neutrality; non-acceptance C. non-acceptance; neutrality D. neutrality; tolerance answer non-acceptance; acceptance question In the United States there appears to have been a broad cultural shift in the […]

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question risk/reward answer Individuals Measured using expected utility How much reward is necessary to induce you to take risk? Similarly, how much are you willing to pay to avoid risk? This is actually the entire basis of insurance, people willing to pay to avoid riskOrganizations Orgs. use expected value, not expected utility No natural risk […]

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AP Art History Exam- Terms

question composite view answer A convention of representation in which part of a figure is shown in profile and another part of the same figure is shown frontally; also called twisted perspective. question Composition answer The way in which an artist organizes forms in an artwork, either by placing shapes on a flat surface or […]

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Flashcards and Answers – Public Opinion

question campaigns where candidates meet citizens face-to-face to discuss politics. answer “Retail politics” refers to question poorly worded questions answer A frequent cause of measurement error in polls is due to ________. question an expansion in governmental services answer A liberal would most likely support question the fact that group memberships never fully explain all […]

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practice management and EHR, Study Guide Chapter 3
03 Sep 2020 Database

question Access levels define which areas of the program a user can view, and whether the user can only view the information or can also add, edit, or delete it. answer True question The encounter steps include only activities that take place before the patients arrives for an office visit. answer False question Disaster recovery […]

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question MMS answer This service offers products to calculate and produce payroll checks and has the flexibility to grow with clients as they grow. Clients can access payroll locally and through the Internet. question Comprehensive HR Outsourcing Services answer Products and services designed to give businesses the benefit of having a superior human resource department […]

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OB Chap 16
29 Aug 2020 Database

question 1) All of the following is most likely to result in the changing nature of the workforce except ________. A) immigration B) outsourcing C) multicultural environment D) demographic changes E) changing literacy levels answer question 2) The recent bankruptcy of auto manufacturers General Motors and Chrysler were caused due to _______. A) changes in […]

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Mobilization on the Home Front

question What was the main way that war mobilization helped to end the Great Depression? answer Many unemployed people went to work in war-related industries. question What was the main way that business leaders helped the war effort during World War II? answer WRONG They helped invent new military technologies. question What did US car […]

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MIS Quiz Questions Chapter One
25 Aug 2020 Database

question Your boss, Tom Repicci, has asked to analyze the airline industry using Porter’s three generic strategies. What company used a focused strategy? answer Sky Taxi- a rent-by-the hour personal plane service. question Your boss, Tom Repicci, has asked you to analyze the airline industry using Porter’s three generic strategies. What company used a cost […]

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MIS 2223 Exam 2

question Which of the following is a request for specific data from a database? answer query question Which of the following are uses for application software? answer to make users more productive question Your new calendar application allows you to make sure that your mobile device and your corporation’s server both have the latest version […]

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MGT 460: Raising Capital

question The Nature of the Funding and Financing Process answer Few people deal with the process of raising investment capital until they need to raise capital for their own firm. As a result, many entrepreneurs go about the task of raising capital haphazardly because they lack experience in this area. question There are three reasons […]

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MGMT 485 Exam 2 / Final

question an asset as collateral answer Typically, debt financing requires: question Equity answer ________ financing does not require any collateral question the entrepreneur’s personal funds answer The most frequently used source of funds for start-ups is: question the entrepreneur’s personal resources answer Funds obtained from ____ are the least expensive in terms of cost and […]

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16 Aug 2020 Database

question A value chain is the sequence of activities that begins with raw materials. What result does a value chain end with? answer Delivery of products or services question What happens when an effective value chain is created? answer Profit margins are increased question Industry and market analysis, competitor analysis, and social analysis are examples […]

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Marketing 300 CH 2

question strategic planning answer the managerial process of creating and maintaining a fit between the organization’s objectives and resources and the evolving market opportunities question strategic business unit (SBU) answer a subgroup of a single business or collection of related businesses within the larger organization question market penetration answer a marketing strategy that tries to […]

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